Besan Face Packs

10 Besan Face Packs You Should Try At Home

Besan is good for your skin and there are tons of ways of making face packs with this common kitchen ingredient. You can boost its nutrients by mixing besan with aloe vera, curd, and lime.

Here’re 10 besan face packs you can make and try at home

  1. Aloe Vera And Besan Face Pack
Aloe Vera And Besan Face Pack

Pamper your skin with aloe vera which contains vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, and antioxidants. This pack would make your skin healthy, nourished, and supple. It is suitable for all skin types.

How To:

• Add 1 tsp of besan and 1 tsp of fresh aloe vera gel in a bowl
• Make a smooth paste of the ingredients
• Apply the paste on your face with gentle hands
• Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with water
• Repeat it twice or thrice a week

  1. Besan And Turmeric Face Pack

Brighten up your complexion with the power of turmeric. It is antimicrobial hence good for acne-prone skin.

How To:

• Mix 2 tsp of besan with 1 pinch of turmeric in a bowl
• Add some rose water to them and blend the ingredients into a smooth paste
• Apply it evenly all over your face and leave for 15 minutes
• Rinse off the paste with running water
• Repeat it twice a week

Note: Add half-tsp of fresh cream to the paste, if your skin is extremely dry.

  1. Besan And Multani Mitti Face Pack
Besan And Multani Mitti Face Pack

Multani mitti will clean your skin pores of excess oil and impurities and leave behind cool and fresh skin. It will also blood circulation in the skin cells. It is the best treatment for oily skin.

How To:

• Mix 2 tsp of Multani mitti with 1 tsp of besan in a bowl
• Add some rose water to make a smooth paste
• Apply the paste to your face with gentle hands
• Leave it for 15 minutes to dry
• Rinse it off with running water
• Repeat it twice a week

  1. Besan And Tomato Face Pack
Besan And Tomato Face Pack

Tomato is an excellent de-tanning agent. It can lighten the tan, dark spots, and hyperpigmented areas of the skin. Also, it can balance the pH level and the associated natural sebum production. It contains vitamin C that can remove wrinkles and fine lines.

How To:

• Turn a small ripe tomato into a pulp
• Add the tomato pulp to 2 tsp of besan in a bowl
• Mix them well to make a smooth paste free of lumps
• Apply it all over your face with gentle hands
• Let it sit on your face for 15 minutes before rinsing it off
• Repeat it twice or thrice a week

  1. Besan And Banana Face Pack
Besan And Banana Face Pack

Banana has many skin benefits. It moisturizes skin, minimizes scars, reduces the formation of wrinkles, and boosts collagen production. It is good for dry skin treatment.

How To:

• Take ripen bananas (2-3 pieces)
• Add banana pieces with 2 tsp of besan in a bowl
• Add some rose water or milk according to your preference
• Mix them well to make a smooth paste
• Apply the face pack and wait for 10 minutes
• Rinse it off with lukewarm water when dry
• Repeat it twice a week

  1. Curd And Besan Face Pack
Curd And Besan Face Pack

Curd is a wonderful cleansing agent. Also, it is a good skin moisturizer. It contains natural oils, enzymes, and lactic acid that can brighten up your skin by exfoliating dead cells. It also contains zinc that can clear your skin of zits. It is best for dry … Find more

Bleach Bath

How Is A Bleach Bath Different From Regular Bleaching?

Bleaching could be effective in lightening your hair, but it isn’t safe as the process tends to alter hair bonds leading to brittle hair over time. You should go for a bleach bath that is a safer and gentler way of bleaching your hair. A bleach bath is a right way for people with thin and fragile hair.

Go for a bleach bath for:

• Removing a permanent hair dye
• Fixing over-toned hair
• Lightening your hair by one level
• Lightening fragile hair

A bleach bath could be less effective, but it is a safer option than the bleaching process. It is a minimum bleaching action that can prevent your thin and fragile hair from further damage. Keep reading to know more about a bleach bath.

How To Get A Bleach Bath?

The first thing is preparation. Collect all the essentials including bleach powder, peroxide, and shampoo. And mix these ingredients to make a bleaching solution that is gentle on your hair but tough on the dye that refuses to come out with regular washing.


