Step By Step Trending Smokey Eye Makeup

The smokey eye look is one of the most classic and timeless beauty in trending beauty haul. You could rock with smokey eye look anywhere from a night out to a marriage ceremony. No matter what your outfit is, the smokey eye looks will surely add glamorous in your outfit. The smokey eye makeup looks stylish with a raw lip, but if you conclude for bold, you can pair it with bold red lips.

A smokey eye sounds simple in principle, but can be must in practice. That is because there’s such a thing as too important for smokey eye.

What Is Smokey Eye?

What Is Smokey Eye

Effectively, it’s a mixed look of eye shadow rather than block with one color

  • It creates dimension and helps to looks downright hot.
  • You can use one shade and bomb it out at the edges, but generally, you will make up layers with different tones and textures.

Here we mentioned some important step how to do a smokey eye makeup

Step 1 – Concealer Give Smooth Touch In Smokey Eye Makeup

Concealer Give Smooth Touch

Start with smooth oil. Applying a high coverage of concealer on eye shadow manual before applying any eye makeup help us create the best blend but also helps produce the perfect base icing an easy and smooth operation.

Step 2- Be Wise With Eye Shadow Shades

A classic smokey eye makeup look requires three eye shadow shades

  • A darker color for your crease
  • Amid-tone color for your mobile lid
  • One you have to choose highlight color

While the classic smokey eye makeup is generally done with shade of black, brown, or slate, do not be hysterical of experimenting with muter or golden tinges.

If you have lower eyes, the darker color will make them look younger. If you choose straight black Smokey eye rather, try using dark browns or indeed slate to lower the intensity of the black shadow that is also party friendly glamorous look.

Step 3- Collect Right Tools For Smokey Eye Makeup

Right Tools For Smokey Eye Makeup

The right tools make it easier and give you perfection during makeup, if collecting the good tool then it blend you look smoothly and gives you extra shine in the event.

  • First, use a densely packed shader eye shadow brush to transfer the color from the palette to your lid. Latterly, take an ethereal blending brush to blend the eye shadow to perfection.
  • Apply a flat brush to themed-tone color on your mobile cover. Blend it well, and apply the darker color to your crease using a blending brush. Blend the shade with a small indirect stir.
  • Apply the highlight shade from your crease to your brow bone.
  • Next come at an essential step. Use your fluffy brush, start blending. When you feel like you have mixed enough, blend some further.

Step- 4 Line Your Eyes Perfectly

Use a liquid, gel, or pencil line. Start with the external bodies, you can use liquid liners always start with the external section when the brush is drenched in a liquid liner. Also, line the inner corner when the brush has the least quantum of product.

Step- 5 Finish The Look With A Mascara Do A Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

Finish The Look With A Mascara

You have to use mascara to complete the look. The larger and further substantial your switches, the wider your eyes look.

So now that you have learned the art of smokey eye makeup, join in the trend with your makeup looks with us. You can keep it subtle, or you can play with colors. Let the creativity inflow.

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