Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is better known as Summer Quinn of Baywatch. She is the beautiful actress who you see and praised in the red zip-up swimsuit. Alexandre Daddario made viewers wonder about her workout routine and slim figure despite having a busy schedule.

Born: 16 March 1986 (New York, US)
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2002-present
Achievements: One Golden Schmoes Awards 2017, one Pena de Prata award, and three nominations for Teen Choice Awards

When Alexandra Daddario was asked about her fitness secrets, she shared a long list of things & workout routine she does to stay fit.

Here are Alexandra Daddario workout routine & fitness secrets:

Keep Things Interesting

Alexandra Daddario Keeps Things Interesting

Her workouts cover everything from movements to machines and muscles to structure. She once told Women’s Health magazine that she did a log of yoga. But she felt stronger only when she incorporated strength training into her routine. Also, her dynamic training routine isn’t boring. It prevents overuse injuries and avoids plateaus. Also, it tones different areas of the body as well.

She keeps her training schemes and exercises groupings constantly like weight training, full-body workouts, lower and upper body workouts, in-circuit form, superset form, and single exercise schemes. Her approach covers muscular endurance.

Alexandra Daddario Respects Her Body & Follows Workout Routine

Alexandra Daddario Respects Her Body

Alexandra Daddario is hypermobile which means she has an increased range of movement in her body. And she knows that overstretching her joints could cause injuries. She takes care while exercising and avoids repetitive exercises that could lead to painful conditions.

She prefers strengthening exercises as muscle building helps to stabilize the joints. She also advises her fans to respect their bodies. Old injuries and genetic aptitudes could pose limitations on your body movement. You should respect your body instead of stretching it beyond its limitations.

She Stays Active On Her Days Off

Alexandra Daddario Stays Active On Her Days Off

Her working out is all about staying healthy and she tries to keep active even on her days off. Her Instagram pictures show that she loves hiking; she’s good at post-work yoga sessions, and she’s adept in the gym. And she never forgets to keep wipes to freshen up in between exercise sessions, dates, and work.

Her workout sessions include some touch-up feel and an unbroken feel with zero rest. She says that rest days are important but she never misses a neighborhood power walk during her rest days.

Alexandra Daddario Takes Time To Recharge Including Workout

Takes Time To Recharge

Alexandra Daddario understands the value of time in health and she allows ample to her body to recharge. She believes in yoga as it helps in dealing with stress in different ways. Also, yoga and meditation are her favorite ways to unwind and she speaks volumes about both the practices. In her words, yoga takes her mind to a world where there is no distraction or disturbance.

But She Never Forgets Her Mind

Alexandra Daddario Never Forgets Her Mind

Alexandra Daddario understands the value of exercising for body and mind. She’s ignorant about exercises that are good for the mind. And she truly enjoys performing exercises that give her both physical strength and mental peace. Also, she keeps things simple and interesting to generate her interest. She tries to keep her mind free from stress with exercises.

Her Go-To Snacks Are Super Healthy

Go-To Snacks Are Super Healthy

She keeps her food tasty and healthy. She doesn’t mind taking a tablespoon of peanut butter to enhance the attest of her food. And when she needs quick energy, she takes half an avocado. But she takes a balanced diet that gives her the energy she needs to keep going.

Also, she loves sweets and doesn’t say no to them. Whenever she wants to pamper her sweet tooth, she enjoys snickers and dark chocolate with fruit. And she laughing says that she pretends to be healthy.

She’s Realistic About Eating On Set

Realistic About Eating On Set

Alexandra Daddario always has a busy schedule. She is always shooting at different locations and sometimes she doesn’t get enough time even to get proper rest. She says that she feels frustrated when shoots are longer than expected and tiring. She says that long shoots tire her body and mind to the point where she wants to eat everything she can lay her hands on.

But she has a trick to control her urge for food during long shoots. She plans her food and snacks and she keeps the length of shoots in mind while planning her snacks.

Alexandra Daddario Keeps Her Workout Maximum & Food Delivery To A Minimum

Alexandra Daddario Diet

Alexandra Daddario is a health-conscious model and this is evident from her exercise and eating habits. She orders food from Postmates but keeps her orders to a minimum. She knows that her taste buds need pampering but she never compromises her health. Whenever she orders food, she keeps it to a minimum to reduce its impact on her health.

She Knows Change Takes Time

Alexandra Daddario Changes

She knows there are no quick fixes and one has to continue with healthy habits to see any change in their body. But Alexandra Daddario has found a trick to speed up the change. She keeps working to achieve her health goals and never believes in any trick to cut short the process. Her focus is always on long-term gains instead of quick changes that are always short-term.

Recovery Is Everything

Recovery Is Everything

Alexandra Daddario allows her body ample time to recover from tiring exercising schedules. Even she keeps changing exercises from a cruising touch-up feel to unbroken with zero rest. Also, her trainer gives her relaxing therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic. It is necessary to recover from minor injuries you could have during exercises before you start again.

Final Thoughts

Alexandra Daddario really works hard to maintain her figure for which she received wide acclamation. Her role as Summer Quinn is liked so much that people started recognizing her from Baywatch. While people praise her figure and fitness, they forget the hard work she does to maintain a good figure.

If you are considering getting a figure like Alexandra Daddario, you should follow her 10-point formula and work out only under an experienced personal trainer. Also, respect and love your body as it is.

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