How To Make Organic Shampoo With Green Tea And Aloe Vera?

Green tea is good for health and aloe vera is good for skin but do you know that a combination of both can make a great haircare product? It will be your DIY shampoo that you can make at home if you drink green tea and have aloe vera in your kitchen garden.

But never mind if you don’t drink green tea and nor have aloe vera plant at home. And there’s little need to use fresh tea bags as you can use used tea bags.

Let’s start

• Take 200 ml of fresh water in a pan and put a used bag of green tea in it. Allow the tea bag to boiling for 25 minutes.

• Remove the pan from gas after the said time and let it cool. Add 200 ml of a good quality liquid soap to the boiled water and some aloe vera gel extracted from plant leaves. Also, add 1 tsp of olive oil to the boiled water.

• For fragrance, you can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or rose to the solution. Since the mixture is free from chemicals found in commercial shampoos, you won’t require a conditioner after washing your hair with green tea.

• Simply rinse the shampoo through your hair and wash with cold water to get clean hair. Also, you can keep the DIY shampoo in a bottle for future use.

If you don’t drink green tea or have aloe vera at home, you can buy aloe vera plant and green tea bags to make DIY shampoo.

Disclaimer: Take care while mixing ingredients as the quality of the shampoo would depend on the concentration. Also, be careful of the side effects.

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