First, Do An Allergy Test

Allergy Test

If it is your first bleach bath, then you should start with an allergy test to determine the sensitivity of your skin to the bleaching agent. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the bleaching solution and dab it on your hand. Sensitive skin would turn red and start itching within an hour or two. If you want, you can wait for a long to make sure that you aren’t sensitive towards the bleaching solution.

Second, Mix All The Ingredients

Mix All The Ingredients

You have bleaching powder, developer solution, and shampoo. And you need to mix the bleaching powder and the developer in 1:2. Also, add one part of mild shampoo to the solution. The shampoo is needed to subdue the bleach. Also, you can add conditioner to the solution. It will soften your hair. Now your solution is ready for taking a bleach bath.

Note: Developer solutions come in various power ranges from 10-40, where 10 is the weakest and 40 is the strongest. For a bleach bath, you should use a 10-volume developer. Also, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the solution according to your needs.


Step 1: Take A Cool Shower

Cool Shower

Rinse off the excess water after the shower as a bleach bath works well on dampened hair and not dripping wet. A cold water shower would dampen the hair but you would need to dry the dripping wet hair before going for a bleach bath. You can air-dry your hair or towel-dry to remove the excess water.

Step 2: Cover Your Shoulders

Cover Your Shoulders

Protect your skin around your shoulders with a towel to prevent accidental drips from falling on your skin. While you have already passed the allergy test, there is little need to test the sensitivity of your skin. Just like your skin, your clothes also need a protective covering as a bleaching solution could discolor the clothes. And don’t forget to cover your hands with rubber/latex gloves to prevent your fingers from bleach burns. Keep in mind that the bleaching solution can harm your skin and clothes in many ways.

Step 3: Start Bleaching Your Hair

Start Bleaching Your Hair

First, you need to apply the bleaching solution from the tip to the root of the hair and then from the root to the tip. Cover your entire head and apply the rest of the solution like shampoo. Once you are done, you need to wait to allow your hair some time to soak the bleaching solution.

Step 4: Clip Your Hair

Clip Your Hair

It is … Find more

DIY Facial Extraction

DIY Facial Extraction To Remove Comedones

Your skin pores get clogged with sebum, grime, and dirt. The bumps you see on your skin are clogged pores that could develop into blackheads, whiteheads, or zits. And facial extraction is the only way to remove comedones. You can do the job on your own or go to a salon to get professional treatment.

Advantages of facial extraction

Remove Blackheads: Clogged pores become thicker and black when exposed to air. And it is difficult to remove blackheads with simple nose strips. Facial extraction is the only way left to remove the blackheads from your face.

Clear Skin Pores: Extracting sebum, excess oil, dirt, and grime from your skin will clear the pores. And it will be proper cleaning. Extraction during facials can make your skin appear clear and bright by removing unwanted oil and dirt from your skin pores.

Prevent Breakouts: Squeezing comedones could aggravate inflammation and irritation. Also, it could spread the infection leading to further breakouts. But you can keep your skin flawless with facial extraction.

There is little need to go to a salon for facial extraction when you can do the job at home. You need an extraction toolkit and little training to start the job. Also, you need to do it only once a month or twice a month. Soften your skin with steam treatment and start exfoliating the comedones.

DIY Facial Extraction

Start with cleaning your skin for facial extraction. Washing your face with a mild facial cleanser could clean the skin pores of sebum, dirt, and grime. Once the cleaning is complete, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Grab The Tools

Extaction Tools

Buy an extraction toolkit from the market, if you don’t have one, and grab it to start the extraction process. Or you can buy specific tools if you know which tools would work well. In the beginning, you should buy a toolkit so you have a tool for everything.

Step 2: Facial Steaming

Facial Steaming

Just like an extraction toolkit, you can also buy a facial steamer to work on the skin pores. It is necessary to steam your skin so the pores are open. Also, the steam makes the pores softer so you can easily remove the bumps.

