Celine Dion’s Weight Loss

“My Heart Will Go On” is the main soundtrack of the blockbuster film Titanic and it won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Original Song. And the credit for making this song a hit goes to the Canadian singer Celine Dion. With regular workout & healthy diet Celine Dion has done the weight loss.

Celine Dion became popular overnight after giving her voice to this famous song. While Celine Dion was praised for her sweet voice, her fans look worried about her weight loss. Celine Dion (51) looks thinner in recent pictures. It seems that she’s lost a lot of pounds. But she said that all was well. She that she was in good health and weight loss is due to her active lifestyle.

Celine Dios Weight Loss

It is how Celine Dion lost weight….

Recent pictures of Celine Dion clearly show that she is following a weight loss program but her fans and well-wishers wanted to make sure that everything was right with her health. So, they shared their feelings about her health. Celine Dion also responded to their concern through a media interview.

In an interview with ABC News, Celine Dion accepted that she looked a little thinner than she was a couple of years back but at the same time, she made it clear that she was doing fine and that there was no reason for her fans to worry about her health.

Celine Dion said to People magazine that she was working hard. She loved to move which resulted in weight loss. She further revealed that she went for ballet four times a week and that was what burnt lot more calories. Also, ballet dancing chiseled her body.

So, ballet dancing was the real reason behind her weight loss

But Celine Dion went on to reveal more secrets and surprises about her life. She said that dancing had been in her DNA all her life. She also said that she loved dancing more than anything else and that it was her dream to dance and it was very hard. But Celine Dion is a singer and her love for dancing is a surprise for her fans.

Ballet is a dance type that contains aerobics as well. While it is a dance form, it gives all the benefits of aerobics exercise. With ballet, Celine Dion fulfills her dreams of dancing and achieves her weight loss goal as well.

Does Celine Dion want to lose weight?

The media reporting about her weight loss was about the fear of her health. Also, she never revealed that she intended to lose weight. All she said to the media was that it was her love for dancing that kept her burning calories. To strengthen her point, she even shared her diet and daily routine that reveals nothing special for weight loss.

Celine Dion diet & weight loss

Celine Dios Diet

She misses nothing but still losing weight. But she is healthy both from inside and outside. Her diet is no longer a secret and there’s nothing to surprise about or special food items that trigger weight loss.

Breakfast: She starts her day with a cup of black coffee with a croissant

Lunch: She takes a sumptuous meal in lunch and it includes a baguette with salad. Sometimes she takes cauliflower vichyssoise (soup) and at other times the lunch includes quiche with salad + sweet Italian custard, Sabayon.

Snacks: She prefers seasonal fruits in snacks but sometimes changes to Bavarian figs or French cherries for a change of taste.

Dinner: Sfihas (Mediterranean meat pie) and fried cauliflower is her favorite meal for dinner. Also, she tries French fries occasionally.

Celine Dion takes a nutritious diet to get the strength required for practicing ballet dancing. Also, the nutritious diet helps her maintain an active life.

Celine Dion’s active lifestyle

Celine Dios Lifestyle

Celine Dion starts her workout from a stationary bike followed by a difficult spine and neck exercise. She lies on her stomach on a massage table and then pushes into her palms or elbows to tone her shoulder blades. The advantage of this exercise is it helps her shoulders hold her neck while she sings. She has to stretch her neck to control the pitch of your sound.

Also, her physiotherapist makes sure that her spine remains properly aligned and that her shoulder blades don’t stick together that could create complications while she tries to enhance her voice.

Surprise workout….

Celine Dios Workout

Celine Dion is blessed with twins and they keep her on her toes all day, whenever they find their mom at home. But Celina Dion gets little time to spend with her twins as she performs almost six days a week and most of the time, she has to travel a lot and go on tours to fulfill her commitments.

Her daily workout plan, family, and professional life prove that Celine Dion has an over-active lifestyle and this activity helps her burn more calories. She burns almost every gram of calories she takes.

Celine Dion was skinny-shamed….

While Celine Dion was doing well in her life, not all was well in her social life where there were rumors of her eating disorders and she was skinny shamed. But Celine Dion silenced all rumors about her skin with a direct media interview to The Sun.

Celine Dios Weight Loss

Published in the January 2020 edition, the interview was a direct attack on the critics. Cline Dion said that she lost weight for herself. She said that she wanted to feel stronger, beautiful, feminine, and sexy. She further said that she didn’t want to talk about things she liked most.

Celine Dion gave a clear message to her critics. She said they shouldn’t bother about her or take her pictures. She asked her critics to leave her alone if they didn’t like her. And it was a stern message to all those people that were talking rubbish about her.


Celine Dion lost a little weight due to her love for ballet dancing and active life. She is healthy and her fans and well-wishers want her to lead and happy and healthy life and keep singing for them. They are expecting more music and not noise.

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