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Best Dip Exercises

10 Best Dip Exercises For Muscular Chest, Back, And Shoulders

Dips are the best workouts for improving chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps muscles. And you can make it more challenging by adding weight to your body.

Here’re the 10 best dip exercises with variations and weight

  1. Bench Dips

If you want to expand your chest, and strengthen shoulders and triceps front, then you should practice bench dips.

Bench Dips

How To:

• Stand straight with an exercise bench placed firmly on your back
• Reach your hands to the bench by bending your knees
• Increase your grip on the bench and firm your feet on the floor to start
• Lift your body using your triceps and shoulders and come down
• Do 3 sets of 12 reps each

  1. Parallel Bar Dips

If developing chest and improving shoulders is your only goal, then you should try parallel bar dips. This exercise will broaden your shoulders.

Parallel Bar Dips

How To:

• Stand straight between a parallel bar
• Hold the bars firmly with your hands
• Lift your body and bring it down using your hands
• Keep your back straight and head up while lifting your body up and down
• Cross your heels to maintain balance
• Go slow and focus on your triceps and shoulders
• Do 3 sets of 10 reps each with a 10-second rest between each set

  1. Straight Bar Dips

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Burn Hip Fat Naturally

10 Ways To Burn Hip Fat Naturally

If your hips are flabby then blame it on your lazy lifestyle. It could be due to pregnancy or for any other reason. If you have bulky buttocks, you will have multiple problems like shaky movements and even pain in the lower back.

But you don’t need to worry about the hip fat as you can burn it by tweaking your lifestyle a little. Here’re 10 things you can do to tone up your hips and make them look beautiful.

  1. Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated

Water can flush out toxins from your body and boost your metabolism that will burn excess fat. Drink a cup of water every hour to stay hydrated and see positive changes in your skin color, brain function, and weight. If you want, you can add herbs like cinnamon to water to enhance its flavor.

  1. Early Morning Lemon Water
Early Morning Lemon Water

Lemon water is a fat mobilizer. It contains Vitamin C flushes out harmful free oxygen radicals and boosts immunity. Also, it balances the internal pH level.


Add half-lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water to make lemon juice. For taste, you can add 1 tsp of honey to it and drink it empty stomach early morning.

  1. Early Morning ACV
Early Morning ACV

Drink apple cider vinegar (ACV), if you find lemon water too sour to drink. ACV is a natural drink with proven benefits in weight control. But its acidic properties could cause acidity.

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Alexandra Daddario Does To Make Life Beautiful

5 Things That Alexandra Daddario Does To Make Life Beautiful

It took Alexandra Daddario 15 years from landing her first role as a victimized teen Laurie Lewis in the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children in 2002 to Summer Quinn in the American action-comedy, Baywatch, in 2017 to become a style and fitness icon.

I always loved storytelling,” said Alexandra Daddario


Alexandra Daddario decided to become an actor at the age of 11. She further stated that she could’ve done anything as she had all opportunities. She was studying at Marymount Manhattan College when she felt a passion for making a career in acting and dropped the college to pursue a full-time acting career.

For acting, she learned the Meisner acting technique for years and became an outstanding actress ready to accept challenging roles like horror, science fiction, and comedy. Soon she proved that she’s a multitalented actress. Her music video song “Radioactive” surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.

With acting, she also maintained her figure and beauty. Her quick and surprising rise in the competitive film industry proves that she’s a fitness enthusiast. Her role in Baywatch could be taken as her fitness example. She worked out a lot to put on weight to fit into the swimsuit designed for Summer Quinn.

For Baywatch, I started doing weight training,” said Alexandra Daddario

weight training

Summer Quinn was a demanding role for a lean Alexandra Daddario. She had to work hard to feel strong … Find more

Hailee Steinfeld’s Trainer Dad Is The Secret Of Her Perfect Body

Hailee Steinfeld’s Trainer Dad Is The Secret Of Her Perfect Body

It is only Hailee Steinfeld that can boast of performing 3,000 crunches a day because of her trainer dad. Her father, Peter Steinfeld, is a personal trainer. Also, her paternal uncle, Jake Steinfeld, is a personal trainer. So, fitness runs into her family and there should be nothing surprising in her doing thousands of crunches a day.

