Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

15 Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

Women prefer leggings over others including jeans and there are convincing reasons for choosing leggings. They are comfortable, stretchable, and designed for carefree use. They snug the legs tightly leaving no room for even air to pass but allowing ample room for leg movement.

Another advantage of leggings is that they suit women of all ages and they come in attractive prints, colors, and patterns. What is more exciting is that they can be paired with shirts, crop tops, leather jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and every top you can think of.

Take A Look!

  1. Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings
Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings

Unlike denim, leggings won’t bunch around your waist and create a messy silhouette. The fit of the top will remain intact on leggings and the silhouette will be stunning. Before you move out, you can wear a thick waist belt and pumps and throw a cross-body bag to complete your look.

  1. High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie
High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie

You don’t have to be a Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid to wear leggings with hoodies. Like a celebrity, you can also try this dress. See the model for inspiration and choose colors that pop instead of neutral shades. Also, finish the look with black canvas shoes.

  1. Monochromatic Look With Leggings
Monochromatic Look With Leggings

A monochrome look with black leggings is chic and effortless. You can try it in the winter season, especially when going out in the snow. Wear combat-ready boots that will provide you stability on the snow and finish your look as well. And you don’t need to wait for the winter snow to get this look. You can use a monochromatic look for beach parties.

  1. Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings
Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings

Leggings aren’t the best choice for a silk blouse but when you have this top, you will find leggings as the optimum choice. A pair of ultra-hot leather leggings will match perfectly with the silk blouse the model is wearing. Style your hair in beachy waves, wear ankle-length boots, and throw a black side-body bag to get party-ready.

  1. Crop Top And Leggings
Crop Top And Leggings

Soft and breathable leggings become the only choice in hot summer months when you simply can’t even think of putting on your denim. Leggings with thick waistbands to give a comfortable fit can be paired with racer back or tank tops. You should buy some beautiful leggings for the summer fashion collection.

  1. Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings
Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings

The model is showing how a bomber jacket looks when paired with a pair of sleek leggings. The puffiness of the jacked is well tamed by leggings. And the ankle-length boots balance the contrasting pieces perfectly.

  1. Denim Jacket And Black Leggings
Denim Jacket And Black Leggings

Want to wear a denim jacket? If yes then try it with leggings. A white crop top, a cropped denim jacket, and white sneakers will create a totally different image of your persona. The black leggings will balance the silhouette. But you can try some other bold-colored leggings.

  1. Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket
Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket

Checks are never out of fashion but this time they have made a big jump to leggings. And checkered leggings go well with anything. Here the model is wearing a tube with checkered leggings. Ankle-length boots provide a firm platform for the leggings and the black leather jacket creates an edgy but effortless look.

  1. Abstract Leggings And Tie Top
Abstract Leggings And Tie Top

It is an abstract print and it is a level up over regular floral print. But it looks simple and attractive. The model here is wearing a black top with abstract leggings. You should also try plain tops or tanks with these leggings. If you want, you can accessorize … Find more

Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

12 Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

Your party outfit should be matching with the party theme like Christmas, house party, birthday, cocktail, pool party, college gathering, and bachelorette party. Your dress should reflect your mood and it is possible only when you choose the right attire.

Best Party Outfit Ideas

  1. 90’s Themed Party
90’s Themed Party

There is little to worry about dressing for a 90’s themed party if you have any of the following dresses including mommy pants, dungarees, rock band t-shirts, plaid shirts, crop tops, round glasses, and chokers in your closet. These dresses are still in fashion and you can easily make an impressive combination of whatever apparel and accessories you have in your wardrobe. Also, you don’t require much dressing for a 90’s themed party.

  1. Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Christmas is the time of the year when people seek the blessings of the seniors and give gifts to the juniors. Also, it is the time when people gear up to welcome the New Year. It is the time to de-stress your body and mind and fill your tired self with positive energy to do well in the coming year. For Christmas and New Year parties and gatherings, you can choose from pantsuits, matching separates, or monochromes. Also, buy some bold jewelry to accessorize your look.

  1. House Party
House Party

A House party is also called an indoor party where you play games like charades, beer pongs, and sticker stalker. Here you don’t need much dressing and accessorizing because it is a limited gathering of extended family members and friends. For a house party, you can try a maxi or shirt dress. Or you can attend the party in jeans and a top. Light makeup like only lipstick will be good. The focus on indoor parties is on comfort than becoming a style icon.

