10 Times When Avril Stepped Out Without Makeup

Avril Ramona Lavigne is a popular singer, songwriter, and actress. She’s been spotted many times at airports, shopping malls, and restaurants. Her fans think that she always wears makeup before coming out in the public. But it isn’t true. She’s been spotted without makeup many times in public places.

  1. Young Avril
Young Avril

Avril first appeared on stage with Shania Twain at the age of 15 but this picture is before her debut. She looks studious in prescription glasses and short shoulder-length hair. Her smile hides much than revealing her personality. It is a black-and-white photo but it seems that her V-neck top had dark color. Today she’s a leading singer and songwriter but this picture is just the opposite of what she’s today. This picture was taken before her life turned full-circle that is before her stage appearance.

  1. Magical Eyes
Magical Eyes

Her heart lies where her eyes are. She’s a beautiful face but she isn’t hiding it behind the trendy and expensive spectacles by Mercura NYC. If you look closely at her face, you’ll feel that she wants the viewers to focus more on the upper part of her face. For example, the large heart-shaped glasses are highlighting the beautiful small nostrils. Similarly, the glasses are dragging attention to the pout of her lips. Also, the goggles are necessary as she’s in the sun. Her beautiful locks are giving shade to her face but a small amount of sunlight is visible on her nose.

  1. Surfing

Avril loves surfing but, in this picture, she’s revealing the tomboy side of her personality. Avril loves adventure and she keeps trying new things in everything she does. In this picture, she is standing on a surfboard but the picture says more than the camera can capture. Avril is wearing a tropical knickers trunk but it is for men. Also, her sweatshirt looks boyish. And the cap she’s wearing is certainly designed for men. And she looks quite happy in this androgynous look. A strong wave is approaching from behind and she’s feigning ignorance.

  1. Makeup-less Beauty
  • Makeup-less Beauty
  • Look at the picture and your eyes would fix on the tropical print bikini top visible behind a thin white t-shirt. From the top, your sight will slip down to the hot white pant. Since she’s stretching, her flat tummy is more than visible. In fact, her slim figure is clearly visible in this picture. Again, she’s covered her eyes with a dark-colored goggle and her loosely tied at the back. She’s even holding her hair with her left hand. If you look at her face, you will find no traces of makeup.

    1. Cool Look
    Cool Look

    The boy seen with Avril is her ex-boyfriend. And they are strolling in the sun on a warm sunny day. Since it is winter, Avril is wearing a diamond-shaped printed sweater in olive-brown color over a grey warmer tee and she’s paired her dress with a matching trouser. They have hugged each other with one arm to feel togetherness. Her face is clean but makeup-less and her tresses are loose and untidy and flowing with the cool wind. Certainly, Avril looks gorgeous in this makeup-less avatar. Her sun-kissed face reveals the true skin tone and glow.

    1. Traveler

    Avril is caught in a grey Aztec print sweatshirt and blue denim at an airport. Her locks are all messed up in the hurry to catch her flight. The high wind at the airport is wrestling with her tresses and this is evident from the picture in which Avril is seen facing the wind. But her eyes are covered by goggles. She has all her belongings in her custom bag and she looks in a hurry to get through the security checks to enter the airplane. The parked car seen behind Avril says that the picture is taken in a parking lot and that Avril has just alighted from her vehicle.

    1. A Long Evening
    A Long Evening

    Walking with a friend who has held her in a friendly gesture. Avril is wearing a chained black jacket and light blue colored jeans. But her bottle green boots tell a different story. She’s makeup-less and enjoying a walk with a close friend. Her hands are in her pockets and she’s careless about her loose locks that are allowed to flow down to her chest and back. Since it is evening, she isn’t wearing her trendy glasses. It seems that she’s directly coming from a stage.

    1. Makeup-less Party Look
    Makeup-less Party Look

    A beautiful face doesn’t need makeup and this is true about Avril that looks pretty even without makeup. Here she’s showing her shiny golden locks and fair skin tone. Everything including the pout of her lips, nostrils, eyes, eyebrows, and flawless skin is clearly visible in the picture. Her tresses are loose but well-arranged. Her face covered with beautiful locks from sides looks oval. Her face is slightly lifted towards the sun whose rays are kissing the beautiful face of Avril. Another great thing about this picture is her light blue t-shirt that matches perfectly with the light-color theme.

    1. Angle Avril
    Angle Avril

    This face is just perfect for playing the angel. Avril is makeup-less but looks gorgeous. Her cute smile, beautiful eyes, and long-shiny locks make her the right girl to become an angel. She’s wearing a blue chiffon gown and carrying a matching handbag for the show. The photo is taken in a dark background that further accentuates her fair skin tone. And she’s happy to get clicked by a photographer friend.

    1. Going for the Gig
    Going for the Gig

    Dressed in a sleeveless and deep-neck grey top paired with black denim and holding a barge leather bag on her left shoulder, Avril seems to be ready to hit the stage. This photo is certainly taken just before the gig. She looks comfortable and confident. She’s left her hair down her shoulder and cleaned her face of makeup. The only accessory she’s wearing is a pendant that is filling the void created by the deep-neck t-shirt.

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