Why Should You Cuddle More?

When you spend time with your bae, you come in a lap pillow cuddle position so you feel comfortable and enjoy the intimacy. Or it would be better to say that when you want to convey your feelings to your bae, you bring your partner in a cuddling position.

Cuddling and hugging like wrapping your arms around each other convey many things like you want to get physical or want to feel satisfied. Also, medical research has proved beyond doubt that short periods of cuddling and hugging can enhance mood and increase bonding.

What Is Cuddling?

It is s language of love. It is the start of lovemaking. Also, it is a way to bring depth to your relationship. And there are many ways to cuddle.

Here I’m mentioning 11 different ways of lap pillow cuddle and their advantages.

The Spoon Cuddle

The Spoon Cuddle

Spooning is a bit sexual and it is what makes it a great cuddling position. One partner becomes the “big spoon” and wraps their arm around the “little spoon” the second partner. In the “little spoon” position, your back will rest against the stomach of your partner.

The Half Spoon Cuddle

The Half Spoon Cuddle

It is more comfortable and the big spoon position as it allows ample space for both the partners. In this position, none of the partners compromise with their comfort while enjoying the warmth of togetherness.

The Honeymoon Cuddle

The Honeymoon Cuddle

First, understand the position. Both the partners face each other and entangle their limbs to experience togetherness. Honeymoon cuddling is a great position when you want to get more from your relationship. Also, it is a way to take your relationship a step ahead.

The Sweetheart Lap Cuddle

The Sweetheart Cuddle

Just imagine lying between the arms of your partner with your head resting on his chest. It is an extremely comforting position where you will feel like being nurtured by your partner. The feeling generated would be of well-being and trust.

The Lap Pillow Cuddle

The Lap Pillow Cuddle

When you want to start a sweet chit-chat with your partner, you can come to this position where your head would rest on the lap of your partner. It will help in making close eye contact and even stealing a kiss or two. You can even watch movies or your favorite TV shows while lying in this position.

The Butt Lap Pillow Cuddle

The Butt Pillow Cuddle

Using the butt of your partner for lying shows that you are submissive and that your bae can take the freedom to show his feelings towards you. Also, your bae’s butt could serve as a soft and comfy cushion to rest your head on.

The Butt Cheek-To-Cheek Cuddle

The Butt Cheek-To-Cheek Cuddle

The position involves resting with your faces in the opposite directions but your butt cheeks and lower backs touching. While the knees are bent, you have the option to stretch your legs and play footsie to convey your desire for physical intimacy. It shows that you are in a physically connected state but you don’t want to compromise on your sleep quality. In other words, you enjoy intimacy while taking a good night’s sleep.

The Leg Hug Cuddle

The Leg Hug Lap Cuddle

When you have a desire for physical intimacy, but sleep is still a priority, you can come in the position of leg hug where you can reach your leg over your bae’s leg. But you will need to adjust your legs to allow your leg to be on top of your partner’s. And once you are in the right position, you can enjoy togetherness and intimacy.

The Arm Draper

The Arm Draper Cuddle

It is the most convenient and comfortable position as you only need to come face to face and drape your arms around each other. Since there is little need to make adjustments, you can easily come into this position. The advantage of this position is it allows eye contact necessary for conveying romantic feelings. But it could disrupt your sleep if you are too tired and want to sleep.

Pancake Cuddle

Pancake Cuddle

Oh! It’s a yummy position. Just like a pancake, this cuddling position will sweeten your mood. Here one of the partners remains on top of the other. It brings their eyes, nose, and even lips in close contact with each other. The partner on the bottom feels compressed completely, but it is a healthy and happy feeling.

Sitting Position Cuddle

Sitting Position Lap Cuddle

It is a classic position that involves resting your back on your partners chest. And it allows draping your arms around each other. Also, you can make a leg cuddle while sitting in this position. It will lift your mood and encourage you to share your true feelings.

Advantages of cuddle

Advantages Of Lap Pillow Cuddle
  1. Develops Intimacy And Physical Satisfaction

Cuddling is the start of lovemaking and cuddling after physical contact gives complete satisfaction. Couples who cuddle after sex feel satisfied with the relationship.

  1. Increased Bonding

Cuddling increases physical and mental bonding as you feel connected and loved. Also, the position triggers a type of hormone that promotes a healthy feel.

  1. Improved Communication

Touch works as a therapy for the body and mind. It conveys warm feelings like gratitude and sympathy. Also, it helps convey deep feelings of sadness and happiness.

  1. Controls Blood Pressure

Research has proved that cuddling and hugging regulate blood pressure. A short period of cuddling could have a relaxing effect on your tired body and mind.

  1. Relieves Stress

According to medical research, stretching in a cuddling position could relieve your body and mind of unnecessary stress and tension. Cuddling release serotonin and dopamine hormones that improve mood and bring a happy feel to the mind.

  1. Relieves Pain
Cuddle Relieves Pain

Cuddling balances energy that promotes natural healing. In other words, it can relieve pain in a quick and effective way. Pain and suffering associated with long working hours and mental pressure can get relieved by cuddling and hugging.

Final Thoughts

Cuddling is a way to convey your feeling that you want to be intimate. It allows you to remain entwined with your partner even when you want to sleep. Or it would be much better to say that cuddling is a way to stay connected all the time.

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