  1. Masquerade Party
Masquerade Party

If you are preparing for a masquerade party or a ball, you should be focused on selecting the right mask. If you have a mask, it will make choosing the right dress a lot easier. The mask should look like part of the dress but avoid wearing bright colors as it could look loud and gaudy. For example, you can opt for a corset or an A-line dress, or a pencil skirt with a formal top. Also, don’t forget to wear heels that will further enhance your look.

  1. Birthday Party
Birthday Party

It is easy to dress for a birthday party if it isn’t your birthday. As a guest at a birthday celebration, you can dress the way you like most. Since most birthday parties don’t have dedicated themes, you don’t have to worry about getting a themed dress. You can choose from a crop top and skirt, ripped jeans and shirt, skinny jeans with a leather jacket, or one piece boho dress.

  1. Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party

If you are going to attend a cocktail party thrown by your company then you should avoid wearing the dress that you know your immediate boss won’t like. There is a very fine line between dressing well and becoming a style icon. You don’t have to flaunt your dressing style before your seniors. Here you should keep your look pretty and attractive. Pantsuits, sleek trousers, and palazzo sets are good choices for cocktail parties. Also, you can carry a clutch and wear elevated footwear to look elegant and stylish.

  1. Pool Party
Pool Party

Depending on the party theme like by the pool and in the pool, you should choose your dress. If you want to stay out of the wet zone then you should choose from a floral one-piece dress with platform heels or flats. Or you can choose shorts with a … Find more

Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Your Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Jeans are an exclusive piece of clothing universally accepted by all cultures, traditions, and societies. Another advantage of these pants is that they match almost every top and footwear. Also, they are designed for rough-and-tough use. Jeans are here to stay and they have undergone significant changes over the years. Jeans look awesome in every design and color. They come in different colors including black and blue which are standard colors.

Here’re Different Types Of Jeans

  1. Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

As evident from the name, skinny jeans are skin hugging and their advantage is that they can take shape of your legs. And these stretchable jeans are available in low, mid, and high waist cuts. Also, you can get your size of jeans in your choice of color. The ultra-comfortable stretchable design makes them twice as good.

Suitable For:

Women with lean and sexy legs, hourglass shape, and petite shape should use skinny jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid wearing skinny jeans.

  1. Skinny Crop
Skinny Crop

They are regular skinny jeans but they end before the shins. And some of the jeans come with a fold that makes them more attractive. But in terms of design, comfort, and convenience, they are similar to skinny jeans. While they are available in multiple colors but distressed, white, and black colors are more popular.

Suitable For:

Women with slim legs, hourglass body shape, and the petite figure would look beautiful in skinny crop jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid skinny crop jeans.

  1. Straight Leg Jeans
Straight Leg Jeans

If you love skinny jeans but fear that they won’t suit your body, then you should try straight leg jeans. Straight leg jeans will snug and hug your body but they won’t be as fit as skinny jeans are. But the biggest advantage of straight leg jeans is they will make your legs appear long and slim.

Suitable For:

You will be delighted to know that straight leg jeans suit all body types. You can wear them without any worries.

  1. Jeggings

Jeggings are leggings in denim fabric because they both follow a similar styling pattern. And they are more popular than other types of jeans because they are ultra-comfortable. Jeggings are recognized from their waistbands as they don’t have standard buttons. Expecting mothers can wear jeggings to look stylish because they don’t press the belly. The easy-to-wear design will make you comfortable during winter. Also, they are available in exciting shades and colors.

Suitable For:

Jeggings are suitable for all body types as they take shape of the body they snug and hug. Pregnant women can also try jeggings to look stylish.

  1. Boot Cut
Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans are a little different from the most popular skinny jeans but they are a hot favorite of women of all ages and body types. And for this reason, the new style of jeans is made a little more tapered than the original jeans. You can choose jeans that fit your knees and open subtly past your calves. Or you can buy the boot cut jeans in a cropped format that flare out a little above the shins.

Suitable For:

Boot cut jeans are suitable for all body types, especially for curvy women.

