Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

Modern Bride Flaunt This Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

The bun hairstyles are one of the easiest to carry for your functions or wedding. They are no mess, no fuss hairstyles. With the number of variations a bun hairstyle for wedding has, it goes well with everything you carry. You do not have to worry about a bun being boring, the end result will be anything but so.

Be it an elegant look that you want to show for the engagement form fests in the evening with a mix dress or a saree, or be it a messy look that you wish for with your Indo- western attire that you choose for your mehndi function or indeed a natural look for the Haldi function. The bun hairstyle for wedding will fit in for each of these and make you look like the queen who is bound to turn the heads as she walks by. A bride’s entire attire for her wedding day consists of a long list of particulars. From an elaborate lehenga to her makeup and hairstyle to gorgeous bun hairstyle for wedding, none go unnoticed. A bun can be secured with a hair Find more

Best Hairstyles From China

10 Best Hairstyles From China

China is known for its technology but little does the world know that it is also ahead in makeup, especially hairstyles. Chinese women love their hairdos so much that they can’t stop trying new hairstyles. We have selected 10 of the most popular Chinese hairdos for you to try in 2022.

  1. Cobra Bun
Cobra Bun

It is a Chinese bun with a cobra like hood. It is simple and exciting and it looks well on most face types and skin tones. Roll your hair into a bun and tie it at the crown so it looks like a snake hood. Like the model you can also trim the front hair to cover your forehead. With this hairdo, you can do simple or light makeup. The model has her cheeks blushed, lips painted red, and eyes improved with kohl. Also, she has minimalist jewelry on ears.

  1. Buddha Bun
Buddha Bun

This hairdo is a fine blend of a princess and ancient warrior look. It is how warriors use to tie their locks while going to wars. But today it can grace your look while you are headed to gatherings. The biggest highlight of this … Find more

Galaxy Hair Color Ideas For 2022

10 Galaxy Hair Color Ideas For 2022

Galaxy hair color is too cool to resist and it isn’t necessary to wait for an invitation for intergalactic travel to get this color on your hair as you can get it whenever you want to look different. But first, have a close look at these exciting galaxy color ideas.

What Is Galaxy Hair Color?

Galaxy hair color is a blend of space-inspired colors like blue, green, purple, and pink. Galaxy hair color could be a mix of two colors or a rainbow of six colors. How many colors you use depends on the imagination and creativity of your hairstylist.

Attractive Galaxy Hair Color Styles

  1. Blue And Pink
Blue And Pink

Pink and blue colors make a stellar combination. Since it is more on the lighter side, it is considered more suitable for women with fair skin tones. Like the model, you can also add a little bit of white to highlight the pink and blue shades. Also, you can try matching blue eye makeup and pink lip color to further improve your visual appeal. This hair color will be best on short shoulder-length hair.

  1. Purple Dimensional With A Bit Of Blue
Find more
Wispy Bangs To Try In 2022

15 Wispy Bangs To Try In 2022

If you want to transform your look then you should try face-framing wispy bangs that will lay lightly on your forehead and give your twinkling eyes the right amount of space to shine through and make you look mischievous. Also, you have the option of pulling your hair away from your face so they blend with your hair.

Chic Wispy Bangs

  1. Face-Framing Bangs
Face-Framing Bangs

Face framing bangs will cover your wide forehead and balance out the look. If you have wide cheeks, you should make bangs whose length increases from the middle to the sides. If you want to highlight your jawline, you should opt for blunt wispy bangs. Determine your face shape before opting for bangs so you get the right hairstyle matching your facial features.

  1. Classic Wispy Bangs
Classic Wispy Bangs

These bangs are slightly different from others. If you look at the model from close, you will find her bangs slightly parted from midway down. Also, the bangs appear thicker at the roots but feathered at the end. But the most remarkable feature of these classic wispy bangs is they are cut at the eyebrows.

  1. Long Wispy Bangs
Long Wispy Bangs

If your … Find more

Yogic Exercises For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

7 Yogic Exercises For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

For beautiful hair, you eat a balanced diet, wash your hair with quality shampoo, condition the hair after every wash, and nourish your tresses with nutritious oil. But you need to do more like protecting your hair from pollution and sun. Hair is the most fragile and sensitive part of the body. Also, it is exposed to foreign materials like dirt and grime.

Strengthen Your Hair

Do you know Yoga has asana to strengthen your hair? It is true that yoga can come to your rescue if you are struggling to keep your hair healthy. There are seven asanas that you can practice at home and keep your hair healthy and voluminous.

Advantages of yoga

Improve blood flow to your head and scalp
Boost body metabolism that further boosts internal health
Drives stress out of body and mind so you are relaxed
Massages internal organs so they work at their optimal level

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)
Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

Benefits: It improves blood circulation which is good for the growth of healthy hair. Also, it releases stress by stretching the neck and spine. It improves digestion by compressing abs muscles. … Find more

Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairdos For 2022

20 Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairdos For 2022

If you are looking for a cool hairstyle that is unique as well then consider a braided Mohawk. While making a braided Mohawk seems tricky, it makes maintenance for hair easy. In fact, it will protect your hair from everyday pollution, weather conditions, dirt, dust, and grime.

