Imogen Poots: A Bright English Actress With No Movie Background

The blue-eyed English actress Imogen Poots is the daughter of a current affairs television producer, Trevor Poots, and an English journalist, Fiona Goodall. She was studying veterinary science when she suddenly decided to change her career.

From veterinary science to becoming an actress

It was her love for animals that the kind-hearted Imogen Poots inclined towards veterinary science. But she couldn’t manage the pressure of carrying out surgeries on animals and fainted during such an operation.

veterinary science to becoming an actress

Imogen Poots was doing her internship when the incident happened. She was performing surgery with her team when she fainted in the operation theater. She was immediately rushed outside and provide medical care. It was after that incident that Imogen Poots decided to change her career.

After deserting her chosen career, Imogen Poots had enough time to search for another career. Unaware of her career plans, she started spending time with the Young Blood Theater Company. The company was hosting an improvisation workshop at that time and Imogen Poots took her first lessons in acting in that workshop.

She developed a taste for acting in the workshop and went on to attain three A grades at A-level. In 2008, she got a place at the Courtauld Institute of Art, a prestigious institution of arts, but had to abandon the course to pursue a career in acting.

Imogen Poots got her first acting opportunity in 1986 in a British medical drama series, Casualty. Since then, there is no looking back for the actress who mesmerized the glamour world with her slender image, fair complexion, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

She received roles one after another and every character was different. Accepting challenging characters and working with big names of the industry allowed Imogen Poots to hone her craft and find a firm foothold in the highly demanding industry.

Challenging roles of Imogen Poots

Challenging roles

In the beginning, the general feeling for Imogen Poots was of an actress looking for one special character that can transform her from actress-on-the-rise to a bonafide star.

Her first role in V for Vendetta was a non-speaking child character that turned into an LGTB character. The LGTB community praised the character and the stars who played that role. It was an obvious acceptance and praise for the acting skills of Imogen Poots. But it was just a beginning of a great acting career for Imogen Poots as is evident from her later movies.

28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 Weeks Later

It was a post-apocalyptic horror movie released in 2007. Imogen Poots played the character of Tammy, daughter of infected parents and elder sister of her brother Andy. Andy was also infected by the virus but remain asymptomatic till the end. She played the role of a caring sister who helped her brother in every possible way. She even rescued her mother from their abandoned home.

Jimi: All Is by My Side (2013)

Jimi: All Is by My Side

Imogen Poots was cast as an important character for this biopic on Jimi Hendrix. It was Linda Keith who transformed the life of Jimi Hendrix, first by introducing her to big bands of that time and second, by giving him drugs. It was said that Jimi Hendrix got his first dose of LSD when he met Linda Keith.

Solitary Man (2009)

Solitary Man

The role of Allyson Karsch was the biggest challenge for Imogen Poots as here she was asked to get seduced by her the errant boyfriend of her screen mother. It was about sexuality and Imogen Poots accepted the challenge. And she even won the Alliance of Women Film Journalists award for that movie. When asked about her experience, she said people worked with people that could be double their age. In the movie, she entered into an unacceptable sexual relationship with a man double her age.

How Imogen Poots did those roles?

The early life and career show that Imogen Poots had no formal training for acting. Also, she had no family background in the movie world. But she did well and established herself as a leading model and actress.


She had one thing that is determination. If she hadn’t fainted during her veterinary internship, she would have become a leading veterinary surgeon. But she focused her energy on acting after deserting veterinary science. She didn’t faint during her shoots but the critics got fainted after seeing her skills.

Imogen Poots jumped from one milestone to another in a short time and achieved stardom with her hard work and angelic face with wide-set blue eyes with long lashes and peaches-and-cream complexion. She stands 5 feet and 4 inches and weighs only 52 kg. She looks adorable in every attire.

Beauty secrets of Imogen Poots

Beauty secrets of Imogen Poots

She has maintained a slender figure probably because of her genes that allow her to stay slim. Also, she practices good habits in eating and drinking. She follows a healthy diet but sometimes the foodie inside her takes her outside for a few cheat meals. But the actress makes sure that she burns the calories earned with cheat meals.

Breakfast: Imogen Poots never misses the first meal of the day. She takes oatmeal, egg, wheat bread, and fruit juice or tea in the morning. Sometimes she changes it with bacon or ham with eggs.

Lunch: Imogen Poots prefers heavier lunch that includes pasta, chicken, or sandwich.

Dinner: Fish is her prime dinner food and she loves tuna pasta with veggies in dinner.

Snacks: During snack time, she takes yogurt, almonds, fruits, and shakes.

Cheat Meal: If allowed, she would love to eat burgers, fries, pizza, and lots of chocolates. But the good thing is that she has better control over her cheat meal.

Exercising and Workout

Exercising and Workout

As said earlier that Imogen Poots maintains a slender figure due to her genes, she doesn’t have to struggle with weight machines to burn weight. Whatever light exercises she does are more than sufficient to burn the calories earned. Also, her busy lifestyle keeps her working all day and burning calories. Presently, she’s busy with her upcoming movies and promotional events.

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