  1. Flared Jeans
Flared Jeans

Flared jeans were popular in the nineties but they are never out of fashion and this time they have made a comeback with a new style. They are made by blending boot cut and bell bottom styles. The boot cut style opens slowly below the knees but flared jeans open literally. Also, they are available in attractive colors including black and blue.… Find more

Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

18 Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

Sleeves cover your forearms but you can be folded up to elbows as and when required. Also, you can play with sleeves to make your dress more attractive. Sleeves come in different lengths and they can be designed in various ways to suit individual needs. If you want to know more about sleeve design, you should continue reading the article.

What Are Different Sleeve Lengths?

The sleeve length of a dress depends on the overall length and design of the dress. It could be long for full-size dresses or short for crop tops. Sleeve length is classified into three distinct categories according to its lengths.

Short Sleeves: These sleeves remain above the elbow length and they could be a tad bit shorter or a few inches above the elbow.

3/4th Sleeves: Sleeves are extended to just below the elbow.

Full Sleeves: Sleeves cover the full length of the arms.

But the variations in sleeve designs are quite exciting. There are plenty of sleeve designs to explore and choose from. Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular sleeve designs.

  1. Raglan Sleeves
Raglan Sleeves

They run like an extension of shoulders with an inseam stretching under the arms. The advantage of these sleeves is they come in all lengths. So, you can play with the design to make your dress more attractive. It is good for bodycon dresses, casual tops, and t-shirts.

  1. Kimono Sleeves
Kimono Sleeves

Inspired by the Japanese Kimono attire, this features wide, long, and loose sleeves. They indeed look very similar to your bathrobes, but this style is fast catching up. You can consider this design for both western and Indian dresses especially blouses, tops, and both short and long dresses.

  1. Bishop Sleeves
Bishop Sleeves

This style was taken from period dramas of medieval England and improved to make it suitable for modern women. These are full-length sleeves fitted near the elbow and opened up as they move down to the wrists where they form cuffs with buttons. They are better suited for western tops and one-piece dresses.

  1. Off-Shoulder Sleeves
Off-Shoulder Sleeves

Open and bare and starting a little below the shoulder bone, off-shoulder sleeves are quite popular even after being a common design. This design is common but its advantage is that it can be customized to any length and size. Good for Indian attires like blouses, one-piece dresses, tops, and maxi dresses, the off-shoulder sleeves are most of the time a personal choice of users.

  1. Butterfly Sleeves
Butterfly Sleeves

Perfect for deep neck tops or dresses, butterfly sleeves present an amazing combination of cap sleeves and puffed sleeves. They look like small extensions to shoulders sitting delicately on the dresses. Also, they don’t taper like puffed sleeves. You can try butterfly sleeves for tops, dresses, Kurtis, and blouses.

  1. Puffed Sleeves
Puffed Sleeves

These are short sleeves but gathered in a way that makes them look like puffs. Their length remains just below the shoulder but the puff design makes them look bigger. Puffed sleeves are best suited for traditional attires, short tops, tunics, and shirts.

  1. Cap Sleeves
Cap Sleeves

As evident from the name, these sleeves look like caps over shoulders. In design, they are more like extensions of collar bones. Cap sleeves look more beautiful on western dresses but you can try them with Indian attires.

  1. Angel Sleeves
Angel Sleeves

These are wings of a fairy attached to a dress and they look simply amazing. Also, you can adjust the length of the sleeves to suit the design of your dress. Also, the sleeves design can be customized to further improve the design. Try angel sleeves with attires with high necks both Indian and western.

  1. Bracelet Sleeves
Bracelet Sleeves

It is a … Find more

Handbags For Everyday Use

10 Handbags For Everyday Use

A handbag is more than an accessory. You can take it as an extension of your dress. And you can choose a bag to carry your belongings including your laptop, tab, mobile, purse, medicines, makeup essentials, and anything important for you. And you will be surprised to know that there is a bag for every need.

10 Best Handbags And Wallets For Fashion Conscious Women

  1. Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag

It is called an everyday bag because you need it every day and everything. This easy-to-carry bag comes in attractive styles, colors, designs, and features. For example, you can buy a bag with multiple pockets for different things. Or you can choose one that can accommodate digital devices like laptops, tabs, and chargers. And you will be surprised to know that every brand has shoulder bags. It is like a mini supermarket in which you can keep everything you could need anytime.

