15 Times The Transformers Actress Megan Caught Makeup-Less

Los Angeles Times called Megan a “sex symbol of the highest order” because this woman looks more beautiful in makeup-less looks. Here’re 15 rare makeup-less looks of Megan.

  1. Airport Fashion
Airport Fashion.jpg

Look who’s spotted at LAX airport. She’s the Transformer actress Megan. She’s colored her hair in a bright burgundy shade but no makeup is done. Megan is wearing a black puffer jacket with front pockets and steel buttons. The white top underneath is visible from the jacket opening. And she’s having only essentials like black shades and a matching handbag.

  1. Work Hard, Play Harder
Work Hard, Play Harder

Blessed with natural beauty, Megan requires little makeup in her daily activities. Here she’s seen in a grey jacket and blue denim jeans but without any makeup. Also, she has loosely tied her tresses in a messy bun to save time. And the accessories she’s carrying include sunglasses, a shoulder bag, and a water bottle. And the glow you see on her skin is natural.

  1. Luncheon Dates
Luncheon Dates

Megan looks fresh and energized even without makeup. She’s caught in this sporty look when going for lunch with her hubby. And she didn’t need makeup for a casual lunch. She dressed up in a black jacket paired with a grey top and finished her look with her favorite baseball cap. Also, she didn’t forget to carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.

  1. Wake Up And Makeup
Wake Up And Makeup

Makeup-less Megan buying cosmetics at Planet Beauty Supply in Studio City in Los Angeles. And she looks stunning in a grey top, black jeans, and boots. Her face looks fresh in a messy bun and without a trace of makeup. She has neatly collected all her locks at her back and tied them in a bun. The shine on her skin is 100% natural.

  1. Life As We Know It
Life As We Know It

Like an average Joe, Megan is caught running errands for her home. And it is no time for makeup. She doesn’t need a cosmetic face to buy errands. She knows that she’s naturally beautiful and that she only needs to get neatly dressed to step out. Here she’s seen in a loose grey jacket over a matching t-shirt. To save time in hairstyling, she has put on a cap.

  1. It’s All About The Stripes
It’s All About The Stripes

This woman in a loose striped top is Megan. The picture was taken when she was busy talking to someone and it is anticipated that she was asking for some privacy. She is makeup-less and wearing a prescription glass probably to hide her identity but her fans can never mistake recognizing her fresh face. And she looks stunning even without makeup.

  1. Business Casual
Business Casual

The picture was taken at the Maui International Airport in Hawaii in 2010. Megan was seen passing through the security check at the airport. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that her skin looks healthier and flawless in her makeup-less avatar. Dressed in a blue cotton button down shirt, black pants, and trusty glasses, Megan looks naturally beautiful.

  1. Fab Mom
Fab Mom

Megan is rushing without any makeup and she doesn’t care about the paparazzi getting a close shot of her makeup-less face. She’s wearing a loose black t-shirt and she seems to be in a hurry. Her locks are flowing with the air leaving her exposed to getting snapped by crazy photographers. Megan is makeup-less and she’s as stunning as in the movies.

  1. Busy As A Bee
Busy As A Bee

When it isn’t a red carpet welcome or a formal moment, Megan chooses to dress casually and remain makeup-less. Here she’s caught wearing her favorite brown parka over a white top. Her black pants match well with the dress. As far as makeup is concerned, Megan has only tied her tresses in a loose bun. The shine on her skin is natural and not a photo technique.

  1. Coffee Runs
Coffee Runs

Megan is carrying a coffee mug to take a refreshing break in the middle of a job. Well dressed in a gray top, ripped black jeans, and a black leather jacket, Megan has ditched makeup for this casual look. She has even left her hair untidy. And the only accessory she’s wearing is eyeglasses. It is coffee time for her and he doesn’t care if anyone clicks her picture.

  1. Errands And Chores
Errands And Chores

Running errands is a laborious and time-consuming job. But it is also a moment to grab a cup of coffee. Megan in a loose outfit with a black jacket and zebra print top is shopping for her home and feeling tired. Since it is sunny, she’s wearing a cap to shade her eyes and skin. But her makeup-less skin shines in the sun.

  1. A Swim With The Wild
A Swim With The Wild

It is vacation time when Megan could feel a sigh of relief from glaring media lights and action. Here Megan is seen swimming with a dolphin and a few people know that Megan is also an animal rights activist. Or it could be a scene from a documentary called Na Nai’a Legend of the Dolphins. And Megan needs no makeup to reveal her natural smile.

  1. Geek Mode:On
Geek Mode:On

No, Megan isn’t promoting the American animated television series ‘Defender of the Universe’ she used to watch in her childhood, but taking a leisurely stroll in a carefree manner. She’s makeup-less and happy. And she’s adjusting her glasses on seeing a paparazzi clicking her makeup-less face. This naturally beautiful actress has no objection to getting clicked without makeup.

  1. Going For A Run
Going For A Run

It is a sporty look but Megan is makeup-less. She’s wearing a back dry fit shirt and a sports watch to keep an eye on her physical activities. Also, a cap becomes necessary when you are going for exercising.

  1. Every Day Is Casual Day
Every Day Is Casual Day

Megan feels more comfortable in casual clothes and makeup-less look. Here Megan looks a little busy about getting snapped without makeup. Her gray top and black pants make up her dress. Also, she has let her hair loose to save time.

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