Beauty Secret

Candence Cameron Shares Her Beauty Secret

Candace Cameron Shares Her Beauty Secret In A Candid Way

Candace Cameron is a mother of three kids but she looks much younger than her real age. Whatever be her real age is, she is as fit as a 20-year-old woman. And Candace Cameron gives the credit of her younger looks to her diet and weight loss lifestyle.

She’s mostly on a vegan diet that includes eggs and occasional fish. She’s built lean muscle mass with the help of Kira Stokes, a celebrity fitness coach of athletes.

Keep reading if you want to know how 40 plus actress Candace Cameron maintains her youth & diet

She avoids dairy, sugar, and white flour….

Candace Cameron Avoids Dairy, Sugar, & White Flour

Candace advises avoiding dairy if you have issues like constipation. She avoids dairy and says that it helps reduce stomach problems. Also, it relieves congestion and puffiness on her face and body. She further says that people should first consult a doctor that the stomach issues are due to dairy and not because of some other problem.

Few people know that Candace Cameron had a history of stomach inflammation and that she suffered a lot from stomach irritation. But she is fine after avoiding dairy. Also, she avoids refined sugar and white flour as they have little nutritional value and they are high in calories.

Candace Cameron follows a plant-based diet….

Candace Cameron Follows Plant Based Diet

Her diet includes banana shake, almond milk, oatmeal with milk, brown rice with cabbage and coconut milk, Kale salad, roasted vegetables, … Find more


13 Best Nail Straighteners You Can Use To Take Care Of Your Nails

Look at your nails from close to find whether they are chipped, split, or cracked. Or they could be discolored for want of UV rays. There are some best nail straighteners to take care of your nails.

Do you know that your nails also need nutrients including calcium, proteins, and vitamins? You use nail polish to decorate and condition nails but little do you know that regular nail polish can cause more damage to your nails.

Choose from the below mentioned some best nail straighteners brands to take care of your nails

Onyx Hard As Hoof Best Nail Straighteners Cream

Onyx Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

Enriched with vitamins and other natural ingredients, this cream can prevent your nails from chipping, splitting, and cracking. It is also useful for repairing damage by acrylic nails. It will make your nails stronger and healthier by restoring natural moisture to them. Also, it can be used with or without nail polish. The only drawback it has an undesirable fragrance of coconut oil.

O.P.I. Nail Envy Original Nail Strengthener

O.P.I. Nail Envy Original Nail Strengthener

It can be a cure for weak, thin, and fragile nails as it contains a combination of hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. You can use it as a treatment for weak nails or as a base coating for stronger and healthier nails. Available in 4 natural shades, this product allows choosing the right shade for your nails. The presence of formaldehyde is the only drawback of … Find more