If you don’t want to use a steaming machine to open your skin pores, you can heat your skin using the manual hot water process. Take a pot and boil water to the point where it starts evaporating. Now bring your face just above the pot but at a safe distance from the heat and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. Steam your facial skin for a couple of minutes or until the skin becomes soft to work on.

Step 3: Start The Extraction Process

Start The Extraction Process

Grab a looped tool, fix blackheads, whiteheads, and zits in the loop, hard press the tool into the skin to extract the bumps from the skin, and slide it downwards to remove the comedones. Use a pointed tool to remove stubborn zits. Gently poke the zits with the tool and remove them with the looped tool. Also, don’t forget to clean the tool with alcohol to prevent infection after each removal.

Step 4: Apply Nose Strip

Apply Nose Strip

After the extraction job is complete, you should steam your facial skin one more time. Steam your skin with your steaming machine, or by placing your face over a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. Now check whether your skin is clean or still there are blemishes. There could be bumps on your nose, but there is little to worry about as you … Find more

Why Should You Remove Makeup At Night

Why Should You Remove Makeup At Night?

You never forget wearing makeup before stepping out, but do you remove your makeup completely before going to bed. It is necessary to keep your skin natural when going to sleep as it is the time when our skin repairs and rejuvenates the damaged cells and tissues.

If you have nothing to remove makeup, you can take your regular soap and wash the makeup with a splash of running water. It is so because it is necessary to remove makeup before going to bed.

Never Go To Bed With Makeup For Following Reasons

Your skin renews itself when you are asleep. It boosts collagen production that improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces aging signs. Makeup could inhibit the process by suffocating the skin and breaking down the collagen.

• Oily substances found in cosmetics used for makeup could block skin pores leading to breakouts.

• Alcohol present in some cosmetics could leave harsh drying effects on your skin.

• Mascara-laden eyelashes could become brittle overnight and eventually fall off. Remove your eye makeup to save your lashes.

While it is necessary to remove makeup, you should also know the right way to remove the cosmetics from your face. Just like you put makeup, you need to follow a specific way to remove it.

Makeup Removal With Wipes

Makeup Removal With Wipes

Micellar Water: Take a cotton pad saturated in micellar water and start wiping the makeup off your face. It will have a hydrating effect on your skin.

Oil Cleansing: Take some oil in your palms and gently rub it on your face to remove all traces of makeup from your face.

Gel Cleansers: For sensitive skin, use oil-free and non-comedogenic gel cleansers that can easily remove waterproof eye makeup and reveal your healthy skin.

Cream Cleansers: For dry skin, use cream cleaners whose gentle formula exfoliates makeup and cleanse the skin of all pollutants so you get clean, smooth, and healthy skin.

Soap And Water: Wet your palms and gently rub a skin-friendly soap on them to produce a soap-water solution. When lather is developed, massage your face in a circular motion with this solution in your palms for a couple of minutes and wash out the makeup with a splash of water.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Rub a regular Vaseline petroleum jelly all over your face and wipe off gently after 5 minutes. It is the time the jelly needs to work on your skin.

Cold Cream: Take a small amount of moisturizing cold cream on your index finger apply it all over your face. Now wipe off the cream with a cotton cloth and wash off the remnants to get clean and smooth skin.

Baby Oil: It can sweep away all makeup traces and pollutants from your face. And you need to take only a drop or two for the job. Dab a cotton cloth in baby oil and start gently wiping your face with it.

Some people prefer natural ways over creams and lotions. And the good thing is that your kitchen essentials like coconut oil, honey, and baking soda can help remove the makeup.

Remove Ways Naturally

Remove Ways Naturally

Coconut Oil: Easiest way to remove makeup, you only need to rub peanut size oil on your face. Massage the oil gently and rinse the oil with lukewarm water to reveal healthy skin.

Olive Oil: Massage olive oil gently over your face and wash the oil with lukewarm water or a cleanser. It will remove all traces of makeup and improve the health of your skin as well.

Milk: Soak a cotton ball in milk and start wiping off makeup … Find more

DIY Scrub With Virgin Coconut Oil And Sugar

Make A DIY Scrub With Virgin Coconut Oil And Sugar

Coconut oil and sugar scrub is good for your skin in many ways. But its biggest advantage is that it can be prepared at home and used fresh. There is little need to preserve this scrub when you can prepare it in a hassle-free manner.

