Beauty Tips By Malaika Arora

11 Proven Beauty Tips By Malaika Arora

Ever wondered how Malaika Arora maintains gorgeous looks and a perfect hourglass figure. She’s 48 but looks much younger than her actual age. Her well-toned figure, flawless skin, and gorgeous hair inspire many and people want to know how the diva takes care of her beauty and fitness even at an advanced age.

Malaika Arora started her career as an interviewer but soon switched to modeling and then item numbers. And the credit for her growth and success goes to her attractive figure and natural beauty. Also, the diva is happy to share her beauty secrets and tips with her fans.

  1. Drink Warm Water With Honey And Lime
Drink Warm Water With Honey And Lime

Her day starts with a glass of warm water mixed with 2tsp of honey and 1tsp of lime juice. It is her first morning drink she takes before tea or coffee. After this warm drink, she prepares her breakfast which includes porridge, upma, poha, or idli. And Malaika Arora believes that eating in moderation is good for health. The warm water taken … Find more

Prom Makeup Ideas For 2022

Prom Makeup Ideas For 2022 Prom Nights

Prom is more than a gathering. But here we’ll keep our discussion limited to the dressing part of the event. If you are preparing for prom, you will certainly invest some time and money in selecting the best dress. Also, you will do some makeup to enhance your skin tone and glow, so here are best prom makeup ideas..

Makeup is also a way to hide ugly spots like acne marks and dark eye circles. But it is better to cure those skin issues before your prom. Just like the dressing part, you should also be conscious about your makeup. A beautician can give many ideas and even suggest the best makeup for your skin type and tone.

If you are a DIY kind of person and want to choose and do your makeup at home.

You can choose one of the following prom makeup ideas.

Natural Prom Makeup

Natural prom makeup ideas stands for bringing out natural beauty. It doesn’t mean any cosmetics, but … Find more

Should You Try Korean Makeup At Home?

If you are looking to change your makeup style or looking for makeup that is suitable for summers then look at Korean makeup. The advantage of this style is it keeps things simple. The focus is only on maintaining the natural beauty as much as possible.

Let’s Discuss Korean Makeup In Detail….

Korean beauties know the secret of natural beauty and they are happy to share the secret with others. Also, beauty influencers suggest Korean makeup for the summer months when heat can spoil regular makeup. Korean style is light and breezy. It will give you a fresh feeling all day. And you don’t have to spend hours doing the makeup.

How To Do Korean Makeup?

The secret of Korean makeup lies in feeling inner beauty. The biggest incentive of the Korean style is to go light on makeup products. Here is a step-by-step guide to the Korean makeup style. Go through the guide thoroughly and bring out your natural beauty with light Korean makeup.

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Makeup Tips To Improve Your Eyes

10 Makeup Tips To Improve Your Eyes

Ever wondered how celebrities make their eyes pop. If yes then here is the secret of getting hazel eyes at home. Improving your eye makeup is an easy job when you have all the necessary material and time.

Eyes can speak more about your look if you improve them with the best material. Get ready to improve your eyes with minimum makeup. And you can get it at home.

Here’re 10 eye makeup tips you can use to get different looks

  1. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup
Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Hazel and purple tones are chosen from the opposite spectrum of the color wheel but they can bring out the real color of your eyes. To get this shade, you need bright purple, aubergine, and black shades.

How To:

• Start with putting some bright purple on the lid
• Put some aubergine shade and blend it well on the outer corner and crease
• Define the outer corner with the black eyeshadow
• Blend it out to remove … Find more

Actress Megan Caught Makeup-Less

15 Times The Transformers Actress Megan Caught Makeup-Less

Los Angeles Times called Transformers actress Megan a “sex symbol of the highest order” because this woman looks more beautiful in makeup-less looks.

Here’re 15 rare makeup-less looks of Transformers actress Megan.

Transformers Actress Megan Airport Fashion Makeup

Transformers Actress Megan Makeup-Less

Look who’s spotted at LAX airport. She’s the Transformer actress Megan. She’s colored her hair in a bright burgundy shade but no makeup is done. Megan is wearing a black puffer jacket with front pockets and steel buttons. The white top underneath is visible from the jacket opening. And she’s having only essentials like black shades and a matching handbag.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Transformer Actress Megan

Blessed with natural beauty, Megan requires little makeup in her daily activities. Here she’s seen in a grey jacket and blue denim jeans but without any makeup. Also, she has loosely tied her tresses in a messy bun to save time. And the accessories she’s carrying include sunglasses, a shoulder bag, and a water bottle. And the glow you see on her skin is natural.


