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Using Magic Shaving Powder

Is This $3 Magic Shaving Powder Worth Your Money?

Magic Shaving Powder by SoftSheen CarSon is a shaving depilatory powder for coarse textured hair. It is for all beard and facial hair types. But the brand mentions the product is specially formulated for Black Men to help prevent razor bumps.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Brown skin men often get razor bumps medically called pseudofolliculitis barbae while shaving their beards. And it is very frustrating for a man especially when they need to shave frequently like every other day. Also, improving your grooming habits is the best way to prevent razor bumps. It can be successfully managed with the help of topical and systematic treatment options.

Magic Shaving Powder gives a clean shave without pseudofolliculitis barbae and the results last for up to 48 hours. So, you don’t have to use it frequently or more than twice a week. Like other topical creams, it also comes with a statutory warning.

Users are advised to conduct a safety test on their skin to see whether the powder causes any allergic reaction and use only if they find the product to be safe.

How Magic Shaving Powder Works?

How Magic Shaving Powder Works

The magic powder contains calcium thioglycolate that breaks down the hair for removal. Calcium hydroxide controls the pH level of the powder and the carbonate absorbs moisture to give a closer shave.

Using the powder seems like magic done within 5 minutes. Also, it gives freedom from all ingrown hair without fearing razor bumps for four days. It is specially … Find more

Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

Modern Bride Flaunt This Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

The bun hairstyles are one of the easiest to carry for your functions or wedding. They are no mess, no fuss hairstyles. With the number of variations a bun hairstyle for wedding has, it goes well with everything you carry. You do not have to worry about a bun being boring, the end result will be anything but so.

Be it an elegant look that you want to show for the engagement form fests in the evening with a mix dress or a saree, or be it a messy look that you wish for with your Indo- western attire that you choose for your mehndi function or indeed a natural look for the Haldi function. The bun hairstyle for wedding will fit in for each of these and make you look like the queen who is bound to turn the heads as she walks by. A bride’s entire attire for her wedding day consists of a long list of particulars. From an elaborate lehenga to her makeup and hairstyle to gorgeous bun hairstyle for wedding, none go unnoticed. A bun can be secured with a hair tie, barrette, or with bobby pin, one or farther hair sticks, a hairnet, or a pen or pencil.

Half Bun Hairstyle For Wedding

Hair may also be wrapped around a piece called a “rat”. Indian hairstylist generally goes for neatly projected buns. It helps the dupatta stay put on the head to make the bride look perfect. Further, it gives the hair Find more

Makeup With Your Hair Color

How To Match Your Makeup With Your Hair Color?

When it comes to choosing makeup, your first concern is to hide imperfection and then to improve the skin tone. But little do you know that makeup that doesn’t blend well with hair color looks completely washed out.

Here’re different makeup ideas for 8 types of hair colors. Starting from natural black to shiny magenta color, you need to be careful about your makeup. It should blend well with your hair color.

  1. Dark Hair/Black Hair
Dark Hair/Black Hair

Feel blessed, if you have dark black tresses as they look more natural hence more beautiful. With naturally black hair, you can wear almost any shade or go minimal. Simply enhance your features like eyes, cheeks, and lips and keep the rest of the look simple. If your eyes are also dark, it is a double blessing.

Experts suggest wine and blue-based colors to dark-haired beauties. They put more focus on well-defined eye makeup to match their dark-colored hair. And they suggest warmer colors like bronze, corals, purple, and browns for eye makeup. For lips, their suggestion is to wear bolt red or deep plum color. On cheeks, a peach blush would look amazing.

  1. Blonde Hair
Blonde Hair

Blonde hair shines in bright light and for this reason, it attracts attention quickly. But you need to be choosey with your makeup else you will end up with a washed-out look. The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid dark tones as they will create a stark contrast with your beautiful blonde hair.

Start your … Find more

Hairstyles Oval Faces

15 Hairstyles Oval Faces Should Try In 2022

A large forehead with a semi-pointed jawline is the most prominent feature of an oval face. Your face has more length than width which makes the forehead appear bigger than other features. But you aren’t the only woman with an oval face shape. Like others, you can also accentuate your face with the right hairstyle.

Tips for choosing a hairstyle for your oval face:

• Choose the haircut that at least partially covers your forehead so the focus shifts on other facial features
• Avoid making poufs especially big ones as it will add more length to your already lengthy face
• Try hairstyles that allow tucking hair behind your ears as it will highlight your cheekbones
• Avoid parting hair your hair from the middle as it will make your face appear longer. Try side parting or zig-zag middle parting instead
• Try messy hairstyles like top knots as they will add volume to your hair
• Short hairstyles are just perfect for your oval face. Also, you can try highlighting your facial features
• Bangs are superb for oval faces. And there is little need to reconsider your decision of making bangs

Here’re the 15 best hairstyles for oval face women

  1. Slightly Parted Front Bangs
Slightly Parted Front Bangs

Here actress Zooey Deschanel is showing how bangs work for an oval face. The New Girl star has an oval face with a large forehead, but the slightly parted bangs cover her forehead completely. It shifts the focus to her gorgeous eyes.… Find more

Trendy Fringe Bangs Haircuts

10 Trendy Fringe Bangs Haircuts To Try In 2022

Bangs hairstyle has an advantage in that is it provides ample room for recreation. Also, it gives a carefree feel as you won’t need any hair accessories to keep your hair intact.