Here’re the benefits of using coconut oil and sugar scrub and the process of making and using the scrub….

Benefits Of Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub

Benefits Of Coconut Oil And Sugar Scru

The biggest advantage of this homemade DIY scrub is it is suitable not only for your face but the entire body. You can prepare it at home and apply it all over your body to get baby-soft skin. But people with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid this DIY scrub using on their face as coconut oil can block your skin pores resulting in more breakouts.

If your skin is normal, this scrub will give amazing benefits….

  1. The Scrub Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated
The Scrub Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Coconut oil is considered dry and flaky skin because of its moisturizing properties. It works as a natural emollient and can prevent dry skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. And it becomes an excellent moisturizing agent when mixed with sugar that acts as a humectant. Sugar will add to the moisturizing effect of the scrub, by drawing more moisture from the environment. Using this scrub will keep your skin hydrated to give a soft and gentle feel all day.

  1. Coconut Oil Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties
Coconut Oil Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties

You know that many skin conditions are caused by bacteria. For example, take eczema that has its roots in bacterial infection. It involves redness of the skin, itching sensation, and the development of scaly patches. And it could become worse over time. But it can be contained with the help of coconut oil that has the ability to control bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the skin. Eczema reduces skin’s ability to retain moisture, and coconut oil improves skin hydration. It also reduces inflammation and pain.

  1. Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub Is An Effective Exfoliant
Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub Is An Effective Exfoliant

This scrub works well as is evident from the results. It will be gentle on your skin and rid your skin of all the dead cells and pollutants in a very gentle manner. It will clear out the dust particles accumulated on your skin pores. Also, they will bring out all traces of makeup on your face and stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells. In comparison to salt, sugar granules are fat less abrasive hence safer. You won’t have any hassle while using the scrub.

  1. Coconut Oil Is Antioxidant
Coconut Oil Is Antioxidant

Virgin coconut oil is considered an excellent anti-oxidant product. The antioxidant compounds present in coconut oil can make a shield before your skin from environmental damage by free radicals. Its long-term benefit is seen in the prevention of oxidative stress and cellular breakdown. In short, it will prevent your skin from premature aging and keep it healthy. You will be able to retain your youthful appearance even at an advanced age.

  1. Sugar Controls Growth Of Ingrown Hair
Sugar Controls Growth Of Ingrown Hair

Since coconut oil and sugar scrub can be used all over the body, you can use them as a secret weapon to remove unwanted body hair without irritating your body razor that leaves its marks in the form of bumps and ingrown hair. Use the coconut oil and sugar scrub on the affected area at least thrice a week to get excellent results. There will be no curling of hair up inside your skin.

Coconut oil and sugar are available in every home and the only thing you need to know to make a scrub by mixing the two ingredients … Find more

Facial Cleansing Brushes

8 Facial Cleansing Brushes You Should Buy

Facial cleansing brushes are now considered makeup essentials because they give quick cleansing of the skin. They are useful as they can be used at home. Their travel design adds more convenience to the brushes. Also, they give multiple vibration levels from gentle to aggressive to suit individual needs. Asnme Facial Brush removes makeup residue & oils from the face.

If you aren’t using a brush then you are missing something very important that can help in improving your complexion and skin health in the long run.

There are plenty of options available in the market and we’ve selected the best 8 facial brushes for your consideration

Ezbasics Sonic Cleansing Brush

Ezbasics Sonic Cleansing Brush

Whether it is hygiene, softness, or quality, this brush scores high on every feature. Its soft silicone rubber exterior keeps the exterior ultra-hygienic. And the handheld design makes it suitable for deep cleansing to get a beautiful complexion. It can work up to 200 times after full charging that takes approximately 3 hours.


