Slit Shirt Dress

Top Tips For Choosing And Wearing A Slit Shirt Dress

A slit shirt dress is a toned-down version of the slit outfits celebrities often flaunt during red carpet-events. The slit outfit designed for glamorous functions is intended to be over-seductive but you don’t need an over-seductive dress for daily wear or in your daily life. It is for this reason, I used the word toned-down for the slit dresses available for common women.

Slit Shirt Dress

Types of slit dresses

Slit Shirt Dress

Thigh Slit

It is also called frontal slit because the cut is marked on the front side. Considering its seductive nature, it isn’t regarded as suitable for work wear. However, women working in the fashion industry can wear a thigh-slit dress. It will make them look more courageous and confident at work.

Leg Slit

It is also called side slit because the dress is cut at the side. It reveals the leg but is considered less seductive than the frontal slit. Most slit dresses available in the market have side slits. It is so because it keeps things fashionable instead of overly exposing.

High Slit

A high-slit dress is overly exposing and hence tied to red-carpet functions where celebrities reveal their toned thighs and legs. Dresses with high slits are designed to allow the user to expose their beautiful thighs and legs decently. Common women can also try high-slit dresses during special functions like weddings.

Mid-to-Low Slit

A mid-to-low slit isn’t overly revealing and hence comfortable for everyone. Since a full-on frontal slit isn’t suitable for everyone, most people go with mid-to-low slits that can fulfill your fashion needs without revealing too much skin.

Rules To Wear A Slit

A slit shirt dress is best coupled with your skin but not everyone is comfortable in exposing their skin. Does it mean that you shouldn’t wear a slit? Or are slits only for the women who always want to go overboard with their looks? You can also wear slits without revealing your skin or worrying about your faulty skin.

Here’re some cool ways to adorn slit dresses without exposing your skin

High Slit Shirt Dress With Trousers

High Slit Shirt Dress With Trousers

You won’t have to worry about the height and depth of the slit when you are wearing the slit dress over trousers. But the trick is to wear trousers that match your skin tone. In this way, you can get the feel of wearing a slit in the classiest way. Wearing trousers will provide you additional space to keep and carry your belongings. A slit will enhance your silhouette and trousers will prevent it from becoming overly revealing.

Short Slit Shirt Dress With Cropped Trousers

Short Slit Shirt Dress With Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers work well with short slits. The slit of a short dress up to your thighs or knees can be overly revealing but you can keep it simple and fashionable by clubbing it with crop trousers. … Find more

Using Magic Shaving Powder

Is This $3 Magic Shaving Powder Worth Your Money?

Magic Shaving Powder by SoftSheen CarSon is a shaving depilatory powder for coarse textured hair. It is for all beard and facial hair types. But the brand mentions the product is specially formulated for Black Men to help prevent razor bumps.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Brown skin men often get razor bumps medically called pseudofolliculitis barbae while shaving their beards. And it is very frustrating for a man especially when they need to shave frequently like every other day. Also, improving your grooming habits is the best way to prevent razor bumps. It can be successfully managed with the help of topical and systematic treatment options.

Magic Shaving Powder gives a clean shave without pseudofolliculitis barbae and the results last for up to 48 hours. So, you don’t have to use it frequently or more than twice a week. Like other topical creams, it also comes with a statutory warning.

Users are advised to conduct a safety test on their skin to see whether the powder causes any allergic reaction and use only if they find the product to be safe.

How Magic Shaving Powder Works?

How Magic Shaving Powder Works

The magic powder contains calcium thioglycolate that breaks down the hair for removal. Calcium hydroxide controls the pH level of the powder and the carbonate absorbs moisture to give a closer shave.

Using the powder seems like magic done within 5 minutes. Also, it gives freedom from all ingrown hair without fearing razor bumps for four days. It is specially formulated for Black Men but Black Women and women of other skin tones are also interested in Magic Shaving Powder. They also want to get freedom from unwanted facial hair and hair on their legs and armpits.

How Is It Different From Other Chemical Hair Removers?

The San Diego board-certified dermatologist Melanie Palm says that none of the ingredients found in Magic Shaving Powder are uncommon in other hair removers. She even says that it contains ingredients like cinnamon derivatives and linalool that could be harming your skin. Use for fragrance, these ingredients can cause contact allergies on the skin.

