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Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

15 Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

Women prefer leggings over others including jeans and there are convincing reasons for choosing leggings. They are comfortable, stretchable, and designed for carefree use. They snug the legs tightly leaving no room for even air to pass but allowing ample room for leg movement.

Another advantage of leggings is that they suit women of all ages and they come in attractive prints, colors, and patterns. What is more exciting is that they can be paired with shirts, crop tops, leather jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and every top you can think of.

Take A Look!

  1. Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings
Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings

Unlike denim, leggings won’t bunch around your waist and create a messy silhouette. The fit of the top will remain intact on leggings and the silhouette will be stunning. Before you move out, you can wear a thick waist belt and pumps and throw a cross-body bag to complete your look.

  1. High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie
High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie

You don’t have to be a Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid to wear leggings with hoodies. Like a celebrity, you can also try this dress. See the model for inspiration and choose colors that pop instead of neutral shades. Also, finish the look with black canvas shoes.

  1. Monochromatic Look With Leggings
Monochromatic Look With Leggings

A monochrome look with black leggings is chic and effortless. You can try it in the winter season, especially when going out in the snow. Wear combat-ready boots that will provide you stability on the snow and finish your look as well. And you don’t need to wait for the winter snow to get this look. You can use a monochromatic look for beach parties.

  1. Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings
Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings

Leggings aren’t the best choice for a silk blouse but when you have this top, you will find leggings as the optimum choice. A pair of ultra-hot leather leggings will match perfectly with the silk blouse the model is wearing. Style your hair in beachy waves, wear ankle-length boots, and throw a black side-body bag to get party-ready.

  1. Crop Top And Leggings
Crop Top And Leggings

Soft and breathable leggings become the only choice in hot summer months when you simply can’t even think of putting on your denim. Leggings with thick waistbands to give a comfortable fit can be paired with racer back or tank tops. You should buy some beautiful leggings for the summer fashion collection.

  1. Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings
Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings

The model is showing how a bomber jacket looks when paired with a pair of sleek leggings. The puffiness of the jacked is well tamed by leggings. And the ankle-length boots balance the contrasting pieces perfectly.

  1. Denim Jacket And Black Leggings
Denim Jacket And Black Leggings

Want to wear a denim jacket? If yes then try it with leggings. A white crop top, a cropped denim jacket, and white sneakers will create a totally different image of your persona. The black leggings will balance the silhouette. But you can try some other bold-colored leggings.

  1. Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket
Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket

Checks are never out of fashion but this time they have made a big jump to leggings. And checkered leggings go well with anything. Here the model is wearing a tube with checkered leggings. Ankle-length boots provide a firm platform for the leggings and the black leather jacket creates an edgy but effortless look.

  1. Abstract Leggings And Tie Top
Abstract Leggings And Tie Top

It is an abstract print and it is a level up over regular floral print. But it looks simple and attractive. The model here is wearing a black top with abstract leggings. You should also try plain tops or tanks with these leggings. If you want, you can accessorize … Find more

Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

12 Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

Your party outfit should be matching with the party theme like Christmas, house party, birthday, cocktail, pool party, college gathering, and bachelorette party. Your dress should reflect your mood and it is possible only when you choose the right attire.

Best Party Outfit Ideas

  1. 90’s Themed Party
90’s Themed Party

There is little to worry about dressing for a 90’s themed party if you have any of the following dresses including mommy pants, dungarees, rock band t-shirts, plaid shirts, crop tops, round glasses, and chokers in your closet. These dresses are still in fashion and you can easily make an impressive combination of whatever apparel and accessories you have in your wardrobe. Also, you don’t require much dressing for a 90’s themed party.

  1. Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Christmas is the time of the year when people seek the blessings of the seniors and give gifts to the juniors. Also, it is the time when people gear up to welcome the New Year. It is the time to de-stress your body and mind and fill your tired self with positive energy to do well in the coming year. For Christmas and New Year parties and gatherings, you can choose from pantsuits, matching separates, or monochromes. Also, buy some bold jewelry to accessorize your look.

  1. House Party
House Party

A House party is also called an indoor party where you play games like charades, beer pongs, and sticker stalker. Here you don’t need much dressing and accessorizing because it is a limited gathering of extended family members and friends. For a house party, you can try a maxi or shirt dress. Or you can attend the party in jeans and a top. Light makeup like only lipstick will be good. The focus on indoor parties is on comfort than becoming a style icon.