  1. Satchel

If you are looking for a handbag that looks like a laptop bag but that can also work like an everyday bag then go for a satchel. It can double as a shopping bag and an official carrier in which you can carry your gadgets and essentials. A satchel is an office bag but it provides ample space for keeping your everyday essentials. Also, it won’t be wrong to say that it is for tough use. Whether you are going for an office meeting or on a short trip, a satchel can accommodate your needs.

  1. Sling Bag
Sling Bag

It is a stylish bag that you can wear on the shoulder or cross-body. Also, you can carry it in your hands. It is smaller than an everyday bag but it has plenty of space for keeping your belongings. It is the right choice for shopping, running errands, and traveling. If you have kids, you will need this bag while going out with kids. This bag will make it more convenient for you to travel with kids as it will accommodate their belongings. Also, it will make you look stylish.

  1. Quilted Bag
Quilted Bag

It is an iconic bag that can fulfill your fashion as well as everyday needs. And you will be surprised to know that most brands make this bag. In brands, you can choose Prada, Chanel, Hermes, and much more. If you are looking for a fashion bag to take to parties and gatherings then buy a quilted bag. It will cost you a price but it is worth buying. Explore your options before making a choice. Since you have plenty of options, you can compare brands, designs, styles, colors, and features of bags before making a choice.

  1. Clutch

A large everyday bag won’t suit your party dress. For this time, you need a small but elegant bag called a clutch. It is a handbag that you can easily carry with your heavy party dress. Also, it will match your look and style. Since it is small, you can carry only limited things in your clutch. But it shouldn’t be taken as a problem as you won’t carry many things like a laptop or tab to a party. When you are dressing up for a party, you will try keeping things chic and minimal.

  1. Minaudiere

This heavily decorated bag is a clutch. Decorated with colored stones, gems, and pearls, it oozes grandeur. If you are looking for a bag that looks super stylish then go for a minaudiere. It is a great choice for events like cocktail parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, and other special events. It is an expensive piece hence you should be careful while using this clutch. It is … Find more

Doing Namaste And Its Significance

The Right Way Of Doing Namaste And Its Significance

In India, people greet each other by making a hand gesture called ‘Namaste’. Also, they say ‘Namaste’ according to their languages. For example, people of the Hindi belt of north India and Nepal say Namaste or Namaskar. In Bengal, people greet each other by saying Nomoshkar. Odia people say Namaskar. In Karnataka, it is Namaskara. In Tamil, it is Venakkam and in Malayalam, it is Namaskaram.

What Is Namaste?

It is a Sanskrit word with varied meanings. Its origin can be traced back to ancient times. Yoga also mentions Namaste and highlights its importance in greeting others. Namaste is simply more than saying hello to others. It has deep-rooted spiritual meaning. Here in this blog, we will discuss the true meaning of Namaste and its implications.

What Happens When You Do Namaste?

You join your palms before your chest and bow your head before the person who wants to say Namaste. In Hinduism, people say Namaste to God. They see the divine presence in everyone and bow their heads in salutation to the divine power.

If you spell Namaste, you will find that it means saluting the divine power. Nama means bowing and stay means to you. Together Namaste means recognizing the divine presence in the person before you and bowing your head to salute the divine power.

What Is the History Of Namaste?

Namaste has roots in Indian culture and it is evident from terracotta figurines excavated from the Indus Valley Civilization site which dates back from 3000 B.C. to 2000 B.C. Many of those figurines were standing with their hands folded in the pose of Namaste. It shows that the tradition of saluting each other with Namaste was known to the people of Indus Valley.

Also, the act of Namaste can be related to the Vedic custom as an expression of honor, courtesy, politeness, and hospitality to others. It is a way to convey your feelings and emotions to the person who you want to greet. When you meet someone, your hands automatically move in the form of Namaste to greet that person. It is how you give honor to others and show your feelings.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Namaste?

Spiritual Meaning Of Namaste

Try once to do Namaste before a mirror to feel what it stands for. While doing Namaste, your muscles will be relaxed and you will feel lighter and happier. When you do Namaste to God or seniors, you feel blessed.

When you do Namaste, you recognize the divine presence in living things including humans, animals, and even plants and water. In Hinduism, people stand before Ganga in do Namaste to seek the blessings of Mother Ganga. Doing Namaste is accepting the presence of divine power and respecting every soul that emerges from that power.

