Emma Roberts Eats Snacks, Exercises Yoga, And Reads Books

If Emma Roberts wants a cupcake, she gets it even before completing her shoot. It isn’t that she’s a foodie, but that she’s confident to manage a little sweet with her balanced diet. Emma Roberts diet routine is very much perfect.

Those who know Emma Roberts say that she’s quite liberal in the selection of her food and exercises. While she always eats healthy but doesn’t mind tweaking her first of the day a little, if she’s a day off. And it is only Emma Roberts that can tweak her meals to suit her needs.

Emma Roberts has a secret confidence-and-happiness plan that keeps her medically healthy, physically fit, and mentally confident to accept challenges.

A quick look at Emma Roberts diet, life & career

Emma Roberts caught the attention of the media world at the age of nine when she debuted in a crime story, Blow (2001). This movie allowed her to set a firm foot in the highly competitive world of entertainment. But Emma Roberts never looked back after setting foot in the movie industry.

Emma Roberts Life & Career

Today Emma Roberts is experienced in all types of roles from crime to drama and from horror to romance. Or it will be much better to say that she fits into every role she’s offered. Presently she’s working in a romantic comedy film, About Fate, where she is cast with Thomas Mann, Lewis Tan, Anna Akana, and Madelaine Petsch.

Emma Roberts kept growing with age and experience. She started as a child artist and then moved to accept lead roles. As she got to experience, she started looking for mature roles and she achieved success in every role. Most of her movies were successful and success in movies made her a fashion icon in the fashion world.

Before you know about diet and exercise of Emma Roberts, you should know about her body measurement

• Height: 5 ft 2 in / 157 cm
• Weight: 112 lb / 51 kg
• Breast: 31 in / 81 cm
• Waist: 23 in / 59 cm
• Hips: 29 in / 76 cm

Her body measurement shows that she’s a good height, ideal weight, and right figure. And she only needs to maintain the figure. It is where the magic of a personal confidence-and-happiness plan works.

Emma Roberts eats healthy but she never says no to food. And when it comes to indulgence, she always follows her heart. Similarly, she’s choosey with her exercises. For example, she likes Pilates more than others.

Emma Roberts Diet

Emma Roberts has two diet. One for shooting and another for holidays. During shoots, she drinks juice for breakfast and she prefers Spirit Dust of Moon Juice. But on colder days, she drinks iced coffee to wake up. And she smilingly says that hot coffee doesn’t work for her.

Emma Roberts Diet

But when she’s at home with no assignment to go on, she prefers classic breakfast food. This is the time when she enjoys eggs and bacon and toast becomes her first meal of the day.

She orders a chopped salad with avocado, chicken, and tomatoes for lunch and her dinner has more varieties. She either orders a turkey burger or salmon with teriyaki or ponzu sauce. But sometimes she orders brown rice with broccoli for dinner.

Emma Roberts says that she needs snacks, especially during shooting. She has more desire for snacks while working and she never suppresses her desire to have more. Since she has a sweet tooth, she prefers cupcakes, ice cream, and Sidecar Doughnuts.

She loves sweet items so much that sometimes she brings sweets for her team and happily says that it is an opportunity to have some sweet moments between the backbreaking job. But her snacks are never off-limits.


Emma Roberts’ workout is focused on 3 A’s that are arms-abs-ass. She has a fitness trainer, Andrea Orbeck, to look after her cardio and other exercises. She does 30-minute of workout daily and wants to sculpt her body especially the 3 A’s in a 30-minute workout.

Emma Roberts Exercises

In exercising, Emma Roberts likes Pilates more than anything else. She takes classes at Body by Nanna in Hollywood whenever she’s time. She can see her body transformed into the right shape with Pilates. After every session, she goes to the mirror to see her abs and feels satisfied on seeing the lean muscles.

She also loves yoga. It helps in de-stressing her body and mind. Also, yoga improves flexibility in muscles and mobility in joints. She suggests yoga for rest and says that yogic exercises calm the anxious nerves. She says yogic exercises help her down the noise in life.

Emma Roberts said that she fell in food while shooting for American Horror Story: Coven. At that time, she’s living in New Orleans where she could easily find the food of her choice. But she also developed a habit of exercising to burn the calories earned.

Beauty secrets

Emma Beauty

Emma Roberts has to put various kinds of cosmetics on her skin to meet the demands of roles. But she never worries about her skin as she cares for her skin and this is evident from her selection of cosmetics and beauty products. She likes cosmetics with the richness of Vitamin C as this vitamin is good for the skin.

Osea is her favorite brand and in Osea, she buys their Atmosphere Protection Cream and eye and lip balms. She uses Joanna Vitamin C Face Wash and essential oils. Also, she says that she never turns down a recommendation for a beauty product. She tries everything she gets a recommendation for.

Book Reading

Emma Book Reading

Emma Roberts loves books so much that she even launched a digital book club called Belletrist with a friend. They used to read a book every month and then give their reviews on that book on their Insta accounts.

She says that she’s regular at reading books. She always finds time to read good books as reading makes her complete. Her dining table is filled with many books that she’s read or plan to read. Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier are her favorite books.

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