For influencers, it is a scented white powder that costs around $3, depending on where it is bought. The beauty sleuths on social media even claim to have found the best and the most affordable depilatory in the Magic Shaving Powder. What is more surprising is that most TikTok influencers are women and they prove with a demonstration how effectively this white scented-powder works on their legs and armpits.

What Influencers Say About Magic Shaving Powder?

They are all gaga about the white powder. I have seen many videos where beauty influencers demonstrate how to prepare the powder for application and how effectively it removes unwanted hair. And the way they demonstrate the application process shows that anyone can easily use the magic powder.

When you see an influencer preparing the white powder for application and the thick white paste removing the unwanted hair Find more

Get Ready With Tennis Skirts

An athletic skirt made out of permeable to maximize a tennis player’s comfort and inflexibility on the tennis court. Generally, tennis skirts are short twelve to fourteen inches short — and point pleats to support mobility. A plus size tennis skirts is short in coverage and function.

In addition to practical athletic wear and tear, pleated tennis skirts are fashionable off the tennis court. You can wear tennis skirts to produce a antique look with different outfit combinations. When you consider the length, material, and style of a tennis skirt and whether you plan for outing.

You want to style yourself for stunning look, here we mentioned how plus size tennis skirts keep you rock.

Plus Size Split Tennis Skirt

Plus Size Split Tennis Skirt

If you are looking for sporty look I know you want a copy this stunning look. It’s got that white socks and sneaker, tennis skirt, and cropped sweater quintet that is truly iconic.

Crop Top With Tennis Skirt

Crop Top With Tennis Skirt

Crop top and tennis skirts go together like sun and SPF. This little buttoned top combined with the classic white tennis skirt is an absolute killer look. If you are planning for an outdoor party with your friends and youngster then it complete your look.

Wear A Baggy Sweatshirt

Wear A Baggy Sweatshirt

The contrast look of a mini tennis skirt and a large sweatshirt or hoodie can make for a fun, casual outfit. We all know baggy design is trendy and one of the popular look for all girl, mostly plus size are like it more to feature her beauty and making her bold.

Brace With A Tank For A Summer Outfit And Tennis Skirt

Brace With A Tank For A Summer Outfit And Tennis Skirt

Tennis skirts are a summer fashion chief, and you can pair a tennis skirt with tank covers, crop covers, or sports bras. Play with differing colors a white skirt works well with a various or patterned top.

Try A Graphic Tee And Tennis Skirt

Graphic Tee And Plus Size Tennis Skirt

Wear a black tennis skirt, a graphic tee, and brace with a long- sleeve shirt. A tighter, long- sleeved shirt put away into a tennis skirt makes for a classic look and a black broad brim hat for an edgier look.… Find more

Sexy Tops For Women

Feel Bold With These Sexy Tops For Women

When we come to this word “sexy,” we must say that not every girl defines it equally. Some are find sexy tops for women some think that tight, long dresses accentuate the woman’s sexuality, while some believe that bare skin defines sexy in the best way. Either way, any garment in which you feel sexy can make the perfect outfit for you.

Most sexy tops for women outfits begin with crop tops – they come in various designs, colors, and styles, and the truth is that almost each of them can create an extraordinary sexy outfit. If you want something unique and alluring, you should have a look at Sequin crop top in nude – it’s lovely and suitable for nights out when you want to shine genuinely.

In this blog we will present you with sexy tops for women you may consider for nights out, hot dates, or show the other side of your personality.

Sequin Crop Top In Nude

Sequin Crop Top In Nude

Most sexy tops for women outfits begin with crop tops – they come in various designs, colors, and styles, and the truth is that almost each of them can create an extraordinary sexy outfit. If you want something unique and alluring, you should have a look at Sequin Crop Top in Nude – it’s lovely and suitable for nights out when you want to shine genuinely.

Black Lace Hem Sexy Tops For Women

Black Lace Hem Sexy Tops For Women

Lace details are known for their substantial effect on a girl’s overall look. Lace can significantly enhance a simple, monochromatic garment and make it unique and incredibly sexy – the best example of such a design is a black lace hem slip dress.