  1. Masquerade Party
Masquerade Party

If you are preparing for a masquerade party or a ball, you should be focused on selecting the right mask. If you have a mask, it will make choosing the right dress a lot easier. The mask should look like part of the dress but avoid wearing bright colors as it could look loud and gaudy. For example, you can opt for a corset or an A-line dress, or a pencil skirt with a formal top. Also, don’t forget to wear heels that will further enhance your look.

  1. Birthday Party
Birthday Party

It is easy to dress for a birthday party if it isn’t your birthday. As a guest at a birthday celebration, you can dress the way you like most. Since most birthday parties don’t have dedicated themes, you don’t have to worry about getting a themed dress. You can choose from a crop top and skirt, ripped jeans and shirt, skinny jeans with a leather jacket, or one piece boho dress.

  1. Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party

If you are going to attend a cocktail party thrown by your company then you should avoid wearing the dress that you know your immediate boss won’t like. There is a very fine line between dressing well and becoming a style icon. You don’t have to flaunt your dressing style before your seniors. Here you should keep your look pretty and attractive. Pantsuits, sleek trousers, and palazzo sets are good choices for cocktail parties. Also, you can carry a clutch and wear elevated footwear to look elegant and stylish.

  1. Pool Party
Pool Party

Depending on the party theme like by the pool and in the pool, you should choose your dress. If you want to stay out of the wet zone then you should choose from a floral one-piece dress with platform heels or flats. Or you can choose shorts with a … Find more

Oblique Crunch

10 Exercises That Burn Side Fat Faster

The excess fat on both sides of your waist is called muffin top but it isn’t difficult to remove this stubborn fat if you are ready to spend 20-30 minutes every alternate day on burning the side fat. You need to do some exercises at home to bring your waist back to its original shape.

Exercises For Reducing Side Fat

  1. Starfish

A variation for side plank, starfish exercise is considered the best activity to reduce side fat. It works on both sides of the waist and burns the fat faster.

How To:

• Come down in a side plank position while maintaining the balance
• Stack one foot on the other without disturbing the balance and extend both of your arms
• Lift the leg on the top and make it firm
• Try to touch the toes of the raised leg with your raised hand and return to the starting position
• Repeat it from the other side
• Do 15 reps from each side

  1. Side Plank Circles
Side Plank Circles

It is a great exercise for muffin tops, lower belly pooch, and love handles. It will also target your oblique muscles and tone your bum.

How To:

• Come down in a side plank position with one leg on top of the other and the lower knee closer to the floor
• Raise your top leg until it becomes horizontal to the floor
• Also, raise your hand to the ceiling to maintain balance
• Start making big circles with the raised leg
• More the leg 20 circles clockwise and 20 anticlockwise
• Repeat the movement with the other side

  1. Oblique Crunch
Oblique Crunch

The advantage of oblique crunch is that it targets both lower and upper belly fat. Also, it will be helpful in targeting the oblique muscles.

How To:

• Lie down on your back, lift your legs, and bend your knees so your calves become horizontal to the floor
• Slide your palms under your head with your elbows pointing outwards
• Lift your torso and bend your left elbow to touch your right knee
• Simultaneously push your right knee slightly back to your left elbow
• Repeat it with the right elbow and left knee
• Do 10 reps from each elbow

  1. Piked Elbow Twists
Piked Elbow Twists

This exercise was primarily introduced to fight love handles but it is also effective on oblique muscles and side fat.

How To:

• Lie down on a mat with your hands and legs in the opposite direction
• Raise your hands and legs to the ceiling
• Lift your torso until your body’s balance comes on your butt
• You can bend your knees to lower your calves to a horizontal position for convenience
• Now turn to your right, bend your right arm, and touch the floor with your right elbow
• Repeat it with your left elbow
• Do 20 reps from each side

  1. Triangle With Dumbbell
Triangle With Dumbbell

The triangle pose is a great stretching exercise and adding a dumbbell to it makes it effective on oblique muscles and side fat.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet more than shoulder-width apart and hands by your side
• Hold a heavy dumbbell in your right hand
• Raise the dumbbell over your head and turn to your left
• Try to touch your left foot and then come back
• Repeat it on the right side
• Do 15 reps from each side

  1. Mermaid

You can burn your muffin tops and chisel your waist with this exercise. While this exercise can do wonders for your side fat, it is … Find more

Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Your Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Jeans are an exclusive piece of clothing universally accepted by all cultures, traditions, and societies. Another advantage of these pants is that they match almost every top and footwear. Also, they are designed for rough-and-tough use. Jeans are here to stay and they have undergone significant changes over the years. Jeans look awesome in every design and color. They come in different colors including black and blue which are standard colors.