Hailee Steinfeld stands 5 ft 9 inches tall, weighs around 59 kg, and her body measurement is 34/27/35

Hailee Steinfeld

The Oscar-nominated actress gives the credit of her fitness and attractive body shape to her trainer dad. She said that she always had a pretty relationship between fitness and health. She further said that her father had a positive influence on her since she could remember.

Hailee Steinfeld said that for her it was about feeling good first and looking good second. She said that she looked good if she felt healthy from the inside.

Hailee Steinfeld started acting at a tender age (10) and since then she has been living a hectic life running from one shoot to another and promoting brands and her upcoming films. And she gets all the energy from the workouts she practices daily. Her trainer dad helps her tone her body and stay active.

Hailee Steinfeld has well-toned legs, arms, and abs and it is possible only when she sweats out regularly in a gym. While others could have to struggle a lot to … Find more

Emma Roberts Eats Snacks, Exercises Yoga, And Reads Books

Emma Roberts Eats Snacks, Exercises Yoga, And Reads Books

If Emma Roberts wants a cupcake, she gets it even before completing her shoot. It isn’t that she’s a foodie, but that she’s confident to manage a little sweet with her balanced diet.

Those who know Emma Roberts say that she’s quite liberal in the selection of her food and exercises. While she always eats healthy but doesn’t mind tweaking her first of the day a little, if she’s a day off. And it is only Emma Roberts that can tweak her meals to suit her needs.

Emma Roberts has a secret confidence-and-happiness plan that keeps her medically healthy, physically fit, and mentally confident to accept challenges.

A quick look at the life and career of Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts caught the attention of the media world at the age of nine when she debuted in a crime story, Blow (2001). This movie allowed her to set a firm foot in the highly competitive world of entertainment. But Emma Roberts never looked back after setting foot in the movie industry.

life and career of Emma Roberts

Today Emma Roberts is experienced in all types of roles from crime to drama and from horror to romance. Or it will be much better to say that she fits into every role she’s offered. Presently she’s working in a romantic comedy film, About Fate, where she is cast with Thomas Mann, Lewis Tan, Anna Akana, and Madelaine Petsch.

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Imogen Poots Bright English Actress

Imogen Poots: A Bright English Actress With No Movie Background

The blue-eyed English actress Imogen Poots is the daughter of a current affairs television producer, Trevor Poots, and an English journalist, Fiona Goodall. She was studying veterinary science when she suddenly decided to change her career.

From veterinary science to becoming an actress

It was her love for animals that the kind-hearted Imogen Poots inclined towards veterinary science. But she couldn’t manage the pressure of carrying out surgeries on animals and fainted during such an operation.

veterinary science to becoming an actress

Imogen Poots was doing her internship when the incident happened. She was performing surgery with her team when she fainted in the operation theater. She was immediately rushed outside and provide medical care. It was after that incident that Imogen Poots decided to change her career.

After deserting her chosen career, Imogen Poots had enough time to search for another career. Unaware of her career plans, she started spending time with the Young Blood Theater Company. The company was hosting an improvisation workshop at that time and Imogen Poots took her first lessons in acting in that workshop.

She developed a taste for acting in the workshop and went on to attain three A grades at A-level. In 2008, she got a place at the Courtauld Institute of Art, a prestigious institution of arts, but had to abandon the course to pursue a career in acting.

Imogen Poots got her first acting opportunity in 1986 in a British medical … Find more

Dance Is The First Love Of Francia Raisa

Dance Is The First Love Of Francia Raisa

Ever since Francia Raisa Almendarez caught the media attention from her roles in Bring It On: All or Nothing, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Grown-ish, everyone wants to know more about her life, career, and especially diet and fitness.

Family Background

Family Background

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Francia Raisa has creativity in her genes. Her Mexican mother, Virginia Almendárez, was a housewife but her father, Renán Almendárez Coello, was a Honduran-born radio personality. And it seems that Francia Raisa was somehow inspired by her father.

