Should You Try Korean Makeup At Home?

If you are looking to change your makeup style or looking for makeup that is suitable for summers then look at Korean makeup. The advantage of this style is it keeps things simple. The focus is only on maintaining the natural beauty as much as possible.

Let’s Discuss Korean Makeup In Detail….

Korean beauties know the secret of natural beauty and they are happy to share the secret with others. Also, beauty influencers suggest Korean makeup for the summer months when heat can spoil regular makeup. Korean style is light and breezy. It will give you a fresh feeling all day. And you don’t have to spend hours doing the makeup.

How To Do Korean Makeup?

The secret of Korean makeup lies in feeling inner beauty. The biggest incentive of the Korean style is to go light on makeup products. Here is a step-by-step guide to the Korean makeup style. Go through the guide thoroughly and bring out your natural beauty with light Korean makeup.

Step 1: Apply Creamy White Or Nude Kohl To Hide Pigmentation In Your Eye Area

Koreans have an advantage. They are blessed with flawless skin. You won’t find any signs of dullness or darkness on their faces. But you need to look at your face from close to notice dark circles under your eyes. Whatever is the reason for this darkness, it has to be concealed to bring out the fresh and radiant skin hidden under the darkness.

Lighten the dark circles and start the eye makeup. Cover the eye area up to the brows with creamy white or nude kohl to remove pigmentation on your eyes. And there is little need to be attentive to this step because it will be removed in later stages. Just complete it and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Apply A Shimmery White Eyeshadow

It is an important step as you need to blend the kohl with an eye shadow of your choice. And your choice in eye shadow color includes shimmery white, silver, and champagne. Choose a quality product so you get desired results. Also, you will need a quality eye shadow brush to blend both colors.

Arrange the makeup essentials and start working on your eyes. Draw the eye shadow color and apply it carefully over the kohl on the eye area. Take the blending brush and blend the colors well. Check the colors achieved and stop when you are satisfied with the results.

Step 3: Apply A Soft Shimmery Medium Brown Shade To The Upper Lash Line

In the Korean makeup style, you don’t have to work on the crease. Your focus will remain only on the upper and lower lash line. Keep this in mind while applying eye shadow to the eye area. And remove the makeup, if you accidentally cover the crease. Emphasize the upper and lower lash line like Korean celebrities do.

Apply a soft shimmery medium brown shade to the upper lash line and blend it well with a silver eye shadow to complete the makeup of the upper lash line. In Korean makeup, the eye makeup is divided into the upper and lower lash line with each lash line getting different details.

Step 4: Apply Shimmery Turquoise Kohl To The Lower Lash Line

Move to the lower lash line and improve it with shimmery turquoise kohl. Choose the kohl that matches well with the eye shadow color to prevent creasing of the liner. It is advised to use soft nude kohl on the waterline. It will create a soft eye look. It isn’t that you can’t use black or brown kohl but it could look harsh.

Select your makeup essentials to get the Korean look. Practicing makeup isn’t required but you need to be careful while improving the look of your eyes. For convenience, the makeup is divided into the upper and lower lash line.

Step 5: Apply Mascara And Black Eyeliner To Your Upper Lash Line

It’s time to finish the upper lash line with black eyeliner. Focus on your eye makeup so you get a flawless finish. Take the eyeliner and glide it smoothly on your eyes. Wing the eyeliner outwards to give an illusion of bigger eyes. You need to create wings with the eyeliner to elongate the upper lash line.

See what your eyes look like after the makeup is done. But wait before you move to the next step as you are missing something very important. The look won’t complete until you wear mascara. Put on the mascara to improve the appearance of your eyes.

Step 6: Apply A Soft Pink Blush

Shift your focus from eyes to blush. Start the makeup by applying a light bb cream that neutralizes your complexion. For better results, you can choose a bb cream in the bronze shade. This shade has the advantage that it is close to the original skin color. But you are free to choose any bb cream.

Set the bb cream with a compact to prevent it from budging or creasing later in the day. Finally, give a dimension to your face with a soft pink blush. The blush makeup is complete and it is time to move on to the final step.

Step 7: Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup

You need to give a soft ombre-like effect on your lips. Start with filling your lips with a soft nude brownish pink lip gloss followed by a hot pink shade to the center of the lips. Finally, blend the lip gloss and the lipstick to get a flawless finish.

Use your fingers to blend the lip gloss with color. If you want, you can use a brush but you will do a better job with your fingertips. Blend the lip color until you achieve the finish. It shouldn’t take you much time in completing the Korean makeup as it is minimal on cosmetics.

Final Thoughts

Korean makeup is popular because it uses minimal makeup and it is easy to do. Anyone can try this makeup with little training. And if you have any problem, you can get more tips from experts.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the blog is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to be cautious with makeup products and the process.

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