• Portable and induction charging support
• IPX7 waterproof design for smooth in-shower cleaning
• Handy oval shape design increases convenience
• Soft rubber exterior allows maintaining hygiene
• Rich color choice – Blue, Pink, and Violet

Best Bristles: HieerBus Silicone Facial Cleanser Brush

Best Bristles: HieerBus Silicone Facial Cleanser Brush

Food-grade silicone used in the brush feels super soft on the skin. And its easy-to-clean and quick-drying formula leaves no residue or deformation even after long-term use. Suitable for all akin types, the soft rubber bristles give a comfortable feel as they are used to exfoliate the skin. And this face scrub combines multiple functions – facial cleansing, blackheads removing, exfoliation, and massage.


• Finger strips design allows single-hand use
• Portable and lightweight apple design makes it convenient to carry
• Flexible silicone bristles are gentle to the skin
• Four-in-One beauty care tools

YUNCHI Facial Cleansing Brush

YUNCHI Facial Cleansing Brush

It is a super absorbing brush made with bamboo charcoal ingredients that can deep clean the skin pores using their super absorbing ability. If you are tired of using a regular face cleaning brush, you should try this cordless brush with soft silicone bristles. It has fine bristles for surface cleaning and extra-raises bristles for precision cleaning. Also, its bristles can make 12000 strokes/min with 5 level adjustments.


• The tiny and portable design makes it convenient to carry
• Wireless charging for 3 hours provides 30 days usage
• IPX7 design makes it waterproof
• Bamboo charcoal for super absorbing power

ITME Face Scrubber

ITME Face Scrubber

It is a travel brush with high-quality battery support for up to 120 minutes. Its bristles are as gentle as hands but the cleaning provided is just perfect. It can effectively remove dead skin cells, cosmetics residue, and dark head pores. Also, it will stimulate blood circulation and metabolism that will provide anti-wrinkle massage to your face.


• Travel-friendly design for convenience of using the brush anytime anywhere
• The latest technology that makes its battery long-lasting
• Bamboo charcoal provides super absorption ability to the soft bristles
• Suitable for all skin types, it can effectively remove grease and give a cool feeling
• Available in rich colors – Black, Pink, Green, and Yellow

Moulei 3-In-1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Moulei 3-In-1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Get 3-in-1 sonic cleaning that can eliminate 99.5% of dirt and pollutants from your skin. It has 9-speed vibrations to suit individual needs. And it is 6-times more effective than a regular brush. But the real gem is hidden at the back. There is a piece of metal that gives a heated massage that promotes blood circulation and improves Find more

If you are looking for an exclusive henna design then look no further than white henna that will give a sparkling white look to the designs.

10 White Henna Designs You Must Try In 2021

If you are looking for an exclusive henna design then look no further than white henna that will give a sparkling white look to the designs. Also, it will create an exclusive design. And the beauty of white henna is that it doesn’t require a base. It will use your skin as a base.

Here’re 10 white henna designs to try

  1. Shoulder

The picture shows a bride in an off-shoulder dress but the beauty of the picture is the floral design created with white henna on her shoulder. It is a beautiful design covering almost the entire shoulder. While the design is in white but the detailing is clearly visible even from a distance.

The flower pattern is dense on the shoulder and becomes thinner towards the arm. It looks like an offshoot from the main design has fallen on the arm. This design would look stunning in off-shoulder bridal dresses, tops, t-shirts.

  1. Forearm

Look at the design from close. It creates a pattern of swirls. It starts from the top of the index finger and moves to the back of the palm where it becomes dense and continues to cover a major part of the back of the hand and the wrist. From the wrist, it takes flows towards the right and then moves upward to the forearm.

The beauty of this pattern is it can be decorated with red glitter as you can see in the picture. If you are looking for a design that can improve the appearance of the back of your hands then you can go for this white henna design.

  1. Belly

It is an exclusive design as you can see in the picture that an expectant mother has decorated her belly with a beautiful flowers and petals design. The design is centered around a heart that is created around the navel. It is dense at the heart and thin towards the sides.

It is a belly design that any woman can wear. Also, you can expand or reduce the size of the design according to your needs. And it will look well with the dresses that allow showing your belly area.

  1. Eyes

It is a heavy design you would say. But it will be more appropriate to call it a rich design and the richness of the design is because of the colors. The colors in the picture show a blue-liner in combination with pink to create an aura of a misty-blue and pink eye-shadow. Also, the white base further improves the design.