Here’re Different Types Of Jeans

  1. Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

As evident from the name, skinny jeans are skin hugging and their advantage is that they can take shape of your legs. And these stretchable jeans are available in low, mid, and high waist cuts. Also, you can get your size of jeans in your choice of color. The ultra-comfortable stretchable design makes them twice as good.

Suitable For:

Women with lean and sexy legs, hourglass shape, and petite shape should use skinny jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid wearing skinny jeans.

  1. Skinny Crop
Skinny Crop

They are regular skinny jeans but they end before the shins. And some of the jeans come with a fold that makes them more attractive. But in terms of design, comfort, and convenience, they are similar to skinny jeans. While they are available in multiple colors but distressed, white, and black colors are more popular.

Suitable For:

Women with slim legs, hourglass body shape, and the petite figure would look beautiful in skinny crop jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid skinny crop jeans.

  1. Straight Leg Jeans
Straight Leg Jeans

If you love skinny jeans but fear that they won’t suit your body, then you should try straight leg jeans. Straight leg jeans will snug and hug your body but they won’t be as fit as skinny jeans are. But the biggest advantage of straight leg jeans is they will make your legs appear long and slim.

Suitable For:

You will be delighted to know that straight leg jeans suit all body types. You can wear them without any worries.

  1. Jeggings

Jeggings are leggings in denim fabric because they both follow a similar styling pattern. And they are more popular than other types of jeans because they are ultra-comfortable. Jeggings are recognized from their waistbands as they don’t have standard buttons. Expecting mothers can wear jeggings to look stylish because they don’t press the belly. The easy-to-wear design will make you comfortable during winter. Also, they are available in exciting shades and colors.

Suitable For:

Jeggings are suitable for all body types as they take shape of the body they snug and hug. Pregnant women can also try jeggings to look stylish.

  1. Boot Cut
Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans are a little different from the most popular skinny jeans but they are a hot favorite of women of all ages and body types. And for this reason, the new style of jeans is made a little more tapered than the original jeans. You can choose jeans that fit your knees and open subtly past your calves. Or you can buy the boot cut jeans in a cropped format that flare out a little above the shins.

Suitable For:

Boot cut jeans are suitable for all body types, especially for curvy women.

  1. Flared Jeans
Flared Jeans

Flared jeans were popular in the nineties but they are never out of fashion and this time they have made a comeback with a new style. They are made by blending boot cut and bell bottom styles. The boot cut style opens slowly below the knees but flared jeans open literally. Also, they are available in attractive colors including black and blue.… Find more

Exercises To Burn Your Back Fat Faster

10 Exercises To Burn Your Back Fat Faster

Obesity shouldn’t be taken lightly especially fat at the back. If you have back fat, it is an indication of low carb tolerance, insulin resistance, and high testosterone levels. Also, you are more likely to develop diabetes and PCOS. But it can be controlled by reducing body fat especially back fat.

Here’re 10 Best Exercises To Reduce Back Fat

  1. Bent Over Row
Bent Over Row

Target: Biceps, Lats, Traps, Rhomboids, Rear Delts

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet closed and a dumbbell in each hand
• Bend forward with your spine making a 45-degree angle and hips pushed back
• Pull the dumbbells up to your chest and then release
• Do 2 sets of 10 reps

  1. One Arm Dumbbell Row
One Arm Dumbbell Row

Target: Core, Lats, Biceps, Rhomboids, Shoulder Blades, Erector Spinae, Rotator Cuffs, Lower Traps

How To:

• Get an exercise bench and place your right knee and hand on the bench
• Grab a dumbbell in your left hand to start the exercise
• Strengthen your left hand and pull the dumbbell up to your armpit and then release
• It is one set complete
• Try it with the right hand
• Do 2 sets of 10 reps