A high-quality lace creates a perfect lie between delicate and chic, and a midi-length cut, adjustable spaghetti straps, a flirty V-neck, and other subtle but powerful details make this romantic dress an ideal choice for a date night with someone special.

Cowl Neck Midi Dress

Cowl Neck Midi Dress

Lavender color is quite a vernal tone that will boost your confidence and make you feel cute and sexy in your own skin. Therefore, our lavender cowl neck satin slip midi dress is something you may want to consider if you wish to accentuate your figure and emphasize your free spirit.

A dress like this one can be enhanced with nice jewelry, appropriate heeled sandals, and a tiny bag – that way; you’ll get a complete sexy outfit that won’t go unnoticed.

Penny Strap Body Suit Sexy Tops For Women

Penny Strap Body Suit Sexy Tops For Women

Sometimes, the most simple and basic items can create the sexy and the most stylish outfits. If you go for a basic penny strappy bodysuit, you will have the opportunity to experiment and make a variety of chic and cute outfits in which you’ll feel confident and beautiful and you can enjoy your party as well.

Emerald Cow Neck Sexy Tops

Emerald Cow Neck Sexy Tops

A bland of emerald color and satin is a perfect combo that … Find more

Summer Dresses For Women

Stay Cool And Trendy Summer Dresses For Women

Taking a coolest from the coolest summer fashions in 2023, you can create a stunning wardrobe with several trends that work interchangeably and give you idea for summer dresses for women all season long.

But the hot temperatures can really do a number on your energy levels, and occasionally you just want to wear a very simple look when you do decide to go outdoors and hit the park, rooftop bar, and sand — whatever your plans are. That is where we come in, my friends.

We rounded up 8 summer dresses for women casual outfit ideas that are still cute enough to wear out.

Crop Coordinates Dress

Crop Coordinates Dress

Just slip a swish match set that features quaint style crop covers for women and high-waisted trousers. You can go with this without any makeup look by adding any accessories or add straw or wicker- grounded accessories to give you a summer resort look that complete your summer-pretty look conclude for fresh and natural make- up and a messy bun to take this summer dresses for women to the coming position!

Head To Toe With Stripe Summer Dresses For Women

Head To Toe With Stripe Dress

This summer dresses for women that’s as classic as it’s gorgeous, a head- to- toe coordinated outfit in a stripes print is just what you need for an enthusiasm and nostalgic vibe. Perfect for resort- wear and, you can add for an a-line skirt or a palazzo with a top in a matching banded fabric and accessorize this look with a brace of sharp in your sunny day complete it with a basket handbag.

Button Down Skirt

Button Down Skirt

A button-down skirt is generally a shin-length, A-line skirt that features buttons down the front side for check, like a typical shirt. A popular style in the 60s, this sharp figure is having a major reanimation at the moment. Brace your button-down skirt with a crop- top or spaghetti top for a casual summer looks that’s sure to impress. Style this up with strappy heels, thrills if the climate where you live allows it and a sling or runner bag for maximum appeal.

90’s Mini Skirt Is Evergreen Summer Dresses For Women

90’s Mini Skirt Dress

The 90smini-skirt is an icon when it comes to summer wear and tear for women indeed moment! Sharp, swish and the hottest look in city, the mini-skirt is just what’s demanded to beat the heat and stay fresh all summer long. This is also a protean summer dresses for women – you can pair your mini skirt up with a t- shirt put away in, a crop tee, a blouse, or a shirt, depending on localities you’re dressing for!

Short And Chic Style

Short And Chic Style

Short and Chic style, the addition of a unique pair to your favorite list can add the right quantum of summer wardrobe and go with several other separates from your collection similar as t- shirts, blouses, apartments and lurkers.

Ripped Jeans With Denim Summer Dresses For Women

Ripped Jeans With Denim Summer Dresses For Women

Still, Ripped- sharp look … Find more

Best Formal Dress For Women

Here Are The List Of Some Trendy Formal Dress For Women

Our outfits are an extension of our personality. For utmost of us, our dressing styles have been drawn from pictures, media, musketeers and family, and the rearmost fashion trends. Currently, we’ve a type and a style of outfit acclimatized to themes, occasions, and indeed day-to-day events. Still, the one order that seems to blissfully rest in the slate area is formal dress for women. Many Hollywood pictures have shown women sporting sharp blouses, dresses, shirts and skirts to office, leaving numerous of us in India inspired to ramp up our office-going wardrobe.

