9 DIY Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heating

Do you still use the heat method to curl your hair? If yes, then you should know that heat can damage your hair follicle leaving your tresses thin and brittle. But there is little need to treat your hair with a heating device to get wavy curls when you can get the curls without heating.

Here’re 9 creative ways of curling your hair without heating

  1. Scrunching

It will make your hair wavy and enhance the natural curl depending on the natural color and texture of the hair. Also, it is the most convenient way to get messy curls.


• Curl Enhancing Product
• Volumizing Shampoo
• Hair Gel

How To:

• Prepare your hair for curling by shampoo and conditioning
• Rinse your hair and draw a golf ball size mousse or peanut size gel
• Bend forward and start scrunching your hair with the curling product
• Scrunch your hair upward and avoid scrunching hair near its root
• Let your hair dry after scrunching

  1. Pin Curls
Pin Curls

It is the most convenient way of curling your hair without heat. Simply pin your locks before bed and get gorgeous curls in the morning.


• Hair Gel
• Wide-Tooth Comb
• Hair Pins
• Hairspray

How To:

• Shampoo, condition, and detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb for curling
• Apply some hair gel after towel drying your hair and start curling
• First, create a bun with a section of your crown hair
• Second, create a loop with a 1-inch section of your side hair and fix it with a pin
• Curl more hair strands with the process and wrap your curls with a scarf to secure the pins
• Undo your curls in the morning and use some hairspray for extra hold

  1. Braiding

It works well when you need flawless beach waves. Also, it is an easier and safer way to curl hair.


• 2 Hair Ties
• Hairspray

How To:

• Wash your hair and let them 70% dry
• Part your hair and create two regular braids on either side to get waves towards the end of the hair
• Make French braids or boxer braids for waves beginning close to the roots of your locks
• Unlock the braids only when your tresses are completely dry
• Use hairspray to hold the waves for a long time

  1. Velcro Rollers
Velcro Rollers

It is the most convenient way of curling hair without using heat technology. Also, you can use Velcro of various sizes to get different curl sizes.


• Velcro Rollers
• Comb
• Hairspray

How To:

• Dampen your hair by washing or with a using spray bottle
• Section your thick hair and roll it upwards, but avoid sectioning for thin hair
• Keeping rolling your hair until the Velcro sits decently on the scalp
• Secure the Velcro with pins and wait for your hair to completely dry
• Undo the curls and use some hairspray

  1. Bantu Knots
Bantu Knots

It gives tight and springy curls, and its biggest advantage is that it works for all hair types.


• Bobby Pins
• Shower Cap
• Hair Gel
• Hairspray

How To:

• Wash and let your hair 80% dry before curling
• Curl a 1-inch section of your until it resembles a rope
• Make a bun of this section and secure it with a bobby pin
• Curl other hair strands in a similar way
• Wear a shower cap and go to bet
• Undo the curls in the morning and use some hairspray

  1. Paper Towel Method
Paper Towel Method

Paper towels can work as an alternative to rollers and give tight and springy curls.


• Paper Towel Roll
• Hairspray

How To:

• Dampen your hair by washing or using a hairspray
• Take a 1-inch section of hair and wrap its end around the middle of the paper towel
• Roll the hair section until the paper towel reaches the scalp
• Tie the paper towel around the rolled-up hair
• Curl other hair sections in a similar manner
• Wait overnight and undo the curls in the morning
• Use some hairspray for better hold

  1. Sock Method
Sock Method

You can get curly hair even with the help of a sock. Also, your locks would look great while they are being curled by a sock.


• Hair Tie
• Bobby Pins
• Sock
• Scissors
• Hairspray

How To:

• Dampen your hair with hairspray or washing
• Make a high ponytail with damp hair and secure it with a pin
• Take a sock and cut its toes and roll it in a doughnut shape
• Pull your hair through its holes
• Wrap your hair around the sock and roll it until it reaches your scalp
• Secure it with bobby pins
• Undo the roll when the hair is completely dry and finish with some hairspray

  1. Headband Methods
Headband Methods

If you are looking for beachy waves and voluminous curls, then use the headband method.


• Headband
• Sea-Salt Spray

How To:

• Dampen your hair and wrap a headband around your head
• Part your hair and start wrapping the parted sections into the band
• Pin the hair sections in the headband and let the hair dry
• You can use a blow drier to speed up the drying process
• Unpin the hair when it is dry and comb it with your fingers
• Finish by scrunching your hair with a sea-salt spray

  1. Twist Buns
Twist Buns

It is the easiest way to get quick beach curls especially when you are in a hurry.


• 2 Hair Ties
• Sea-Salt Spray

How To:

• Dampen your hair and part them in two equal sections
• Take the first section in a high pigtail position and start twisting until it resembles a rope
• Secure the first section with a hair tie
• Repeat the process with the second hair section and secure it with the second hair tie
• Wait until your hair is completely dry
• Undo the curls when your hair is dry and finger comb the curls
• Finish it by sea-salt spray and scrunch the curls for hold and volume

Final Thoughts

The curls achieved with non-heating methods could last up to 2-3 days, but the process will keep your hair safe from unnecessary heat damage. Also, you can get the curls in a hassle-free overnight treatment.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to keep the condition of their hair in mind while choosing a curling process.

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