  1. Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
Bent Over Rear Delt Raises

Target: Deltoids, Lats, Posterior

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand
• Bend forward a little without flexing your knees and extend your hands at a 45-degree angle to your back
• Pull the dumbbells up in such a manner that your elbows point towards the ceiling
• Release your hands slowly
• Do 2 sets of 15 reps

  1. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Target: Biceps, Lats, Shoulders, Teres Muscles, Serratus Muscles, Trapezius, Infraspinauts, Rhomboids

How To:

• Sit comfortably on a lat pulldown machine with your spine straight, chest out, and knees underneath the pads
• Hold the overhead wide bar attached to the pulley and pull it down
• Lean slightly backward to generate the force needed to pull the wide bar down up to your chest
• Release the bar slowly until your hands extend fully
• Do 3 sets of 10 reps

  1. Underhand Cable Pulldown
Underhand Cable Pulldown

Target: Lower Back, Lats, Biceps, Deltoids

How To:

• Sit comfortably on a lat machine with an overhead wide bar attached to the pulley
• Hold the bar with your hands less than your shoulder width and palms facing your chest
• Lean back a little to pull the pulley down to your chest
• Keep your feet flat on the ground and engage your core to generate the force needed to pull the bar
• Release the bar slowly to come to the starting position
• Do 3 sets of 10 reps

  1. Lying Lat Pullover
Lying Lat Pullover

Target: Core, Lats, Triceps, Shoulders, Biceps

How To:

• Lie down on a mat with your knees flexed and feet flat on the floor
• Grab lightweight dumbbells in each hand and raise your hands over your chest
• Bend your elbows to allow the dumbbells to move from over your chest to over your head in an anti-clockwise movement
• Bring the dumbbells to the original position
• Do 3 sets of 10 reps

  1. Seated Cable Row
Seated Cable Row

Target: Wrist Flexors, Trapezius, Biceps, Lats, Deltoids, Erector Spinae

How To:

• Sit comfortably on a lat machine with your back straight and feet flat on the floor
• Grab the lower close-grip attachment to start
• Straighten your back and your chest out while pulling the grip
• Pull the grip close to your abs and release the attachment slowly
• Do 3 sets … Find more

Most Beautiful Women Celebrities Of Asia

10 Most Beautiful Women Celebrities Of Asia

The largest and most populous continent Asia is also home to several most beautiful and successful women in the world. These female celebrities come from different walks of life and they pursue different professions but there is one thing common in them and that is their celebrity status.

Let’s Meet Some Of The Most Beautiful Asian women

  1. Jeanette Lee
Jeanette Lee

Born: 9 July 1971 (Brooklyn, New York, U.S.)
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 128 Pounds
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Profession: Billiards Player

Jeanette Lee is a professional pool player but her friends call us the Black Widow because they say that she would “eat people alive” at the pool table. Her nickname reflects her achievements in the pool game. She has been the No. 1 female pool player in the 1990s and has had many top finishes on the WPBA Tour. She also won the gold medal at the 2001 World Games in Akita, Japan. Jeanette Lee is of Korean descent born in America.

  1. Mehwish Hayat
Mehwish Hayat

Born: 6 January 1988 (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 117 Pounds
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Profession: Model, Actress

Mehwish Hayat has been honored by the Government of Pakistan with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2019 for her services to the entertainment industry of the country. She has been working in both television and films and has been recognized for her work with different awards and nominations including Lux Style Award. Actor in Law (2016), Punjab Nahi Jaungi (2017), Load Wedding (2018), and Chhalawa (2019) are some of her notable films.

  1. Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan

Born: 7 July 1980 (Torrance, California, U.S.)
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 106 Pounds
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Profession: Figure Skater

Michelle Kwan is a retired figure skater whose records are still untouched in the history of American sports. She has two Olympic medals (silver in 1998 and bronze in 2002), five world championships (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001), and nine US champion records (1996, 1998-2005). With all these awards and accolades, she has been the most popular figure skater and one of the most popular female athletes in America. She took retirement from sports in 2006. In January 2022, she has been made US Ambassador to Belize by President Joe Biden.