We’re going to help you rock a formal look without losing the substance of either of them. All you need to do is go ahead, scroll down and find out everything you need to know in order to balance the look. So without any farther detention, let us get started.

Trust us when we say this formal dress for women is going to be delightful!


Formal Kurtas For Women

Kurtas give a analogous style vibe to salwar sets but allow for further formal design kinds. Kurtas can be paired with leggings, trousers, jeggings, formal pants which together radiate a formal look for girls and aged women. Kurtas have the versatility to vary in lengths and yet look swish and elegant all the time. For a formal dress for women, avoid pairing short kurtas with tight leggings.

Solid Shirts & Trousers Formal Dress For Women

Solid Shirts And Trousers

While creating a western formal dress for women, you can no way go wrong with the old- academy solid shirts and trousers. This iconic work- wear and tear is the personification of the expression “lower is more” and truly works up until this day. White shirts and trousers are considered wardrobe rudiments for women and are a definite must have formal wear and tear for office or other formal occasions.

Formal Blouses

Formal Blouses For Women

Formal blouses form a significant part of western formal dress for women. Unlike men who have limited options with their formal wear and tear; formal blouses are a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Blouses are able of furnishing a modest, smart-casual look and are suitable for daily office wear. When you choosing a formal blouse, go with solid colors, light tones blouse with round necks or collars.

Formal Dress For Women Is Blazer

Formal Dress For Women Is Blazer

Blazer is a classic black formal blazer that can be worn over any light colored full sleeved shirt. Brace it with a formal skirt or black pants for a completely formal look for occasions like commercial meetings, interviews, sanctioned media events etc.

Formal Skirts

Formal Skirts

Formal skirts radiate class and confidence and can be fluently paired with solid full- sleeved shirts as well as blouses. Skirts make a great formal wear and tear for office and high- running commercial events. It’s judicious to choose skirts that are knee length or below the knee for a formal look. In terms of color, avoid bright skirts Find more

Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

15 Stylish Leggings To Try With Hoodies, Shirts, Crop Tops

Women prefer leggings over others including jeans and there are convincing reasons for choosing leggings. They are comfortable, stretchable, and designed for carefree use. They snug the legs tightly leaving no room for even air to pass but allowing ample room for leg movement.

Another advantage of leggings is that they suit women of all ages and they come in attractive prints, colors, and patterns. What is more exciting is that they can be paired with shirts, crop tops, leather jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and every top you can think of.

Take A Look!

  1. Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings
Long Georgette Top With Black Leggings

Unlike denim, leggings won’t bunch around your waist and create a messy silhouette. The fit of the top will remain intact on leggings and the silhouette will be stunning. Before you move out, you can wear a thick waist belt and pumps and throw a cross-body bag to complete your look.

  1. High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie
High-Rise Colored Leggings With A Hoodie

You don’t have to be a Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid to wear leggings with hoodies. Like a celebrity, you can also try this dress. See the model for inspiration and choose colors that pop instead of neutral shades. Also, finish the look with black canvas shoes.

  1. Monochromatic Look With Leggings
Monochromatic Look With Leggings

A monochrome look with black leggings is chic and effortless. You can try it in the winter season, especially when going out in the snow. Wear combat-ready boots that will provide you stability on the snow and finish your look as well. And you don’t need to wait for the winter snow to get this look. You can use a monochromatic look for beach parties.

  1. Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings
Silk Blouse With Leather Leggings

Leggings aren’t the best choice for a silk blouse but when you have this top, you will find leggings as the optimum choice. A pair of ultra-hot leather leggings will match perfectly with the silk blouse the model is wearing. Style your hair in beachy waves, wear ankle-length boots, and throw a black side-body bag to get party-ready.

  1. Crop Top And Leggings
Crop Top And Leggings

Soft and breathable leggings become the only choice in hot summer months when you simply can’t even think of putting on your denim. Leggings with thick waistbands to give a comfortable fit can be paired with racer back or tank tops. You should buy some beautiful leggings for the summer fashion collection.