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Louis Vuitton Bags

10 Louis Vuitton Bags Popular For Their Design, Elegance, Convenience

If you are shopping for a bag then have a look at some cool designs by the Louis Vuitton brand. It is a leading brand hence you can expect masterpiece designs.

Here’re 10 cool bags you can buy for your work and daily needs. Since they come from a brand, they could be a little more expensive than others. But they are worth buying.

  1. Louis Vuitton Classic Neverfull GM
Louis Vuitton Classic Neverfull GM

It is an iconic piece and expensive as well. But it is worth buying. The color, the design, the style, and everything that you can desire in a bag is available in this piece. It features a beautiful bucket design that is broad from the top and narrow at the base. And it provides two types of handles to carry your belongings. It won’t look or feel bulky even if you fill it to the top.

  1. Louis Vuitton Lockme Backpack Mini
Louis Vuitton Lockme Backpack Mini

It is a backpack but since it comes from a brand, it is more than a simple backpack. And if … Find more

Look Like Blake Lively

How To Look Like Blake Lively?

Blake Lively, 34, looks beautiful in every makeup and she’s developed different styles. Women of her age and even those younger and older than Blake, follow her makeup style.

The Gossip Girl is a Hollywood diva, a seasoned actress with numerous accolades, and a caring mom to three cute kids. Also, she’s an inspiration to many who want to dress and look like her.

Here we are detailing four popular makeup styles of Blake Lively for you to follow

  1. The Casual Look
The Casual Look

Blake Lively is caught in a casual look at the premiere of Grace of Monaco in Cannes. Her gorgeous burgundy gown coupled with sultry, smokey eyes, pink lips, and a high ponytail makes her look stunning even in this casual style.


• Start with cleansing your face with an extremely gentle and light oil cleanser
• Once the cleansing is done, use an oil-free primer to even out your skin tone, hide blemishes, and get long-lasting results
• Now is the time … Find more

Eye Makeup With Eyeliner And Making Wings On Eyes

Eye Makeup With Eyeliner And Making Wings On Eyes

Eye makeup is necessary. It is only with complete eye makeup that you feel satisfied. But do you know how to use eyeliner? The first thing is to find the right eyeliner and get training on how to improve eyes with makeup.

Let’s start with the essentials that you need to do eye makeup


• Eyeliner
• Primer
• Concealer

Choose an eyeliner that you are comfortable with. The choice you have are gel, liquid, and pencil eyeliners. So, before you start your training on how to apply eyeliner, you should get some basic education about eyeliners.

Gel Eyeliner

The first preference of professionals, gel glides smoothly through the eye line. And it saves a lot of time and effort. If you know handle gel, you can do a great job with this eyeliner. It comes in bottles with delicate brushes for smooth application. Or you can buy an elegant brush for your gel eyeliner from the market.

Pencil Eyeliner

If you are a … Find more

Dramatic Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

10 Dramatic Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

If you are blessed with brown eyes, you should try the following eyeshadows that will improve your facial appearance dramatically. You can choose an eyeshadow depending on the type of brown color of your eyes.

Brown Eyes

  1. Plum Eyeshadow
Plum Eyeshadow

Get an earthy feel with this eyeshadow. Also, it will match perfectly with jeans and boots.


• Eyeshadow – Brown, Plum, Dark Purple
• Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Make a transition shade in the crease with the brown shade with pink undertones
• Highlight the middle and inside area of the eyelid with plum shade
• Improve outer corners with the dark purple shade and blend it out
• For the finishing touch, use eyeliner and mascara

  1. Dark Green Eyeshadow

Dark brown eyes look gorgeous in this shade. And this pretty shade can be in matte finish or shimmer. Wear matte finish in the day and keep shimmer for evenings.

Dark Green Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Warm Brown, Dark Green, Black
• Eyeliner
• Mascara… Find more

Pictorial Of Minimalist French Makeup

Pictorial Of Minimalist French Makeup

French makeup is effortless because it is minimalist. French women wear minimum makeup and for this reason, they spend less time on makeup. And the reason behind minimalist makeup is that perfection is never a goal for them. They want to look natural by highlighting their facial features instead of hiding the features.

French Makeup Tutorial

If you think that you will need to buy expensive beauty products and spend hours applying those cosmetics, then you are wrong. On the contrary, you will get things done in a quick manner. It would start with cleaning your face and conclude with wearing a glow. And the prime focus of the makeup is on the eyes.

French makeup is all about striking the right balance between facial features. Curling lashes, grooming, brows, using a concealer, and finally wearing a glow are the essential parts of French makeup. And the good thing is that you can get a French look without going to a beautician.

Here’s The Tutorial For French Makeup

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