Top Tips For Choosing And Wearing A Slit Shirt Dress

A slit shirt dress is a toned-down version of the slit outfits celebrities often flaunt during red carpet-events. The slit outfit designed for glamorous functions is intended to be over-seductive but you don’t need an over-seductive dress for daily wear or in your daily life. It is for this reason, I used the word toned-down for the slit dresses available for common women.

Slit Shirt Dress

Types of slit dresses

Slit Shirt Dress

Thigh Slit

It is also called frontal slit because the cut is marked on the front side. Considering its seductive nature, it isn’t regarded as suitable for work wear. However, women working in the fashion industry can wear a thigh-slit dress. It will make them look more courageous and confident at work.

Leg Slit

It is also called side slit because the dress is cut at the side. It reveals the leg but is considered less seductive than the frontal slit. Most slit dresses available in the market have side slits. It is so because it keeps things fashionable instead of overly exposing.

High Slit

A high-slit dress is overly exposing and hence tied to red-carpet functions where celebrities reveal their toned thighs and legs. Dresses with high slits are designed to allow the user to expose their beautiful thighs and legs decently. Common women can also try high-slit dresses during special functions like weddings.

Mid-to-Low Slit

A mid-to-low slit isn’t overly revealing and hence comfortable for everyone. Since a full-on frontal slit isn’t suitable for everyone, most people go with mid-to-low slits that can fulfill your fashion needs without revealing too much skin.

Rules To Wear A Slit

A slit shirt dress is best coupled with your skin but not everyone is comfortable in exposing their skin. Does it mean that you shouldn’t wear a slit? Or are slits only for the women who always want to go overboard with their looks? You can also wear slits without revealing your skin or worrying about your faulty skin.

Here’re some cool ways to adorn slit dresses without exposing your skin

High Slit Shirt Dress With Trousers

High Slit Shirt Dress With Trousers

You won’t have to worry about the height and depth of the slit when you are wearing the slit dress over trousers. But the trick is to wear trousers that match your skin tone. In this way, you can get the feel of wearing a slit in the classiest way. Wearing trousers will provide you additional space to keep and carry your belongings. A slit will enhance your silhouette and trousers will prevent it from becoming overly revealing.

Short Slit Shirt Dress With Cropped Trousers

Short Slit Shirt Dress With Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers work well with short slits. The slit of a short dress up to your thighs or knees can be overly revealing but you can keep it simple and fashionable by clubbing it with crop trousers. The reason behind choosing cropped trousers is they will maintain the overall look of the short slit while adding more fabric to it. Also, cropped trousers can add more colors and designs to your slit outfit.

Fitted Slit shirt Dress With Leggings

Fitted Slit Shirt Dress With Leggings

Why don’t you try leggings, if you aren’t comfortable in pants or cropped trousers? Leggings will hug your legs and even hide the faulty skin. Also, you can choose a legging matching your skin tone. This way, you can show your beautiful legs while hiding your skin. When your legs are covered with leggings, you can go for a high slit without any worries.

Slit Shirt Dress With Heels

Slit Shirt Dress With Heels

The advantage of slits is they add more length. In other words, you will appear taller in slits. But if you are petite, you can wear high heels to look leaner and taller. If you want, you can even wear knee-length boots with high heels. In this way, you can cover a good part of your skin and add variation to your dress as well.

Slit shirt Dress With Necklace

Slit Shirt Dress With Necklace

Slits feature an elegant neckline that allows ample space to cover with a decent necklace. In this way, you can redefine your slit. In addition to highlighting your legs, you can draw the attention of the viewers to your neckline. You can even choose slits with a high neckline so you have ample free space on your neck area. Yes, you will need to buy an expensive necklace to wear with your slit outfit.

Balance Your Slits

Slits come in attractive designs, patterns, and colors. For example, if you have a shimmery slit, you can try to balance it with basic-hued trousers or pants. Similarly, you can balance a flashy slit outfit with a light makeup and minimal accessories. You can even choose less-fancy footwear to tone down the shine of your slit. In this way, you can balance your slit and make it more suitable for casual moments.

Conclusion – A slit shirt dress will always be a standout because of its design. Depending on your needs, you can choose a high-slit or a less revealing slit design. Also, there are many ways to wear slits like maxis, wrap dresses, and gowns. They have a sex appeal that others don’t. But you should keep in mind that a high frontal slit dress is more suitable only for evening parties due to its seductive nature.


Q: Who Should Wear A Slit Shirt Dress?

A: Women with beautiful legs of any age

Q: Can A Wedding Dress Have A Slit?

A: Gowns with A-line or fitted silhouette can have a slit

Q: Can You Wear A Slit With Flats?

A: Midi-length slits are perfect for slip-on flats. But if you are wearing a high-slit outfit then you should go for heels.

Q: Can A Formal Dress Have A Slit?

A: A formal dress will look more attractive with a side slit

Q: Can I wear A Slit Shirt Dress To Work?

A: Short slit dresses can be worn to work

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