10 Times When Scarlett Johansson Went Makeup-Less

Scarlett Johansson was one of the world’s highest-paid actresses during 2018 and 2019 because of her natural beauty. And you will be surprised to know that she went makeup-less in many movies. Her fans love watching her movies irrespective of her makeup and it is evident from the dollars her movies grossed at the box office. Her movies made $14.3 billion worldwide.

Scarlett Johansson is one of the few actresses that people want to see in natural beauty. And we’ve collected 10 pictures of Scarlett Johansson where she can be seen in the natural look. Her clean face makes a statement for her natural beauty. Some of the pictures are taken during ad and movie shooting.

Check makeup-less pictures of Scarlett Johansson

  1. Scarlett Johansson in Beige Leather Jacket

At the time of taking the picture, Scarlett Johansson was shooting for Avengers. She essayed the role of a highly trained spy working for S.H.I.E.L.D. The picture was taken during a break as is evident from the smile on her makeup-less face. Her short golden-brown hair flowing over the beige jacket while Scarlett is adjusting the right arm’s length of the jacket with her left hand. She seems to be enjoying every moment of the break time from her busy shooting schedule.

  1. Scarlett Johansson in a Floral Gown

Meet Mary Boleyn of “The Boleyn Girl”. She’s Scarlett Johansson in a long floral gown with an apron. And she looks pretty in the new avatar of Mary Boleyn, the sister of English queen consort Anne Boleyn. Scarlett had to go with little makeup except for the Victorian-era hairdo for this role. And she had to look, simpleton. The shine on her face is original as she had only washed her face in the name of makeup for this character.

  1. Scarlett Johansson in Church Time

Scarlett was looking for peace of mind in Church when she was clicked by an enthusiastic photographer. Her face is calm but her eyes have a lot to say about her busy life. And she looks quite confident in this makeup-less avatar. She seems to be focusing her energy on calming her emotions. Her eyes wide open and locks thrown on her shoulders make a statement that it is peacetime. It could be the best picture of Scarlett without makeup.

  1. Wine Event
wine event

She doesn’t need any makeup for this picture. It is a beautiful picture shot during a wine event by Moet & Chandon. Scarlett Johansson visited the event dressed in a blue dotted and shaded frock. In the picture, she’s seen holding a vine basked with the logo of the hosting group. But the most noticeable thing in the picture is the smile on her makeup-less face. The green background further improves the beauty of her face.

  1. Scarlett Johansson Geek Look

Scarlett Johansson isn’t reporting for a newspaper but had donned the look of a reporter for an ad shoot. She has left her hair open and put on round prescription glass that suits perfectly her makeup-less oval face. Carelessly dressed in a beige shirt covered with an olive green jacket and paired with white trousers, she’s also worn a sling bag just like a professional reporter.

  1. Sporty

It is a perfect sporty look; one for an adventurous sport like hiking and boating. First is her makeup-less face. Her face looks clean with neatly tied hair and large dark goggles. She is wearing khaki shorts that are held tight at her waist with a brown slim belt. The moss green top over the shorts requires no accessory but still, Scarlett is wearing a golden color locket and white watch to complete her look. And she looks ready for any adventure that life throws at her.

  1. Camera Play
camera play

Here Scarlett Johansson is playing hide-and-seek with a camera. She had been given a task where she was asked to click her best look, of course, makeup-less with a camera. Scarlett gave different poses to capture the best look without makeup. There are almost two dozen poses and she looks pretty in every pose. Finally, it is for the director to choose the best picture. You can also make an opinion on which picture should be called the best.

  1. Scarlett Johansson in Bikini

Scarlett is a beach lover as is evident from this picture where she’s seen in a different avatar. She’s wearing a bikini that highlights the bumps and curves of her slim frame. Her hair is neatly tied at the back and she’s covered her eyes with dark goggles to prevent direct contact from the sun. But she looks quite busy as she’s seen taking long strides on the soft sand. And she doesn’t need any makeup for beach activities. Her fans and fashion photographers know that Scarlett visits the beach every month for rest, relaxation, and vacations.

  1. Art & Craft
arts & crafts

This picture is taken from the movie “Translation” where Scarlett Johansson had to go makeup-less to fit into the character. It was the demand of the character that she reveals her true side. She also learned art and craft like paper art to fit into the shoes of the character. The paper art visible in the picture is made by Scarlett. And she received critical acclaim for her role in the movie. The critics even said that her makeup-less look made the character real.

  1. Tweet

Scarlett Johansson loves photography especially clicking selfies in natural poses. This one is taken during a trip to Australia. And the picture shows that it was taken on a breezy day as is evident from her locks that are flowing with the cool breezes. Her face is clean and she’s wearing a smile. Since the picture is taken from close, her facial features are visible. And you can see that there’re no scars or blemishes on her face. Scarlett tweeted this picture as she loves tweeting her candid pictures whenever she’s an opportunity.

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