You won’t decorate your eyes regularly, but some occasions demand complete makeup. If you are a bridesmaid then it is a must design as it can stand you out. Also, this design will make your eyes more beautiful.

  1. Legs

Mehndi art is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your legs. And white henna can add more charm to your legs. See the beautiful white henna leg design in the picture. It starts from the middle of the feet and then moves upwards covering the ankle and the calf. Also, a small design is created to cover a side of the feet.

Since it is white henna, you can couple it with silver anklets. Also, you can wear silver color footwear with this design. It will also enhance the beatify of light-colored trousers and lowers.

  1. Back Of The Hand
Back Of The Hand

It is an incredibly beautiful design, to highlight the back of your hand. If you are dressing for a special occasion and want to complete your dress then you can consider making this design on the back of … Find more

Beauty Benefits Of Nutritious Rosehip Oil

10 Beauty Benefits Of Nutritious Rosehip Oil

Harvested from the seeds of rose bushes, rosehip oil contains all necessary nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can do wonderful things for your skin.

Here’re 10 skin benefits of rosehip oil

  1. Skin Hydration
Skin Hydration

Hydration makes skin soft and supple and rosehip oil is considered an excellent option to hydrate dry and itchy skin. It contains essential fatty acids that lock moisture in the skin cells to prevent them from drying. Also, the skin easily absorbs rosehip oil and its antioxidant properties that further boost the skin condition.

Use only pure rosehip oil after cleansing and toning your skin to get the complete hydration that keeps your skin soft and supple all day. A few drops of this oil are sufficient to make your skin glow within a short time.

  1. Moisturization

Moisturizing your skin locks the natural hydration and added oils in the skin cells and rosehip oil is an excellent alternative to natural moisturization. It contains all nutrients and water content in the right amount to be used as a moisturizer. Also, the researches show that rosehip oil has good anti-aging properties.

Rosehip oil is a dry oil that gives a non-greasy feeling when applied to the skin. Also, it makes a great moisturizing agent for people of all ages and all skin types. And its anti-aging properties are an added advantage to the users.

  1. Exfoliates And Brightens Skin

The nutrients found in rosehip oil make it a great exfoliating agent that brightens skin as well. This oil contains vitamins A and C in rich amounts. And researches have proved that vitamin A that is also called retinol boosts skin cell turnover. Vitamin C is also necessary for the skin as it helps in skin regeneration and boosts overall radiance.

Combine rosehip oil with baking soda for better results in exfoliation but avoid using this oil, if you have acne as it will only aggravate the already irritating skin condition.

  1. Boosting Collagen Formation
Boosting Collagen Formation

Collagen is rightly called the building block of the skin as it provides elasticity and firmness to the skin. The good thing is that your body can form collagen with the nutrients you consume, but the production of collagen decreases as you age leaving the skin to lose and saggy.

Rosehip oil can enhance the firmness and elasticity of the skin by boosting collagen formation. Its richness of vitamin A and C makes it ideal for enhancing collagen production in the skin. Also, it inhibits the formation of enzymes that break down the collagen in the body.

  1. Reduces Inflammation
Reduces Inflammation

Psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis are some of the skin conditions that cause skin inflammation and irritation. And they could further damage the skin layers if left untreated. While many beauty products can provide relief from these irritating skin conditions, but experts suggest rosehip oil.

Rich in both polyphenols and anthocyanin, rosehip oil is best suited for treating skin inflammation and irritation. Also, the availability of vitamin E in rich quantities makes rosehip oil an excellent nourishing cream for the skin. Vitamin E is a great anti-inflammatory agent.

  1. Protection Against Sun Damage
Protection Against Sun Damage

Sun exposure for a long time could result in premature aging. Sings of aging like fine dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles would start emerging on your skin once it is exposed to the sun. It is so because the UV rays could drop the collagen production to the lowest making your skin lose and dull.