In Vedic philosophy, the divine and self are the same. All things living are born from the divine and doing Namaste to others is recognizing the presence of the divine in souls and saluting the divine. It is the most polite form of saying hello.

Significance Of Namaste In Yoga

In yoga classes, students do Namaste before starting the exercises. They do so to spread a sense of gratitude to the teacher and the art they are about to learn. Also, the teacher performs Namaste to respond to their students and to the master the teacher has learned Yoga from. With Namaste, both the teacher and students acknowledge the role of a master.

Also, Namaste evokes a sense of spirituality and sets the mood right for the exercises. You get positive energy by doing Namaste as you recognize the presence of … Find more

Amazing Skater Shirt Ideas

15 Amazing Skater Shirt Ideas

You can’t go wrong with skater skirts whatever your body type is. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding a matching top with this skirt. It matches everything and it can help achieve specific objectives like a mini skirt is good for showing off your legs. Or you can choose a white or black skirt with a silk or cotton top to get a traditional look.

Here’re Some Cute Ideas To Wear Skater Skirts

  1. Blue Floral Skater Skirt
Blue Floral Skater Skirt

An electric blue skater skirt would look good with a plain white t-shirt and pump heels. But you can try a different shade than the regular. Just like the model, you can also pair your electric blue skirt with a graphic t-shirt. And there is little need to change the pump heels. Also, you can go with minimum makeup and accessories with this dress.

  1. Burgundy Skater Skirt
Burgundy Skater Skirt

Looking for a dress that matches your burgundy hair! If yes then you can take inspiration from this model. A burgundy skater skirt coupled with a leather jacket, combat boots, and winger liner will perfectly match your burgundy hairstyle. The same skirt will also suit if you want a contrast of your hair color.

  1. Hot Pink Polka Dot Skirt
Hot Pink Polka Dot Skirt

Coupled with a nude top, this pink skirt looks chic and airy. In footwear, you have a choice of elevated flip-flops or ankle strap heels depending on your needs. If it is a casual brunch with friends on a hot summer morning you are headed for then you can go with flip-flops. Also, you can throw a body bag to complete the look.

  1. Navy Blue Skater Skirt
Navy Blue Skater Skirt

Who says that skater skirts are short and they don’t suit plus-size women? Look at the plump model. She is wearing a navy blue skater skirt and it isn’t a short skirt. The skirt is longer than her knees and she looks stunning in this blue attire. For the top, she has chosen red which is a bold color. Also, she has accessorized her dress with flaming hot red pumps and pearls. Her deep red lipstick matches well with her top.

  1. White High-Waisted Skater Skirt
White High-Waisted Skater Skirt

A white skirt gives you the freedom to choose your style. Since white goes well with every color, you don’t have to worry about looking for a matching top. Also, it is easier to accessorize and style a white skirt. For example, you can choose to pair your white skirt with sports shoes or put on a pair of leather footwear depending on the occasion and destination you are headed for.

  1. Leather Skater Skirt
Leather Skater Skirt

Leather is a different kind of material as it is made from the skin of an animal. It is expensive but people prefer it because it has a sex appeal. Also, the luxurious feel leather pants, shirts, shoes, and bags give is hard to get from any other fabric or material. And a leather dress has little need for accessories. Just like the model, you can also sport a leather skater skirt to improve your look.

  1. Velvet Skater Skirt
Velvet Skater Skirt

One can’t have enough velvet but this velvety skater skirt can fulfill your velvet obsession to a large extent. The beauty of this model lies in the velvet skirt she is wearing. You can see she has minimum makeup and minimalist accessories but she still looks stunning. It is a natural look just perfect for casual occasions.

  1. Long Black Skater Skirt
Long Black Skater Skirt

Black is the optimal choice for office wear and a long black skater skirt is the right outfit for Monday office or anytime when you want to look … Find more

Housewarming Party

How To Add More Warmth To Your Housewarming Party?

A housewarming party is more than a simple get-together of family and friends. You invite guests to visit your new home and appreciate how you have decorated your new abode. You will prepare your home for the party, serve guests food and drinks, and allow them to explore your home.

How To Get Housewarming Party Ideas?