  1. Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings
Bomber Jacket And Fleece Leggings

The model is showing how a bomber jacket looks when paired with a pair of sleek leggings. The puffiness of the jacked is well tamed by leggings. And the ankle-length boots balance the contrasting pieces perfectly.

  1. Denim Jacket And Black Leggings
Denim Jacket And Black Leggings

Want to wear a denim jacket? If yes then try it with leggings. A white crop top, a cropped denim jacket, and white sneakers will create a totally different image of your persona. The black leggings will balance the silhouette. But you can try some other bold-colored leggings.

  1. Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket
Checkered Jersey Leggings And Leather Jacket

Checks are never out of fashion but this … Find more

Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

12 Exciting Ideas For Choosing Party Dresses

Your party outfit should be matching with the party theme like Christmas, house party, birthday, cocktail, pool party, college gathering, and bachelorette party. Your dress should reflect your mood and it is possible only when you choose the right attire.

Best Party Outfit Ideas

  1. 90’s Themed Party
90’s Themed Party

There is little to worry about dressing for a 90’s themed party if you have any of the following dresses including mommy pants, dungarees, rock band t-shirts, plaid shirts, crop tops, round glasses, and chokers in your closet. These dresses are still in fashion and you can easily make an impressive combination of whatever apparel and accessories you have in your wardrobe. Also, you don’t require much dressing for a 90’s themed party.

  1. Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Christmas is the time of the year when people seek the blessings of the seniors and give gifts to the juniors. Also, it is the time when people gear up to welcome the New Year. It is the time to de-stress your body and mind and fill your tired self with positive energy to do well in the coming year. For Christmas and New Year parties and gatherings, you can choose from pantsuits, matching separates, or monochromes. Also, buy some bold jewelry to accessorize your look.

  1. House Party
House Party

A House party is also called an indoor party where you play games like charades, beer pongs, and sticker stalker. Here you don’t need much dressing and accessorizing because it is a limited gathering of extended family members and friends. For a house party, you can try a maxi or shirt dress. Or you can attend the party in jeans and a top. Light makeup like only lipstick will be good. The focus on indoor parties is on comfort than becoming a style icon.

  1. Masquerade Party
Masquerade Party

If you are preparing for a masquerade party or a ball, you should be focused on selecting the right mask. If you have a mask, it will make choosing the right dress a lot easier. The mask should look like part of the dress but avoid wearing bright colors as it could look loud and gaudy. For example, you can opt for a corset or an A-line dress, or a pencil skirt with a formal top. Also, don’t forget to wear heels that will further enhance your look.

  1. Birthday Party
Birthday Party

It is easy to dress for a birthday party if it isn’t your birthday. As a guest at a birthday celebration, you can dress the way you like most. Since most birthday parties don’t have dedicated themes, you don’t have to worry about getting a themed dress. You can choose from a crop top and skirt, ripped jeans and shirt, skinny jeans with a leather jacket, or one piece boho dress.

  1. Cocktail Party
Cocktail Party

If you are going to attend a cocktail party thrown by your company then you should avoid wearing the dress that you know your immediate boss won’t like. There is a very fine line between dressing well and becoming a … Find more

Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Your Online Shopping Guide For Jeans

Jeans are an exclusive piece of clothing universally accepted by all cultures, traditions, and societies. Another advantage of these pants is that they match almost every top and footwear. Also, they are designed for rough-and-tough use. Jeans are here to stay and they have undergone significant changes over the years. Jeans look awesome in every design and color. They come in different colors including black and blue which are standard colors.

Here’re Different Types Of Jeans

  1. Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

As evident from the name, skinny jeans are skin hugging and their advantage is that they can take shape of your legs. And these stretchable jeans are available in low, mid, and high waist cuts. Also, you can get your size of jeans in your choice of color. The ultra-comfortable stretchable design makes them twice as good.

Suitable For:

Women with lean and sexy legs, hourglass shape, and petite shape should use skinny jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid wearing skinny jeans.

  1. Skinny Crop
Skinny Crop

They are regular skinny jeans but they end before the shins. And some of the jeans come with a fold that makes them more attractive. But in terms of design, comfort, and convenience, they are similar to skinny jeans. While they are available in multiple colors but distressed, white, and black colors are more popular.

