Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is better known as Summer Quinn of Baywatch. She is the beautiful actress who you see and praised in the red zip-up swimsuit. Alexandre Daddario made viewers wonder about her workout routine and slim figure despite having a busy schedule.

Born: 16 March 1986 (New York, US)
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2002-present
Achievements: One Golden Schmoes Awards 2017, one Pena de Prata award, and three nominations for Teen Choice Awards

When Alexandra Daddario was asked about her fitness secrets, she shared a long list of things & workout routine she does to stay fit.

Here are Alexandra Daddario workout routine & fitness secrets:

Keep Things Interesting

Alexandra Daddario Keeps Things Interesting

Her workouts cover everything from movements to machines and muscles to structure. She once told Women’s Health magazine that she did a log of yoga. But she felt stronger only when she incorporated strength training into her routine. Also, her dynamic training routine isn’t boring. It prevents overuse injuries and avoids plateaus. Also, it tones different areas of the body as well.

She keeps her training schemes and exercises groupings constantly like weight training, full-body workouts, lower and upper body workouts, in-circuit form, superset form, and single exercise schemes. Her approach covers muscular endurance.

Alexandra Daddario Respects Her Body & Follows Workout Routine

Alexandra Daddario Respects Her Body

Alexandra Daddario is hypermobile which means she has an increased range of movement in her body. And she knows that overstretching her joints could cause injuries. She takes care while exercising and avoids repetitive exercises … Find more