10 Times When Avril Stepped Out Without Makeup

Avril Ramona Lavigne is a popular singer, songwriter, and actress. She’s been spotted many times at airports, shopping malls, and restaurants. Her fans think that she always wears makeup before coming out in the public. But it isn’t true. She’s been spotted without makeup many times in public places.

  1. Young Avril
Young Avril

Avril first appeared on stage with Shania Twain at the age of 15 but this picture is before her debut. She looks studious in prescription glasses and short shoulder-length hair. Her smile hides much than revealing her personality. It is a black-and-white photo but it seems that her V-neck top had dark color. Today she’s a leading singer and songwriter but this picture is just the opposite of what she’s today. This picture was taken before her life turned full-circle that is before her stage appearance.

  1. Magical Eyes
Magical Eyes

Her heart lies where her eyes are. She’s a beautiful face but she isn’t hiding it behind the trendy and expensive spectacles by Mercura NYC. If you look closely at her face, you’ll feel that she wants the viewers to focus more on the upper part of her face. For example, the large heart-shaped glasses are highlighting the beautiful small nostrils. Similarly, the glasses are dragging attention to the pout of her lips. Also, the goggles are necessary as she’s in the sun. Her beautiful locks are giving shade to her face but a small amount of … Find more