Why Should You Cuddle More?

When you spend time with your bae, you come in a cuddling position so you feel comfortable and enjoy the intimacy. Or it would be better to say that when you want to convey your feelings to your bae, you bring your partner in a cuddling position.

Cuddling and hugging like wrapping your arms around each other convey many things like you want to get physical or want to feel satisfied. Also, medical research has proved beyond doubt that short periods of cuddling and hugging can enhance mood and increase bonding.

What Is Cuddling?

It is s language of love. It is the start of lovemaking. Also, it is a way to bring depth to your relationship. And there are many ways to cuddle. Here I’m mentioning 11 different ways of cuddling and their advantages.

  1. The Spoon
The Spoon

Spooning is a bit sexual and it is what makes it a great cuddling position. One partner becomes the “big spoon” and wraps their arm around the “little spoon” the second partner. In the “little spoon” position, your back will rest against the stomach of your partner.

  1. The Half Spoon
The Half Spoon

It is more comfortable and the big spoon position as it allows ample space for both the partners. In this position, none of the partners compromise with their comfort while enjoying the warmth of togetherness.

  1. The Honeymoon
The Honeymoon

First, understand the position. Both the partners face each other … Find more