10 Dramatic Eyeshadows For Brown Eyes

If you are blessed with brown eyes, you should try the following eyeshadows that will improve your facial appearance dramatically. You can choose an eyeshadow depending on the type of brown color of your eyes.

Brown Eyes

  1. Plum Eyeshadow
Plum Eyeshadow

Get an earthy feel with this eyeshadow. Also, it will match perfectly with jeans and boots.


• Eyeshadow – Brown, Plum, Dark Purple
• Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Make a transition shade in the crease with the brown shade with pink undertones
• Highlight the middle and inside area of the eyelid with plum shade
• Improve outer corners with the dark purple shade and blend it out
• For the finishing touch, use eyeliner and mascara

  1. Dark Green Eyeshadow

Dark brown eyes look gorgeous in this shade. And this pretty shade can be in matte finish or shimmer. Wear matte finish in the day and keep shimmer for evenings.

Dark Green Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Warm Brown, Dark Green, Black
• Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Make a transition shade with the warm brown color
• Color the entire eyelid with the dark green shade
• Make outer corners with the black shade
• Finishing touch with eyeliner and mascara

  1. Gray Eyeshadow

It is a softer option if you don’t want your eyes to look black. It is a subtle look but you can make it fascinating by adding a winged liner to the eyeshadow.

Gray Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Soft Brown, Gray
• Eyeliner – Silver, Black
• Mascara

How To:

• Make a transition shade in the crease with the soft brown color
• Use gray shade over the eyelid and blend it well
• Complete the look with a winger liner and a silver line below the wing
• Finish the look with the mascara

Medium Brown Eyes

  1. Gold Eyeshadow

Gold shade works best for brown eyes because the pigment highlights the tiny dots of gold present in the brown eyes.


• Eyeshadow – Brown, Gold
• Black Gel Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Improve the crease with the brown shade and extend it slightly into the browbone
• Use a thick winged liner
• Make the rest of the eyelid of gold and blend the golden and black parts well
• Use a concealer in the crease to give it a cut crease makeup look. Follow the line of the wing up to the browbone. Use a clean liner brush for the job
• Add some mascara
• Smoke out the bottom lashes with brown shade

  1. Violet Eyeshadow

It is a lovely color especially for special occasions or a night out. Its advantage is that it makes brown shade even more attractive.

Violet Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Soft Brown, Violet, Black
• Fake Lashes
• Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Make a transition shade of soft brown shade with pink undertones
• Use violet shade to color the eyelid and blend it well
• Create a smokey effect by highlighting the outer corner and lower lash line with the black shade
• Wear fake lashes for dramatic effect
• Finish the look with eyeliner and mascara

  1. Green Eyeshadow

Pair your green eyes with a winger liner and false lashes and you are ready to go out for a party. Also, it will go well with your party dresses.

Green Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Brown-Orange, Green, Black
• Eyeliner
• Mascara

How To:

• Brown shade with orange undertone is for the transition crease
• Apply green shade all over the eyelid
• Keep black shade for the outer corner
• Add a winged liner and mascara
• Wear false lashes for a fascinating look

  1. Bronze Eyeshadow

It is an evergreen color as it matches all seasons, occasions, and reasons. If you wear glasses, bronze can complement your eyeglasses well. Also, it is a great color for summer as bronze signifies warmth.


• Eyeshadow – Brown, Dark Brown, Bronze
• Eyeliner
• False Lashes

How To:

• The brown shade of for making a transition in the crease, but you need to extend it slightly towards the browbone
• Draw outer corner and the crease with a darker shade of brown. It will deepen the look
• Apply the bronze shade all over the eyelid
• Finishing touch with the eyeliner and the false lashes

Light Brown Eyes

  1. Rose Gold Eyeshadow

Rose gold has an advantage. It looks good on every face shape. Also, it is the best shade, if you really want to highlight your big brown eyes. Another advantage of this shade is it is neutral and you can build or tone it down according to your needs.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Nude Brown, Mauve, Rose Gold
• Eyeliner
• False Lashes

How To:

• Brown nude shade would be used as a transition shade in the crease
• Extend the outer corner with the strong mauve shade
• Eyelid and the inner corner will get the rose gold shade
• Finish with the eyeliner
• And wear false lashes for enhanced appearance

  1. Soft Brown Eyeshadow

It would give you a retro feel. Also, it will look natural as the shade matches the light brown color of the eyes. And you will agree that it is a perfect shade for everyday use.

Soft Brown Eyeshadow


• Soft Brown Eyeshadow
• Brown Eyeliner
• Mascara
• Tape

How To:

• Cover your lash line with tape to draw a sharp wing with the eyeshadow
• Apply the soft brown shade all over the eyelid
• Draw your upper lash with a brown eyeliner and blend it well
• Remove the tape and finish the makeup with some mascara

  1. Taupe Eyeshadow

It is a cool-toned color that looks simply beautiful on light brown eyes. Also, you can improve it with a dramatic cat eye to look perfect for special occasions.

Taupe Eyeshadow


• Eyeshadow – Brown, Silvery White, Dark Brown
• Silvery Purple Glitter Pigments
• Eyeliner
• False Lashes

How To:

• Draw the crease with brown shade
• Apply the silver-white shade from the inner corner to the middle of the eye
• Design the outer corner with the dark brown color
• Decorate the center of the eyelid with silvery purple pigments
• Wear false lashes and finish with a cat liner


Eyes can speak more than your mouth if you know how to make your eyes speak. Use these eyeshadows to bring out the natural color of your eyes and to improve your appearance.

Disclaimer: Readers are advised to be cautious while using eyeshadows as they could trigger allergic reactions

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