Suitable For:

Women with slim legs, hourglass body shape, and the petite figure would look beautiful in skinny crop jeans.


Women with round or pear-shaped body should avoid skinny crop jeans.

  1. Straight Leg Jeans
Straight Leg Jeans

If you love skinny jeans but fear that they won’t suit your body, then you should try straight leg jeans. Straight leg jeans will snug and hug your body but they won’t be as fit as skinny jeans are. But the biggest advantage of straight leg jeans is they will make your legs appear long and slim.

Suitable For:

You will be delighted to know that straight leg jeans suit all body types. You can wear them without any worries.

  1. Jeggings

Jeggings are leggings in denim fabric because they both follow a similar styling pattern. And they are more popular than other types of jeans because they are ultra-comfortable. Jeggings are recognized from their waistbands as they don’t have standard buttons. Expecting mothers can wear jeggings to look stylish because they don’t press the belly. The easy-to-wear design will make you comfortable during winter. Also, they are available in exciting shades and colors.

Suitable For:

Jeggings are suitable for all body types as they take shape of the body they snug and hug. Pregnant women can also try jeggings to look stylish.

  1. Boot Cut
Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans are a little different from the most popular skinny jeans but they are a hot favorite of women of all ages and body types. And for this reason, the new style of jeans is made a little more tapered than the original jeans. You can choose jeans that fit your knees and open subtly past your … Find more

Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

18 Sleeve Designs To Match Your Dresses

Sleeves cover your forearms but you can be folded up to elbows as and when required. Also, you can play with sleeves to make your dress more attractive. Sleeves come in different lengths and they can be designed in various ways to suit individual needs. If you want to know more about sleeve design, you should continue reading the article.

What Are Different Sleeve Lengths?

The sleeve length of a dress depends on the overall length and design of the dress. It could be long for full-size dresses or short for crop tops. Sleeve length is classified into three distinct categories according to its lengths.

Short Sleeves: These sleeves remain above the elbow length and they could be a tad bit shorter or a few inches above the elbow.

3/4th Sleeves: Sleeves are extended to just below the elbow.

Full Sleeves: Sleeves cover the full length of the arms.

But the variations in sleeve designs are quite exciting. There are plenty of sleeve designs to explore and choose from. Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular sleeve designs.

  1. Raglan Sleeves
Raglan Sleeves

They run like an extension of shoulders with an inseam stretching under the arms. The advantage of these sleeves is they come in all lengths. So, you can play with the design to make your dress more attractive. It is good for bodycon dresses, casual tops, and t-shirts.

  1. Kimono Sleeves
Kimono Sleeves

Inspired by the Japanese Kimono attire, this features wide, long, and loose sleeves. They indeed look very similar to your bathrobes, but this style is fast catching up. You can consider this design for both western and Indian dresses especially blouses, tops, and both short and long dresses.

  1. Bishop Sleeves
Bishop Sleeves

This style was taken from period dramas of medieval England and improved to make it suitable for modern women. These are full-length sleeves fitted near the elbow and opened up as they move down to the wrists where they form cuffs with buttons. They are better suited for western tops and one-piece dresses.

  1. Off-Shoulder Sleeves
Off-Shoulder Sleeves

Open and bare and starting a little below the shoulder bone, off-shoulder sleeves are quite popular even after being a common design. This design is common but its advantage is that it can be customized to any length and size. Good for Indian attires like blouses, one-piece dresses, tops, and maxi dresses, the off-shoulder sleeves are most of the time a personal choice of users.

  1. Butterfly Sleeves
Butterfly Sleeves

Perfect for deep neck tops or dresses, butterfly sleeves present an amazing combination of cap sleeves and puffed sleeves. They look like small extensions to shoulders sitting delicately on the dresses. Also, they don’t taper like puffed sleeves. You can try butterfly sleeves for tops, dresses, Kurtis, and blouses.

  1. Puffed Sleeves
Puffed Sleeves

These are short sleeves but gathered in a way that makes them look like puffs. Their length remains just below the shoulder but the puff design makes them look bigger. Puffed sleeves are best suited for traditional attires, short tops, tunics, and shirts.

  1. Cap Sleeves
Find more