  1. Yoon Eun-Hye
Yoon Eun-Hye

Born: October 3, 1984 (Seoul, South Korea)
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 117 Pounds
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Profession: Model, Singer, Actress

Yoon debuted in the entertainment industry in 1999 as a replacement for an ex-member of Baby V.O.X. at 15. She was the sub-vocal in the group. But it turned her life forever. She started getting offers for acting and she proved her talent by delivering fantastic performances in television dramas including Princess Hours (2006), The Vineyard Man (2006), Coffee Prince (2007), My Fair Lady (2009), Lie to Me (2011), and Missing You (2012).

  1. Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung

Born: 20 September 1964 (British Hong Kong)
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 128 Pounds
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Profession: Actress

Maggie Cheung started her acting career after coming second in Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1983. And she went on to achieve success in the late 1980s and early 2000s. Her awards and accolades include five times Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress. Also, she holds the record for most wins (4 times) for the Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actress in Taiwan. Also, she is the first Asian actress to be nominated for French César Award for Best Actress.

  1. Lee Si-Young
Lee Si-Young

Born: April 17, 1982 (Cheongwon County, South Korea)
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 121 Pounds
Eye Color: Black… Find more

Yoga Exercises For Natural Fuller Breasts

5 Yoga Exercises For Natural Fuller Breasts

Women try many things from using suction cups to surgical implants and oils to ointments to make their breasts large and rounded. But little do they know that these methods give short-term results. Also, the results achieved are often unsatisfactory and uncomfortable.

It is better if you could develop your breasts naturally. It is possible if you do exercises, especially yoga poses. The advantage of yoga is that it is easier to practice at home as it doesn’t require additional accessories. A little training and you are ready to practice yoga poses at home.

How Is Yoga Helpful In Improving Your Breasts?

You know yoga has a solution for everything. It can help in losing weight, building muscles, and increasing height. Similarly, it can help in improving the shape and size of your breasts. There are many yoga poses that can stretch your breasts, strengthen the breast muscles, and improve their roundness.

Naturally grown breasts will maintain their shape, size, rounds, and flexibility for a long time. Also, you can maintain the natural size of your breasts by practicing yoga exercises. And there is no side effect of yoga exercises. These exercises are safe for people of all ages.

5 Yoga Exercises To Get Full Breasts

  1. Gomukhasana (Cow Pose)

Gomukhasana will give your breasts the stretch they need to grow. Also, this stretch will improve the elasticity of your breasts. Your breast muscles will be developed and the flexibility of your torso improved.

How To:

• Sit on a yoga mat with your legs extended and hands on your back
• Slid your left leg under your right buttock and cross the right leg over your left leg
• Be comfortable and maintain balance before taking the next step
• Raise your left hand over your head and flex your left elbow to reach your left fingers to your upper back
• Move your right hand to your back from under your right arm and interlock the fingers of your hands
• Hold the pose for 30 seconds and then try it with the right leg
• Repeat it 4-5 times

  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Stretch your bust area with bhujangasana. This asana will strengthen your breast muscles tone your stomach and firm your buttocks.

How To:

• Lie down on your stomach with your toes pressed on the floor and hands under your arms
• Close your legs with your heels lightly touching each other
• Put your palms flat on the floor so you get the required thrust needed to raise your torso
• Lift your torso off the floor with your legs joined and heels touching each other
• Only upper part will be lifted and the lower part will remain fixed to the ground
• Maintain the pose for 4-5 breaths and then relax
• Repeat it 4-5 times

  1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

The blood flow to your breast area will increase with dhanurasana. Also, it will strengthen your breasts and shoulders. Also, your thyroid glands will receive a gentle massage with the asana.

How To:

• Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart and hands by your side
• Bring your feet over your hips by folding your knees and take your hands back towards your feet
• Lift your chest off the ground and pull your legs up to allow your hands to hold your ankles
• Look straight and maintain the bow pose for 15-20 seconds
• Relax and repeat it 4-5 times

  1. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ustrasana will give a gentle stretch to the tissue around your breasts. It is helpful in … Find more

Best Hairstyles From China

10 Best Hairstyles From China

China is known for its technology but little does the world know that it is also ahead in makeup, especially hairstyles. Chinese women love their hairdos so much that they can’t stop trying new hairstyles. We have selected 10 of the most popular Chinese hairdos for you to try in 2022.

