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Traditional Italian Food

10 World-Famous Traditional Italian Food Items

Hello foodies! I have brought the traditional Italian food items that are now popular across the globe. Also, most of these food items are now sold as street foods in different countries. Here I will give you reasons to savor these food items.

Traditional Italian Food

Before we start, I want to make it clear that I am excluding regular pizza and pasta from this list because they are too common to be included in the list of popular foods.



Arancini are rice balls filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Arborio rice, and fried deep for a golden crispy texture. Also, you can choose either beef and peas or vegetables in fillings. Sicilian dish contains beef and Roman dish have vegetables. This traditional Italian food is high in calories and fat but can help in weight loss when consumed in moderation. It has carb that gives energy, protein gives satiety, and vegetables give fiber and essential nutrients. However, its nutrient profile largely depends on its fillings.



Focaccia for … Find more

Natural Skin Glow Foods

10 Flavor Rich Natural Skin Glow Foods

A CTM routine is a trusted beauty routine because it addresses all concerns including pollution, excess oil, dryness, acne, and pigmentation. CTM stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, and it well for all skin types and conditions. It can bring some improvement to your face but you need to add natural skin glow foods to your diet for a complete makeover.

Natural Skin Glow Foods

For example, take fresh water you drink whenever you feel thirsty or dehydrated. It hydrates your body including skin. But do know drinking water can brighten up your skin and make it glow. Researchers have proved that drinking at least 2-3 liters of water every day has a positive effect on the skin. It increases the hydration level of the body and makes the skin glow naturally. Similarly, other natural skin glow foods can help improve your natural beauty.

Here are 10 natural skin glow food that can make your skin naturally healthy and beautiful

Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish

Let’s start the list of natural skin glow food with fatty … Find more

Slit Shirt Dress

Top Tips For Choosing And Wearing A Slit Shirt Dress

A slit shirt dress is a toned-down version of the slit outfits celebrities often flaunt during red carpet-events. The slit outfit designed for glamorous functions is intended to be over-seductive but you don’t need an over-seductive dress for daily wear or in your daily life. It is for this reason, I used the word toned-down for the slit dresses available for common women.

Slit Shirt Dress

Types of slit dresses

Slit Shirt Dress

Thigh Slit

It is also called frontal slit because the cut is marked on the front side. Considering its seductive nature, it isn’t regarded as suitable for work wear. However, women working in the fashion industry can wear a thigh-slit dress. It will make them look more courageous and confident at work.

Leg Slit

It is also called side slit because the dress is cut at the side. It reveals the leg but is considered less seductive than the frontal slit. Most slit dresses available in the market … Find more

What Is Acetone

10 Acetone-Free Nail Paint Removers

Which nail polish remover do you use? Check your nail paint remover to see whether it contains ‘acetone’. If yes then you should seriously consider changing the remover. It isn’t safe for your nails because it is stripping your nails of their natural shine with the paint it removes.

Here I’ll like to quote a celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce. She calls a traditional nail paint remover ‘drying and harsh’. And acetone is the real culprit.

What Is Acetone?

What Is Acetone?

It is an organic solvent of industrial and chemical significance. It is used for removing nail paint because it can break down and dissolve other substances. Manufacturers use acetone as a prime ingredient in nail polish remover. While a very small amount of acetone is used in a traditional nail polish remover, it can still harm your nails.

In the words of Brittney Boyce, a traditional nail polish remover can be heavily damaging to your nails. She cautions her clients about using traditional paint removers. She recommends non-acetone removers that are gentler on nails.

How To Remove Nail Polish?

It seems an easy job if done with a … Find more

Using Magic Shaving Powder

Is This $3 Magic Shaving Powder Worth Your Money?

Magic Shaving Powder by SoftSheen CarSon is a shaving depilatory powder for coarse textured hair. It is for all beard and facial hair types. But the brand mentions the product is specially formulated for Black Men to help prevent razor bumps.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Brown skin men often get razor bumps medically called pseudofolliculitis barbae while shaving their beards. And it is very frustrating for a man especially when they need to shave frequently like every other day. Also, improving your grooming habits is the best way to prevent razor bumps. It can be successfully managed with the help of topical and systematic treatment options.

Magic Shaving Powder gives a clean shave without pseudofolliculitis barbae and the results last for up to 48 hours. So, you don’t have to use it frequently or more than twice a week. Like other topical creams, it also comes with a statutory warning.

Users are advised to conduct a safety test on their skin to see whether the powder causes any allergic reaction and use only if they find the product to be safe.

How Magic Shaving Powder Works?

