Candace Cameron Shares Her Beauty Secret In A Candid Way

Candace Cameron is a mother of three kids but she looks much younger than her real age. Whatever be her real age is, she is as fit as a 20-year-old woman. And Candace Cameron gives the credit of her younger looks to her diet and weight loss lifestyle.

She’s mostly on a vegan diet that includes eggs and occasional fish. She’s built lean muscle mass with the help of Kira Stokes, a celebrity fitness coach of athletes.

Keep reading if you want to know how 40 plus actress Candace Cameron maintains her youth & diet

She avoids dairy, sugar, and white flour….

Candace Cameron Avoids Dairy, Sugar, & White Flour

Candace advises avoiding dairy if you have issues like constipation. She avoids dairy and says that it helps reduce stomach problems. Also, it relieves congestion and puffiness on her face and body. She further says that people should first consult a doctor that the stomach issues are due to dairy and not because of some other problem.

Few people know that Candace Cameron had a history of stomach inflammation and that she suffered a lot from stomach irritation. But she is fine after avoiding dairy. Also, she avoids refined sugar and white flour as they have little nutritional value and they are high in calories.

Candace Cameron follows a plant-based diet….

Candace Cameron Follows Plant Based Diet

Her diet includes banana shake, almond milk, oatmeal with milk, brown rice with cabbage and coconut milk, Kale salad, roasted vegetables, avocados, quinoa salad, lentil soup, green salad with nuts, and apple for deserts. Her day starts with 2 cups of water followed by a protein shake with half banana and almond milk or oatmeal with milk. And she’s quite punctual with her meal timings.

The only exception to her vegan diet is two egg whites that she takes as a supplement to dietary protein and fish that consumes on rare occasions. But taking eggs and occasional fish can’t be called an aberration or deviation from her vegan diet.

She eats what she can tolerate….

Candace Cameron Eats What She Can Tolerate

Her vegan diet contains the same veggies and fruits with little changes from protein shakes to salads. She grills vegetables and prepares dessert with an apple for a change. But her vegan diet looks similar. You can say that she takes a similar diet in breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. But she says that she loves eating fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain food.

Candace Cameron’s vegan diet keeps her digestive system healthy and metabolism working. She feels healthy and happy with a vegan diet. This diet, says Candace, doesn’t shock her digestive system. She further says that her vegan diet could look “boring” to others, but she prefers eating boring food instead of consuming harmful food.

Candace Cameron consumes carbs & protein in her diet….

Consumes Carbs And Protein

Her workout routine includes cardio, resistance training using free weight, body weight, resistance bands, and jump ropes, and HIIT. Also, she takes sufficient rest to allow her body to prepare for the next workout session. And she consumes carbs before the workout and protein after the workout.

She takes oats and quinoa in sufficient quantity before hitting the gym. And post-workout, she treats her taste buds with protein-rich snacks/meals. It is her workout diet and it helps her muscles recover and rebuild.

She exercises great control over her portion size….

Exercises Great Control Over Her Portion Size

Candace suggests eating on a small plate as it helps in keeping the portion size small and prevents overeating. Candace has five members in her family and all the family members eat their meal together. Also, they eat as much as required but in small portions. She has a healthy and happy family and she gives the credit of keeping her family healthy and happy to the good eating habits.

She avoids stuffing herself with food….

Avoids Stuffing Herself With Food

Candace considers overeating as the prime reason for weight gain and suggests her fans and followers avoid indulging in it. People often consume food to the point where it becomes for them to breathe. It happens during parties especially buffets. Since Candace keeps her portions small, she never stuffs her body with food.

She follows the 80/20 rule….

First, you should understand the 80/20 rule. It is all about eating healthy. The rule says that you should spend 80% of your eating time-consuming healthy meals like the vegan diet of Candace. And enjoy mouthwatering food 20% of the time. What Candace does is she eats vegan meals all day and consumes fish occasionally.

The 80/20 rule would keep your digestive system working well all the time. Also, it will boost your metabolic rate in the long run. There will be no surprises for your body as most of your eating time will be utilized in eating a healthy meal. Also, you can pamper your taste buds by eating your favorite food 20% time.

She has social support….

Candace Cameron Social Support

Candace Cameron says that social support is a must for achieving a weight loss goal. You need support from a partner who can support healthy eating habits. Candace feels blessed to have a loving family that supports her healthy lifestyle. The biggest advantage of social support is it keeps you motivated all the time so you feel confident. It will boost your mood so you feel happy about reaching the target.

Want to follow Candace Cameron diet & lifestyle

Candace Cameron Follow Her Diet & Lifestyle

If yes, then wait before you switch to a complete vegan diet as it could shock your body. Candace’s body is different from yours. Also, Candace Cameron has adopted vegan diet completely. You can also try vegan, but avoid shocking your digestive system. Or you can follow simple tips.

• Stay hydrated all the day
• Follow 80/20 rule
• Never full yourself of food
• Avoid junk food
• Workout regularly
• Remain stress-free
• Look for social support
• Have the patience to see some results

If you have stomach problems, you should visit your doctor to find the reasons for the problem. You can avoid dairy to prevent the development of stomach problems, but only on the advice of your doctor. Diet and exercise will help maintain weight and health in the long run, but you need to be careful about your body type and medical condition.

Disclaimer: Diet and exercise work well only when practiced under the supervision of a personal trainer. For more information please visit our site at

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