Emma Roberts Eats Snacks, Exercises Yoga, And Reads Books

If Emma Roberts wants a cupcake, she gets it even before completing her shoot. It isn’t that she’s a foodie, but that she’s confident to manage a little sweet with her balanced diet.

Those who know Emma Roberts say that she’s quite liberal in the selection of her food and exercises. While she always eats healthy but doesn’t mind tweaking her first of the day a little, if she’s a day off. And it is only Emma Roberts that can tweak her meals to suit her needs.

Emma Roberts has a secret confidence-and-happiness plan that keeps her medically healthy, physically fit, and mentally confident to accept challenges.

A quick look at the life and career of Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts caught the attention of the media world at the age of nine when she debuted in a crime story, Blow (2001). This movie allowed her to set a firm foot in the highly competitive world of entertainment. But Emma Roberts never looked back after setting foot in the movie industry.

life and career of Emma Roberts

Today Emma Roberts is experienced in all types of roles from crime to drama and from horror to romance. Or it will be much better to say that she fits into every role she’s offered. Presently she’s working in a romantic comedy film, About Fate, where she is cast with Thomas Mann, Lewis Tan, Anna Akana, and Madelaine Petsch.

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