Here’re 20 Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles You Should Try

  1. Twisted Mohawk
Twisted Mohawk

It is a level-up in twisted hairstyle. See how the sides are aligned close to the scalp but the hairstylist has left the Mohawk to lose on top of the head. If your hair is also jet black, silky, and long, you should try this hairstyle.

  1. Ponytail Mohawk
Ponytail Mohawk

If you love ponytails then this hairstyle is for you. Multiple twisted dreads when arranged together create a super cool hairstyle. The dreads start thin at the scalp and grew thicker towards the Mohawk. And it is easier to create a beautiful design with thin dreads.

  1. Braided Mohawk Updo
Braided Mohawk Updo

African women prefer braided Mohawk hairstyles to protect their hair from pollution and bad weather conditions. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that it keeps hair away from their faces. And it is in … Find more

Gelled Updo

15 Victoria Beckham Hairstyles To Try In 2022

Victoria Beckham is an English singer, songwriter, television personality, and fashion designer, but she’s more popular as a trendsetter. Victoria Beckham an internationally recognized style icon who continuously inspires her fans and the fashion community to try new things including hairstyles in 2022.

Here’re we’re sharing some of the classy hairstyle ideas by Victoria Beckham

The Posh Bun

Victoria Beckham Posh Bun Hairstyle

It is a sleek and stylish hairdo for women who don’t want to spend much time in hair styling. Simply tie up your hair with a slightly riffled tinge at the crown to make a posh bun like the diva Victoria Beckham. It is a perfect updo for jeans and a top.

Victoria Beckham Side Wave Hairstyles In 2022

Victoria Beckham Side Wave Hairstyles In 2022

So, it is the secret of Victoria Beckham’s beauty. Her waves have an exquisite appeal and they exude elegance. And it is what makes the diva stand out. You can also try this hairdo but you will need long flowing hair to make waves. It will look beautiful in sleeveless dresses.

L Shaped Edges

L Shaped Edges Hairstyles

It is Victoria Beckham’s signature hairdo with side waves that give the edges a unique … Find more

Korean Hairstyles To Try In 2022

15 Korean Hairstyles To Try In 2022

Do you know why Korean women prefer bob hairstyles? It is so because the bob is the only haircut that suits almost every face shape. Also, a bob haircut is easy to make and maintain. You can also try a bob hairstyle for a change.

Here’re 15 Korean bob hairstyles for you to try

Jaw-Length Bob

Jaw-Length Bob

It is a beautiful haircut but it could pose some challenges like, if you have a diamond-shaped face, your jawline could look more pointed in this haircut. If your face is round, your cheeks would appear more protruded in this jaw-length bob haircut. But it would look perfect if you have an angular jawline with high cheekbones.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob

Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob

The beauty of this haircut is that it suits well on almost every face shape. Also, you don’t have to worry about the haircut not going well with your dress. But it will make your hair appear thinner if you already have thin hair. Try some waves that will make your locks look voluminous. In this way, you will look relaxed and natural.

Korean Slick Bob Hairstyles

Slick Bob Hairstyles

You … Find more

Puffed Look With A Bump-It Gear

How To Get A Puffed Look With A Bump-It Gear?

Gone are the days when women need to have long and voluminous hair to make attractive hairstyles as you have accessories that can help make a luscious voluminous hairstyle. Some women try curling and teasing their hair without understanding the aftereffects of teasing hair.

How To Make Your Hair Look Voluminous?

You shouldn’t curl or tease your hair more than a limit as over curling or teasing could cause more harm than good to your locks. You should love your tresses. They need proper care and curling and teasing are punishing the locks. For luscious and voluminous tresses, you should use a bump-it hair accessory.

If you are one who has never tried a bump-it hair accessory, you aren’t alone. There are many women who know little about this gear. And you will be surprised to know that it can easily get the right hairstyle with this accessory.

How To Use A Bump-It Hair Accessory?

Bump-It Hair Accessory

While it isn’t difficult to set a bump-it gear on your head, you need some training to fix the gear between your locks. The focus of using the accessory is to keep it stable … Find more

Hairstyles For Long Hair

10 Easy-To-Make Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hairstyle is the most important part of makeup, but most women fail miserably in choosing the right hairstyles. But little do they know that they can style their locks in different haircuts.

Here’re 10 fashionable hairstyles for women with long hair

  1. Bouffant

It is a puffy type round hairstyle characterized by high raised hair usually covering the ears or flowing down on the sides. Once a mainstream haircut in the 18th century, it again become popular in the 60s when the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed sporting bouffant.

Create a puff of loosely knotted hair by backcombing the hair on the top and upper sides of the head. Then lightly comb the front hair to give your puff a sleek look. And the ends of the outer hair can be curled, flipped, or even cut according to your convenience. Also, use hairspray or hairpins to fix the hairdo.

  1. Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun

A bun is made by pulling hair back from the face and for this reason, it is considered the best hairdo, when you want all the eyes set on your facial features and accessories. But the cinnamon bun … Find more