You have just moved in and things haven’t settled yet. The furniture is still packed and only essential accessories are opened. Your guests aren’t expecting a well-arranged home because it requires time but they are expecting surprises in living space, outdoor areas, windows, doors, ceiling, flooring, home fittings, and kitchen and bath accessories.

Food Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Food Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Get ready before your guests become demanding. You need to arrange more than cool and chic appetizers and desserts. Plan a menu depending on your food habits.

Roasted Veg Bruschetta: This recipe has both taste and health. And your guests will certainly fall in love with these gluten-free bread slices stuffed with vegetables. If your guests are health-conscious, you should consider this recipe for your party.

Chicken Skewer Appetizer With Mayo Dip: Serve your guests this skewer dish with a mayo dip during your party. The chicken is well-cooked to become light and it is infused with a load of flavors to pamper taste buds. It would be a nice addition for non-vegetarian food lovers.

Chocolate Banana Truffles: It is an extraordinary recipe you can prepare at home in no time. Simply mash some ripe bananas and add a few smooth chocolate truffles to make a smoothie. The guests can sit with the smoothies in their hands and have friendly chitchat.

Cheesy Fruit Board: Fruits topped with sausages and overloaded cheese will make your guests hungry for this recipe. Arrange a huge platter of this recipe and keep it simple. It would be a huge surprise for your guests.

Chipotle Lasagna With Corn Cheese Dip: It is a Mexican recipe with enhanced flavors and a spicy twist. You can try preparing this recipe at home or order it from a nearby restaurant.

Housewarming Party Themes

Housewarming Party Themes

Preparing for a party becomes easy once you find a theme. And you will be surprised to know that you have plenty of themes to choose from for your housewarming party.

Bar Stocking Theme

If your home has a dedicated place for a bar, you can ask your guests to bring their drinks including alcohol and cocktails to fill your bar chamber. The guests would bring the drinks of their choice and try yummy and exotic drinks at your housewarming party.

Garden Theme

How about arranging a garden party? If you have a garden in your home, you can turn it into a party venue. Host a party in summer or spring, decorate your garden with lights, and arrange outdoor furniture for sitting. In food, you can choose barbequed dishes with exotic beverages.

Painting Room Theme

Turn the quick housewarming party into an opportunity to get more colors for your home. Keep some buckets of cool colors for your guests to paint the walls. They can suggest some cool painting designs or color combinations for your home.

Surprise Housewarming Party

Surprise Housewarming Party

A traditional housewarming party is simple but there are many ideas to turn it into a surprise for your guests. And these party ideas are also simple to understand and execute.

Food Focal Surprise

Invite your guests over tea or a get-together where they can take a round of your home, and discuss location, facilities available, and other topics of interest. In food, you can serve tasty evening snacks … Find more

Color Wheel Guide Of the Fashion Industry

Learning The Color Wheel Guide Of the Fashion Industry

Dress is all about matching the colors of your dress. If you have a good sense of colors and an understanding of matching, you can find beautiful clothes even without spending much money. But if the colors aren’t well put, even your expensive clothes would look dull. Using matching colors could be a deal maker in dressing.

Let’s See The Color Wheel

Color Wheel

When Sir Isaac Newton devised the color wheel, he would have little idea that one day his invention would guide the fashion industry. The 18th-century color wheel represents the relationship between various colors. And it has been segregated into different categories for the convenience of understanding color matching.

Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue are called primary colors because no two colors can make these colors. Also, the other colors are made by mixing primary colors. These colors are also called striking colors as they are more eye-catchy than others.

Secondary Colors: These colors are formed by combining primary colors like Red + Yellow = Orange and Blue + Yellow = Green. The advantage of secondary colors is that they can be customized to suit individual needs.

Tertiary Colors: These colors are made by mixing primary and secondary colors. Mint, Aqua, and Corals are some of the examples of tertiary colors. Go on customizing colors until you get the right shade for your needs.

Warm Colors:

Warm Colors

These colors make things look smaller and for this reason, people wear warm colors when they want to look slimmer. Colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown are called warm colors. But blue, purple, and green are called soothing colors.

Natural Colors:

Natural Colors:

These colors are self-explanatory and recognized by their muted, plain, and subdued appeal. Examples of natural colors are Black, Grey, Whites, Off-Whites, and Taupe. Some people call natural shades dull but little do they know that natural shades look more beautiful than others.

