5 Ways To Fix A Broken Nail

What is the best solution to a broken nail in your opinion? Could you fix a broken nail in a short time? How would you hide a broken nail?

These are some of the burning questions that will come to your mind when you have a broken nail to deal with. You could ignore it if it is small. But it is better to find a reliable solution to your broken nail.

Why don’t you try to fix the broken nail? It is possible and there are many ways to fix a broken nail. For example, it can be glued or fixed with a gel strip. Or you can treat it with a tea bag.

Here’re 5 reliable ways of fixing a broken nail

  1. Use A Glue To Fix A Broken Nail

A minor break on a nail can be fixed using nail glue. Its advantage is that it is quick and easy. Also, the glue remains invisible. No scar or mark will be visible on the nail.

Use A Glue To Fix A Broken Nail

How To:

• Clean your nail and the broken piece before gluing
• Apply glue to the broken part and fix it in its place
• Press the broken part against the nail until it is dry
• Avoid using the finger with the broken nail for some time


You won’t be able to move your nail after gluing. If your nail is flexible, you should avoid gluing it as it could lead to further damage.

It works well for minor damage. And its biggest advantage is that it can prevent further damage to the nail. Also, it provides a quick fix solution in emergencies like you are preparing for an event when you accidentally break a nail.

  1. Use A Gel Strip To Fix A Broken Nail
Use A Gel Strip To Fix A Broken Nail

Just like you use a band-aid to cover topical wounds, you can use gel strips to fix broken parts of nails. And it is easier to fix a broken nail with the help of a strip.

How To:

• Clean your nail for fixing and let it dry completely
• Cut a gel strip up to the size of the broken nail for fixing
• Take the broken part and fix it in its place
• Fix the broken part with a gel strip
• Paste it over the nail instead of the lower part
• Blow-dry the strip so it holds the broken part firmly

The advantage of gel strips is that they provide a firm grip that helps in fixing a broken part to its original nail. But it has a drawback that is it is visible until it is removed. You can use glue instead of a gel strip if you don’t want the fix to be visible.

  1. Use A Tea Bag To Fix A Broken Nail
Use A Tea Bag To Fix A Broken Nail

It is a great way to handle an emergency situation where there is little time to use a quick-fix solution. Your tea bag could help reshape the broken nail and look as good as it was before the damage. Also, it will be a more permanent solution to the broken nail problem.

How To:

• Take a tea bag and make it warm in the water
• Also, soak the broken nail in water
• Squeeze out excess water from the tea bag
• Put the tea bag on the broken nail and keep it for 5-10 minutes
• Remove the teat bag when your nail is soft
• Reshape the broken nail with a clipper
• Blow-dry the nail and apply nail polish to it

A tea bag will soften the broken nail after which you can easily bring it into a decent shape. It will prevent further damage like discoloration or peeling, but you need to be very careful while doing pressure jobs like typing or writing. Avoid any job that could put pressure on your fingers and nails.

  1. Use Dip Powder To Fix A Broken Nail
Use Dip Powder To Fix A Broken Nail

A dip powder-acetone solution could work if you don’t want to glue a broken nail or join the broken piece with a gel strip. Simply make a quick-fix solution using dip powder and acetone and treat your broken nail. If you don’t have acetone, you can use your nail polish remover.

How To:

• Mix 1 tsp of dip powder and acetone/nail polish remover in an equal amount
• Dip the broken nail in the powder for 15-20 minutes
• Remove the nail and the excess powder after the said time
• Repeat the process before curing your nail
• Apply nail polish on the cured nail and let it dry

Dip powder and acetone solution will provide an ultra-thin layer of protection to the broken nail. It will prevent further damage and improve the flexibility of the nail.

Note: Avoid dip powder and acetone solution, if you have a habit of being harsh on your fingernails. You will often have broken nails and it isn’t advisable to use this solution to treat every broken nail.

  1. Use An Artificial Fingernail
Use An Artificial Fingernail

It is a reliable solution for a broken nail but it needs experience. While you can try it at home, but it is better to get the solution from a nail salon.

How To:

Glue an artificial nail to your broken nail
File down the artificial nail to the point where it meets the cuticles of your original nail
Apply nail polish and let it dry so it seals the nail perfectly


Don’t apply the artificial nail too close to the cuticle line of the broken nail, if the broken nail is too short.

Using an artificial nail will provide your broken nail with ample time to grow broken part. Also, it will feel like your original nail. For better results, you should go to a professional. An artificial nail has to be finished in such a manner that it looks real.


You can break a nail accidentally but there is little to worry about it when you know how to fix it. You can glue the broken part or simply treat it with a tea bag. When you have solutions, you can choose the one you are comfortable with.

Disclaimer: Talk to your dermatologist to know the right cause of the breaking of nails and to get the right solution.

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