Here Beyonce Goes Makeup-Less

Beyonce Knowles is a popular actress, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Winner of numerous awards including Academy Awards, Beyonce needs little introduction to highlight her achievements. Similarly, she needs little makeup to highlight her natural beauty. Her dusky skin accepts every makeup but she looks more beautiful without makeup.

While it is difficult to believe that an actress of the stature of Beyonce would step out without makeup but Beyonce has been caught makeup-less multiple times. And she looks more beautiful in natural skin tone.

Here’re 10 moments when Beyonce was spotted makeup-less

  1. Naturally Black
Naturally black

Beyonce flaunts her black jumpsuit with a broad smile. She’s paired the black dress with dark colored goggles that improve her visual appearance. While her jumpsuit is black, she’s het her shiny golden hair let lose in stark contrast to the color of her attire and spectacles. And her broad smile looks like a cherry on the cake. What’s most noticeable in this picture is it is her natural look with makeup done before the photoshoot.

  1. Motherhood Makeup
Motherhood Makeup

Mother Beyonce is carrying her newborn baby in a kangaroo bag matching with her attire. But the center of the focus in the picture is her smile. Beyonce is saying hello to the cameraman. She’s looking directly at the camera from behind the dark glasses she’s wearing. And she knows that the lens is focused on the high casual bun on her head. She’s even making a victory sign with her right hand while carefully holding her latest Smartphone. Her lips look red but she’s not done any makeup. It seems that the picture is taken outside a shopping mall.

  1. White Sleeveless Top
White Sleeveless Top

Light blue, dark black, dark gray, and light gray are the only colors visible on the white sleeveless top Beyonce is wearing. And this top looks complete with matching white pants. While this picture looks like an ad campaign but the truth is that Beyonce is doing no marketing here. She’s in her natural look with the only exception of her long flowing hair that is neatly combed to flow down her breasts. Her face is clean, smile is pure, and eyes reflect confidence.

  1. Polka Story
Polka Story

It is a portrait without makeup. Her dusky complexion is clearly visible in the makeup-less photo. The broad smile on her face reveals her sparkling white teeth and the confidence in her eyes further enhances her visual appeal. She’s tied her hair but it is a lose bun. She’s also wearing expensive earrings but the most noticeable thing in the picture is her dark green polka dress with multiple dots. And she seems welcoming the photographer in the image.

  1. Beyonce Flaunts Black
Beyonce Flaunts Black

Beyonce is caught getting out of a vehicle with the help of her hosts. As expected, she’s a smile on her face to thank the people assisting her in stepping out of the vehicle that looks like a SUV. Her black dress highlights her natural skin tone. The long pendant highlights the neckline. Also, she’s paired the dress with bright blue shoes and a bag of matching color to carry her belongings. And she looks quite pretty in this makeup-less avatar. It seems she’s visiting a shooting location with all her makeup essentials in her bag.

  1. Beyonce in Yellow Mood
Beyonce in Yellow Mood

You’re always welcome is what the host is saying as Beyonce steps in dressed in hot yellow pants, matching t-shirt, and a fitting yellow jacket. Her black-and-white clutch seems complimenting the look. Beyonce looked well dressed with a curly hairstyle and goggles over her eyes. But the truth is she’s wearing no makeup and she’s caught makeup-less at an event she’s invited to. And it can be said that her natural skin tone requires little makeup.

  1. Bubbly Beyonce
Bubbly Beyonce

Beyonce is caught coming out of a mall as is evident from her shopping mall that looks full with essentials. Beyonce is wearing a printed tunic, black overcoat and she’s paired the dress with matching stockings. Beyonce is saying hello to the photographer and allowing him to get a closeup of her face especially the smile. Also, she’s a wearing light-colored goggles but her eyes are visible in the picture. But the most prominent feature of the photo is the high bun that further highlights her golden-brown hair.

  1. Blue Denim and White Top
Blue Denim and White Top

Blue denims are always coupled with white tops but Beyonce goes a step ahead. She pairs her dress with a large silver shopping bag and oval-shaped light-colored googles. Also, her white top has a broad golden neckline. Her locks are neatly combed to flow behind her back. Her face is clean and without makeup. And she looks calm and patient. But it isn’t a photoshoot but a sudden click of her face. Her shopping bag looks full and Beyonce looks to be holding it laboriously in her right hand.

  1. Beyonce’s Strappy Dress
  • Beyonce’s Strappy Dress
  • Beyonce is revealing her natural beauty without any makeup. Her clear skin with natural tone including the entire neckline and arms is visible in this short and strappy dress. And her colorful dress seems complimenting her skin tone. Beyonce is getting a vehicle with her slightly bent but her broad smile is clearly visible on her over-shaped face. Her broad eye-glasses comfortably cover her eyes. Her braided low bun is also visible due to tilt of her head. This is natural beauty.

    1. Grey Matters
    Grey Matters

    Beyonce looks pretty in this gray off-shoulder top coupled with a woolen headwear. To balance her look with the gray matter, she’s brushed a little mascara and put on some lip gloss but it is minimalist makeup. The shine on her smiling face is natural. Her eyes sparkling with confidence further enhances her visual appeal. Her flowing looks are outlining her face shape that is oval. And here hair color and skin tone match perfectly with the shade of hour outfit. If you look at her outfit, you will find a silver pendant flowing down the neckline of the top.

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