Principles Of Matching Colors

Matching colors would become an exciting job if you know the principles. Before you start matching colors, you should know what makes two colors compatible or contrast.



These colors work best when put together. For example, take Red and Green, Violet and Yellow, and Blue and Orange that look good when put together. But they are opposite on the color wheel. Spring and summer fashion mostly use complementary colors. It is easier to find complementary colors than others.



Matching multiple colors on the color wheel is called analogous color matching. Outfits based on analogous colors are both striking and stylish. Most designers use analogous colors to keep their dresses unique.

Triadic: A combination of colors situated equidistant on the color wheel are called triadic colors. For example, a pair of green cargos would go well with a pastel pink top and powder blue accessory.

After knowing about the color wheel, classification of colors, and principles of matching colors, you should know about the perfect color combination for dresses.

Keeping It In The family

Keeping It In The family

Try blending different shades of the same color to keep your colors in the family. And if you feel bored or monotonous with using the same colors, you can play around with a combination of complementary colors like Red and Green. Here you keep your choice limited to the family of a specific color.

The Ombre Test

The Ombre Test

Ombre is the latest in fashion. Whether it is a party-wear outfit, bridesmaid dress, or just simple jeans and top, if it is in ombre, the dress will certainly turn heads. Another advantage of an ombre outfit is that these colors suit all weather conditions including … Find more

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Trending Nail Designs

How do you take care of your nails? If you like decorating your nails with paint and creating different designs on nails then this blog will be an inspiration for you. Nails also need cleaning and they can also be decorated like you style your hair and enhance the appearance of your skin.

Here’re Some Nail Art Designs For Beginners

  1. White And Orange Flames Nail Art
White And Orange Flames Nail Art

It is so fresh and youthful that you will certainly want to give it a try. And the most amazing thing is it requires fewer efforts. Also, it allows different color combinations.


• Nail Paints – White, Orange, Yellow, Black
• Nail Art Strips

How To:

• Two coats of white paint for the base
• Use nail strips as shown in the images to create the design
• First, make a triangle with yellow
• Color the right part of the triangle in orange
• Color the base of the triangle in black
• Finish the design with a coat of clear polish

  1. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art
Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Welcome sunny summer days with this floral nail art. It looks like spring has come on your nails. And it is easier to design as you need fewer essentials.


• Nail Paints – White, Pink, Purple
• A Nail Art Pen
• A Thin Nail Art Brush

How To:

• Two coats of white nail polish for the base
• Create pink flowers with a thin brush
• Create purple oomph to pink flowers using the same brush
• Finish with a top coat

Note: Add more drama to this design by creating flowers all over and using bright colors for the base.

  1. Color Splash Nail Art
Color Splash Nail Art

Consider your nails as canvas sheets and splash them with colors to get this design. It is the madness of colors but it looks more attractive than others.


• Nail Paints – White, Blue, Purple, Pink
• An Angled Nail Art Brush

How To:

• Two coats of white paint for a good base
• Splash blue color on the base when it is dry
• Dip the brush in blue paint and splash it using your thumb
• Splash more colors using the similar process
• Finish with a top coat

Note: You can choose any colors and use as many colors as you want.

  1. Colorful Clouds Nail Art
Colorful Clouds Nail Art

It is like waves of colors on your fingernails. This design is bright, colorful, adorable, and easy. You only need three colors and a brush to create this design.


• Nail Paints – Aqua Green-blue, Pink, Light Blue
• A Brush

How To:

• Paint all your fingernails except the ring finger with green-blue
• Use pink color for ring fingernail
• Create clouds on the ring fingernail using a brush
• Make vertical lines with light blue color
• Make similar lines with green-blue color
• Finish with a top coat

  1. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art
Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art

This colorful nail art looks vibrant and young. Also, it is in trend. It is a quick job for the time when you are in a hurry and want to spruce up your fingernails.


• Nail Paints – Purple-Pink, Yellow, Peach
• Nail Art Strips

How To:

• Two coats of yellow paint for the base
• Color the lower half of your nails in peach in a diagonal way
• Color the nails purple-pink going diagonally across the other way
• Finish with a top coat

  1. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design
Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

It is a fabulous combination of blue and gold colors. Since it … Find more