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How Healthy Food For Summer Change Your Lifestyle

If you need some ideas for healthy options for your summer friendly diet, while it’s tempting to pick up potato salad, or fried chicken, those foods are generally pre-packaged and full of sodium and fat. Bunch of green vegetable are available to fulfill your list of healthy food for summer.

Why healthy diet is needed during summer?

Luckily, summer time is the perfect time to buy seasonal fruits like cherries, which are to be healthy and tasty as well. The mercury is soaring. Indeed if you’re working from home, there are veritably high chances that you’re formerly feeling tired and fatigued. The trick is to eat healthy and drink lots of fluid with good food can give your major health benefits with good and bad foods with major prospective during summer.

Water containing food is the best way to treat the scorching sun without any feeling hot and disturbed with good quantum of food.

Here is the list of healthy food for summer; we’ve rounded up some and easy ways to prepare them for the topmost health benefits.

Include This Watermelon In Your

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Light Skin Face

How To Maintain Light Skin Face?

Getting beautiful skin isn’t a matter of magic; it’s a matter of consistency and using the right products in your daily skincare regime. Whether you want to slow down the natural aging of your skin, reduce breakouts or prevent flare-ups, there are some things that everyone should do to maintain light skin face & healthy skin.

What Is Light Skin Face?

Light skin face is a human skin colour that has a base level of eumelanin pigmentation, and it is adapting in low UV radiation. Basically that light skin tone person colour is referred ‘white’ and ‘fair’.

Luckily, a light skin tone routine doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be an opportunity to indulge in relaxing treatments on the daily basis. Maintaining a daily skin care routine is the first step to reclaiming your skin’s tone and youthful glow. Here’s how to create an ideal routine.

Everyone wants a flawless, beautiful and light skin face, but hardly have time to follow those home remedies. Wondering how to get light skin face?

Try these effective lightening tips and get that light skin face you can flaunt really soon.


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Intimate Women Hygiene Products

Female Intimate Hygiene Products Needs Of Every Women

Maintaining hygiene should be an essential part of the daily. Outline for everyone female when it is about intimate hygiene, the importance increases irrespective of gender, age and other factors. If you are looking for female intimate hygiene products essentials for women, the list includes both regular and menstrual hygiene products. There are even special kits available for intimate hygiene to help women stay happy stay healthy.

Maintaining hygiene should be an essential part of the diurnal. And, the significance increases irrespective of gender, age and other factors. There are indeed special accoutrements available for intimate hygiene to help women stay happy stay healthy.

However, the list includes both regular and menstrual hygiene products, If you’re looking for Female intimate hygiene products essentials for women.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

Over the span of just three cycles, an applicable menstrual cup can save your money. And switching to a cup can incontinently reduce the number of disposable tampons or pads you’d naturally toss in the trash. The menstrual cup for you largely depends on your deconstruction. Before using permanently testing menstrual cups because it’s easier … Find more

Nude Makeup Look

How to Create No-Makeup Face With Nude Makeup Look

Nude makeup is like adding extra beauty in your face. Simple, versatile and classy touch added in your face after doing nude makeup look. it’s a go-to for a natural ‘no- makeup’ vibe but can also give sultry and squeaky glam for evening occasions. Whether it’s work meetings, date night or a red-carpet event, you can always trust a raw makeup to serve fire aesthetics. The stylish part? All skin tones can get involved.

On look at your Instagram feed and you will know that Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are infatuated by the nude makeup look, making it one of the hottest beauty trends right now on the red carpet. Minimum, natural makeup is commode that everyone can pull off, since it can be achieved on all skin tones, face shapes and facial features.

Best Nude Makeup Look

You’ll most probably have everything you need formerly in your makeup bag, plus it can be done in under 10 minutes, so get ready for big night out. Here are five stylish tips to achieving the nude makeup look.

As true lover of nude makeup, we believe in the glamour of

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Yoga For Irregular Periods

10 Yoga Asanas For Irregular Periods

Irregular periods could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. But it will be too early to make an opinion on the irregularity of your periods before you see a doctor. There are many reasons for your periods becoming irregular & somehow can be cured by yoga.

What Are Irregular Periods?

What Is Irregular Periods?

Typically menstrual periods last four to seven days and occur every 28 days. If your periods come before 21 days or later than 35 days, your periods are irregular. While a slight delay of a couple of days is acceptable, it could be a cause of concern if the irregularity becomes more intense and frequent.

Here’re The Reasons That Cause Irregularity In Periods

  • Periods remain irregular in the first year or two of puberty
  • Periods become irregular during early pregnancy
  • Excessive stress or extreme weight loss or weight gain can cause irregular periods
  • Irregular periods could be the start of menopause
  • Certain medical conditions like thyroid function can cause irregular periods

When To See A Doctor?

There is little to worry about a short delay of a few days in your periods because it … Find more