  1. Cobra Bun
Cobra Bun

It is a Chinese bun with a cobra like hood. It is simple and exciting and it looks well on most face types and skin tones. Roll your hair into a bun and tie it at the crown so it looks like a snake hood. Like the model you can also trim the front hair to cover your forehead. With this hairdo, you can do simple or light makeup. The model has her cheeks blushed, lips painted red, and eyes improved with kohl. Also, she has minimalist jewelry on ears.

  1. Buddha Bun
Buddha Bun

This hairdo is a fine blend of a princess and ancient warrior look. It is how warriors use to tie their locks while going to wars. But today it can grace your look while you are headed to gatherings. The biggest highlight of this bun is the long flowing strands at the back of the head. But no bangs or even a single hair strand is left at the front. Also, you can go makeup less or with nude makeup with this hairdo. It is perfect for events where you need to play a central role.

  1. Hair Brooch Effect
Hair Brooch Effect

Only Chinese women can create the magic of an imitated hair brooch with the help of the hair. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Chinese women are gifted with this art. They can accessorize hair with roses, floral designs, and motif of characters. The model in the picture is displaying the traditional Chinese look complete with a traditional outfit and umbrella. You can also try this hairdo while dressing for a traditional family celebration or a cultural event.

  1. Hammer Bun
Hammer Bun

It is an ancient Chinese hairstyle good for women with small heads. The advantage of this hairdo is that it makes a head appear bigger. And this well accessorized and heavily pinned hairdo could easily take around two hours in completing. Keep your bun diagonal on one side of the head and use a transparent hair holder to shift the attention on the bun. Also, you can do a little heavier makeup to highlight your facial features. The model in the picture has painted her lips purple and made her eyebrows and upper lids with dark pink.

  1. Flat Sagging Bun
Flat Sagging Bun

It is a retro hairdo but quite popular even today. But it requires many efforts and hair products. If you see the model from close, you will find that the locks have been overlapped in layers are slanting in from front and the strands are pulled back to form a sagging bun. Also, a lot of wax and gel are applied to give a shiny finish to the hair. You will also find the makeup done by the model stunning. Her eye makeup is extravagant.

  1. Bubbled Piped Side Pony
Bubbled Piped Side Pony

The bubbled piped pony was inspired by the schoolgirl pony hairdo. In China, schoolgirls used to make ponies. Later hairdressers started making side pony for models and celebrities. Here you make two side ponies on either side of your head. To create bubbles, you need to tie the ponies with multiple rubber bands with at least 3 cm distance. It isn’t a difficult hairdo but it will consume much of your dressing time. Also, you need to be careful with the pony bubbles … Find more

Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

18 Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

Sleeves cover your forearms but you can be folded up to elbows as and when required. Also, you can play with sleeves to make your dress more attractive. Sleeves come in different lengths and they can be designed in various ways to suit individual needs. If you want to know more about sleeve design, you should continue reading the article.

What Are Different Sleeve Lengths?

The sleeve length of a dress depends on the overall length and design of the dress. It could be long for full-size dresses or short for crop tops. Sleeve length is classified into three distinct categories according to its lengths.

Short Sleeves: These sleeves remain above the elbow length and they could be a tad bit shorter or a few inches above the elbow.

3/4th Sleeves: Sleeves are extended to just below the elbow.

Full Sleeves: Sleeves cover the full length of the arms.

But the variations in sleeve designs are quite exciting. There are plenty of sleeve designs to explore and choose from. Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular sleeve designs.

  1. Raglan Sleeves
Raglan Sleeves

They run like an extension of shoulders with an inseam stretching under the arms. The advantage of these sleeves is they come in all lengths. So, you can play with the design to make your dress more attractive. It is good for bodycon dresses, casual tops, and t-shirts.

  1. Kimono Sleeves
Kimono Sleeves

Inspired by the Japanese Kimono attire, this features wide, long, and loose sleeves. They indeed look very similar to your bathrobes, but this style is fast catching up. You can consider this design for both western and Indian dresses especially blouses, tops, and both short and long dresses.

  1. Bishop Sleeves
Bishop Sleeves

This style was taken from period dramas of medieval England and improved to make it suitable for modern women. These are full-length sleeves fitted near the elbow and opened up as they move down to the wrists where they form cuffs with buttons. They are better suited for western tops and one-piece dresses.

