Here Beyonce Goes Makeup-Less

Beyonce Knowles is a popular actress, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Winner of numerous awards including Academy Awards, Beyonce needs little introduction to highlight her achievements. Similarly, she needs little makeup to highlight her natural beauty. Her dusky skin accepts every makeup but she looks more beautiful without makeup.

While it is difficult to believe that an actress of the stature of Beyonce would step out without makeup but Beyonce has been caught makeup-less multiple times. And she looks more beautiful in natural skin tone.

Here’re 10 moments when Beyonce was spotted makeup-less

  1. Naturally Black
Naturally black

Beyonce flaunts her black jumpsuit with a broad smile. She’s paired the black dress with dark colored goggles that improve her visual appearance. While her jumpsuit is black, she’s het her shiny golden hair let lose in stark contrast to the color of her attire and spectacles. And her broad smile looks like a cherry on the cake. What’s most noticeable in this picture is it is her natural look with makeup done before the photoshoot.

  1. Motherhood Makeup
Motherhood Makeup

Mother Beyonce is carrying her newborn baby in a kangaroo bag … Find more