Rosehip oil could be effective against sun damage. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, and these vitamins are considered to help protect the skin … Find more

Awesome Mehndi Designs

10 Awesome Mehndi Designs For Your Engagement Ceremony

Mehndi designs for engagement function is an art. Also, it is a part of the ceremony. Just like a bride selects her dress, she also selects her mehndi design.

There are plenty of mehndi designs to choose from.

Here’re the top 10 mehndi designs for engagement ceremonies

  1. It is a romantic mehndi designs for engagement function as it includes the name of the groom. So, it has two parts – design and name. The first thing is the design that can also be divided into two parts. Half of the palm is covered with a peacock-feather-like design and the rest of the art has swirls.
Romantic Design For Engagement

Look at the second part that is personalization. You can include the name of your groom in the design. And it will become a part of the design. While it will be easy to figure out the name, but only on giving a close look at the design.

  1. It is for women of fair color and you should use dark color henna for this design. As you can see the dark motifs on fingertips followed by leaves and then the brief pause that is broken with a large oblong flower in the middle of the palm followed by another pause.
Dark Color Henna Mehndi Design

The design extends to the cover half of the arm’s length with leaves and flowers. This design looks simpler, but it makes the best use of skin tone. It highlights the skin color. The dark color of henna improves the fair skin tone. Also, it will enhance the look and feel of your engagement ring.

  1. It is an elegant design that looks classic. The palm is filled with a peacock-like design and the back of the hand has only a swirl beginning from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist where it meets a bracelet-like design. Other fingers and the thumb are also designed with small swirls.
Bracelet-Like Design

The front design has two parts. The first part is the peacock-like design encircled with arches to give it a distinct look. The rest of the palm has a dense design. Also, there are swirls of alternate designs on the thumb and fingers.

  1. It is a Marwari design popular in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. First look at the palm that has three semi-circle designs stemming from the wrist and covering almost half of the palm. The rest of the palm is designed with dotted prints emanating from the finger pores.
Marwari Mehndi Design

At the back, the fingers and thumb are designed with a similar dotted pattern but the middle finger design is made more prominent and it is allowed to extend to the wrist where it merges into another design. Also, the woman in the picture has painted her nails to further improve the mehndi design.

  1. It is the real beauty of hands. It has three designs mixed into one. The first part is finger pores, the second part is the palm, and the third part is the wrist. And all designs are made with great details.
Mixed Mehndi Designs

Each finger pore is designed with dark henna on the top and beautiful arches. The big flower designed in the middle of the palm is connected to the middle finger and the wrist with dots. The wrist also has an arch-type design and a few dots extending towards the arm. Dark color henna is used for this design and it requires professional training.

  1. It is a perfect mehndi designs for engagement function as it prepares a base for the engagement ring. The diamond ring on the ring finger looks like a part of the
Find more

Beauty Tips That Is Just Perfect For Skin & Hair

Find some amazing beauty tips that you must know about!

  1. Skip moisturizer, if you’ve oily skin

You will find this advice on Internet tips and in gossips of social media platforms. But the truth is that an oily skin requires moisturizer just like any other skin type. And the reason is that without moisturizer, the oil in the skin will produce more sebum resulting in closed pores that could develop into acne and breakout. For oily skin, you should use a hydrating serum to lock the moisture in the skin.

  1. SPF is of little use

SPF promises complete protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Skin protection from UV rays is crucial as exposure to sun could trigger free radicals resulting in creases and wrinkles that are considered signs of aging. If your cosmetics have SPF then you really don’t have to wear sunscreen but if your cosmetics are free of SPF then you should be careful while going out in the sun. Use SPF 30 that protects as well as nourishes your skin.

  1. Shampoo your hair

Everyone shampoos hair but do you know how much have shampoo do you need for your looks. Those with curly hair strands should do double shampoo because curly hair is heavy and heavy hair has generally dry roots or the roots could be greasy. In both the conditions, you need double shampoo. On the other hand, people with silky hair should do shampoo plus conditioner.

  1. Contour with bronzer

You should know that a dark foundation with bronze contour makes an ideal base for makeup but you should use a matte-finish bronzer and a little slimmer to get the best results.

Disclaimer: These tips are just for information as there is no data available to support the claims made in the tips.

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