  1. Off-Shoulder Sleeves
Off-Shoulder Sleeves

Open and bare and starting a little below the shoulder bone, off-shoulder sleeves are quite popular even after being a common design. This design is common but its advantage is that it can be customized to any length and size. Good for Indian attires like blouses, one-piece dresses, tops, and maxi dresses, the off-shoulder sleeves are most of the time a personal choice of users.

  1. Butterfly Sleeves
Butterfly Sleeves

Perfect for deep neck tops or dresses, butterfly sleeves present an amazing combination of cap sleeves and puffed sleeves. They look like small extensions to shoulders sitting delicately on the dresses. Also, they don’t taper like puffed sleeves. You can try butterfly sleeves for tops, dresses, Kurtis, and blouses.

  1. Puffed Sleeves
Puffed Sleeves

These are short sleeves but gathered in a way that makes them look like puffs. Their length remains just below the shoulder but the puff design makes them look bigger. Puffed sleeves are best suited for traditional attires, short tops, tunics, and shirts.

  1. Cap Sleeves
Cap Sleeves

As evident from the name, these sleeves look like caps over shoulders. In design, they are more like extensions of collar bones. Cap sleeves look more beautiful on western dresses but you can try them with Indian attires.

  1. Angel Sleeves
Angel Sleeves

These are wings of a fairy attached to a dress and they look simply amazing. Also, you can adjust the length of the sleeves to suit the design of your dress. Also, the sleeves design can be customized to further improve the design. Try angel sleeves with attires with high necks both Indian and western.

  1. Bracelet Sleeves
Bracelet Sleeves

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Sophie Turner Beauty[:id]Sophie Turner

Today everyone wants to know about Sophie Turner lifestyle especially her diet & workout routine.

It is how Sophie explains her ordeal

She confessed that she had depression due to her body imperfections. The unforgiving social media trolled her to the point where she started getting wrong thoughts. That was a terrible time for her but she stood firm to emerge victorious with hard work and guidance.

Sophie had a very bad relationship with food due to which she didn’t get the nutrients she needed to keep her body healthy and fit. But the results of an unhealthy diet were far more severe. She lost her periods for an entire year it took a toll on her mental well-being.

Sophie Turner shared her ordeal on social media and received a mixed response but some people were quite indifferent towards her suffering. Their response made things worse for Sophie and she started getting suicidal thoughts. But as expected there is always a silver lining in dark clouds.

Sophie Turner as we know her today….

The world knows Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark of the hit television series, Game of Thrones (2011-2019). And she even won the Primetime Emmy Award nomination for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2019. But it was just the beginning of a journey to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Sophie Turner became popular and a household name after featuring in the Game of Thrones. Even her critics accepted that she was the right model for that role. But fitting into the costume of Sansa Stark wasn’t an easy job for Sophie especially when she’s facing health issues.

Sophie Turner was just 14 when she was selected for the role of a noblewoman in the Game of Thrones. She was asked to live the character of Sansa Stark. At that time, she had no idea how the role would change her life and career. It was a just beginning for her but it turned out to be a successful launch of her acting career.

The drama series Game of Thrones came to an end in 2019 but it provided her a strong footing in the competitive entertainment industry. She got ample opportunities to prove her skills. She got many awards and accolades for her role. But it was never an easy job for Sophie who had a tough time dealing with her terrific health situation.

So, how Sophie Turner transformed her body. While critics could say that it was all due to medicines, therapy, and drill or rigorous physical training sessions, but her fans know that she was at war with her image.

Sophie Turner’s diet and workout plan worked well for her and this reason, people want to know about her lifestyle. But first, let’s have a look at her figure.

Height: 1.75m (5’9”)
Weight: 64 kg
Body Measurement: 34/24/34
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Sophie Turner diet

Her trainer, James Farmer, put her on a Paleo-inspired diet that includes only high protein foods like broccoli, carrot, lamp, and pastured eggs. James Farmer also revealed that she used to skip her breakfast almost every day. She started taking a full breakfast on James Farmer’s advice.

Breakfast: The first thing James Farmer did he made sure Sophie Turner had her breakfast and the meal sumptuous as well. She is served a staple combination of cereal and fruit juice. Here Sophie Turner is allowed to choose the fruit.

Lunch: Sophie Turner takes lots of healthy fats and fibrous vegetables in lunch. Since vegetables are … Find more