Early Start Of Career

Francia Raisa attended Bishop Alemany High School, California, and it is where she started her journey to a successful career in fashion and acting. She was a cheerleader in her school. Also, she started getting opportunities for acting in her junior high school.

Early Start Of Career

Her initial job offers were about modeling for print ads for various brands many of who were small brands. Also, she appeared in television commercials for brands. While those jobs are too small to give her career the much-needed thrust, Francia Raisa did fairly well in those jobs and keep getting more offers.

Soon Francia Raisa started getting offers for guest-starring in sitcoms especially American Family: Journey of Dreams and Over There. She also started appearing in music videos and then came the breakthrough that she was looking for.

Francia Raisa was in the senior … Find more

Women Exercises For Six-Pack Abs

10 Women Exercises For Six-Pack Abs

Women can also build six-pack abs if they can burn belly fat and strengthen their abs muscles. Here are 10 exercises that can help women in building six-pack abs.

  1. Cardio And HIIT
Cardio And HIIT

It is only after you burn tummy fat that you will be able to reveal your six-pack abs. And cardio and HIIT are the best ways to burn fat. You can try jogging, moving up the stairs, swimming, cycling, Zumba, or playing any sports. Choose any exercise and practice it at least three hours a week to see good results.

  1. Crunches

Crunches are an effective exercise to start building six-packs abs with as it works on the mid-section of the abdominal area. It will strengthen your core.



• Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor

• Place your hands on the back of your head to support the neck while exercising

• Curl up your neck and the upper back with the support of your hands and exhale

• Inhale and go down to the starting position and repeat the exercises for 2-3 sets of 10 reps each

  1. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches exercise has multiple benefits. In addition to building the abs, it also works on the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Bicycle Crunches


• Lied down on a comfortable exercising mat with your legs stretched

• Bring your hands … Find more

Yoga Asanas To Relax Your Body And Mind

6 Yoga Asanas To Relax Your Body And Mind

How do you relax and de-stress your body and mind at the end of a long day?

When you come back home, you first go to the shower to have a relaxing bath and then grab your cup of coffee to feel energized. But drinking coffee could provide little help in boosting your energy level. You should do yoga to feel relaxed.

The advantage of yoga asanas is that they work for the whole body and can be practiced at home. Also, it won’t take you much time in performing an asana after which you will feel recharged and rejuvenated. Also, every asana has its specific advantages.

Check the six relaxing asanas and practice them to relax your body and mind

  1. Balasana (Child Pose)

Balasana is the fetal position of a baby. Also, it is a resting pose that can provide you a great sense of mental, physical, and emotional solace. And you can practice it whenever you want to relax, but you need to be an empty stomach.

Balasana (


• Sit down your heels with your back straight and your knees hip-width apart. Inhale

• Bend forward raising your tailbone a little so your torso rests on your thighs and head reaches the floor. Exhale

• Release your shoulders to the floor and stretch your arms with your palms lying flat on the floor

• Maintain the pose for … Find more

Celine Dion’s Weight Loss

“My Heart Will Go On” is the main soundtrack of the blockbuster film Titanic and it won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Original Song. And the credit for making this song a hit goes to the Canadian singer Celine Dion.

Celine Dion became popular overnight after giving her voice to this famous song. While Celine Dion was praised for her sweet voice, her fans look worried about her weight loss. Celine Dion (51) looks thinner in recent pictures. It seems that she’s lost a lot of pounds. But she said that all was well. She that she was in good health and weight loss is due to her active lifestyle.

It is how Celine Dion lost weight….

Recent pictures of Celine Dion clearly show that she is following a weight loss program but her fans and well-wishers wanted to make sure that everything was right with her health. So, they shared their feelings about her health. Celine Dion also responded to their concern through a media interview.

In an interview with ABC News, Celine Dion accepted that she looked a little thinner than she was a couple of years back but at the same time, she made it clear that she was doing fine and that there was no reason for her fans to worry about her health.

Celine Dion said to People magazine that she was working hard. She loved to move … Find more