Check out these 10 bangs hairstyles to know what makes them different from others

  1. Thick Fine Blunt Fringe

Are your tresses thicker than normal? If yes, then you should consider wearing this blunt fringe. An ideal way to flaunt the thickness of your hair, it would suit your face shape as well. Also, it is easier to design as you can see that the blunt bangs are cut straight across. Straight cutting would keep the bangs and layers separate which will further highlight the thickness of your hair. Like the model, you don’t have to feather your locks at the end.

  1. Thick Highlighted Bangs
Thick Highlighted Bangs

See how the model has framed her face with her bangs. This style adds some soft highlights to her face. And these highlights act more like subduing elements. But the biggest highlight of the hairstyle is the large bangs covering the entire forehead. And it has a subduing effect on her face. The entire focus comes on the lower half of the face.

It is a good hairstyle especially for those who want to highlight their facial features. If your facial features are sharp like this model, you should go for this haircut. You can see the model is looking stunning even with minimal makeup in this hairstyle.

  1. Side-Swept Fringe For Thick Hair
Find more
DIY Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heating

9 DIY Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Heating

Do you still use the heat method to curl your hair? If yes, then you should know that heat can damage your hair follicle leaving your tresses thin and brittle. But there is little need to treat your hair with a heating device to get wavy curls when you can get the curls without heating.

Here’re 9 creative ways of curling your hair without heating

  1. Scrunching

It will make your hair wavy and enhance the natural curl depending on the natural color and texture of the hair. Also, it is the most convenient way to get messy curls.


• Curl Enhancing Product
• Volumizing Shampoo
• Hair Gel

How To:

• Prepare your hair for curling by shampoo and conditioning
• Rinse your hair and draw a golf ball size mousse or peanut size gel
• Bend forward and start scrunching your hair with the curling product
• Scrunch your hair upward and avoid scrunching hair near its root
• Let your hair dry after scrunching

  1. Pin Curls
Pin Curls

It is the most convenient way of curling your hair without heat. Simply pin your locks before bed and get gorgeous curls in the morning.


• Hair Gel
• Wide-Tooth Comb
• Hair Pins
• Hairspray

How To:

• Shampoo, condition, and detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb for curling
• Apply some hair gel after towel drying your hair and start curling
• First, create a bun with a section of your crown hair
• Second, create … Find more

Look Naturally Beautiful With The Following Tips

Look Naturally Beautiful With The Following Tips

There is little need to spend hours standing before a mirror and looking for ways to improve your complexion when you can easily get back the lost glow by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Know what your skin needs

Your skin needs nutrients that you give it through cosmetics. While it works well, but you should focus on inner health that comes from within. Start eating a healthy diet that contains omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins E, C, A, and other necessary nutrients in rich amounts.

Here’s the list of 10 things you can do at home to get a healthy and glowing skin

  1. Eat Healthy To Get Glowing Skin
Eat Healthy To Get Glowing Skin

Healthy skin has little need for makeup and healthy skin, you need to add nutritious food to your diet. For example, take omega-3 fatty acids that can keep your skin thick, supple, and moisturized. Vitamin E gives crucial oxidants needed to protect the skin from oxidative damage. Vitamin c is needed for making collagen. If you can keep your diet healthy, you will become naturally beautiful.

  1. Water Can Glow Your Skin
Water Can Glow Your Skin

Water constitutes a large part of body fluid hence its scarcity could create problems like dry skin. You need at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body metabolism active. The good thing is that you can supplement your water need with items like cucumber, lemons, zucchinis, and mint leaves. Water will flush out toxins from your body so your skin looks plumper and livelier. … Find more

Bob Haircuts Jennifer Aniston

Bob Haircuts Jennifer Aniston Likes Most

Jennifer Aniston or Rachel Green of Friends television serial wears many hairstyles. But she loves bob haircuts most. Bob is the haircut Jennifer Aniston has tried and experimented with most. Here she’s seen in eight different bob-cut hairstyles. Each hairstyle is different in design and look.

Check Jennifer Aniston bob haircut styles and try one for today’s evening or an upcoming event

Choppy Bob

Jennifer Aniston Choppy Bob Haircut

It is a bad haircut turned into a hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing a choppy bob haircut at the end of 2013 and she received much appreciation for this haircut. But her fans weren’t aware of her chopping her locks.

This hairstyle is the product of hair therapy gone wrong. Jennifer chopped her locks up to her chin to cover the loss from the hair therapy. And her hairstylist chopped those locks completely to give them a definite shape. The new choppy bob haircut has short hair at the back but the size of hair increases towards the chin.

Jennifer Aniston Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut

Bob cut is a perfect hairstyle because it blends well with every face shape; suits every body type; matches with all dresses, and is suitable for all seasons, reasons, and occasions. Also, it is easier to manage and maintain. It doesn’t require frequent touching if you want to wear it all day.

Jennifer looks more attractive in bob cut hairstyle. This haircut brings out the youthful charm hidden in her personality. And it won’t be an exaggeration to … Find more

Celebrity Hairstyles For A Beautiful Diamond Face

10 Celebrity Hairstyles For A Beautiful Diamond Face

A diamond face is characterized by wide cheekbones and a narrow jaw. It looks similar to a heart-shaped platform hence the hairstyles that go well with a heart-shaped face will also match with the diamond face shape. And there are plenty of hairstyles that match well with a diamond face and there are several celebrities with diamond face shape.

While common women with diamond faces can choose any hairstyle, diamond face celebrities are more fashionable and look conscious while selecting a hairstyle. They consider everything from volume to properties of hair before choosing a hairstyle.

Check the hairstyles celebrities wear to highlight their diamond face shape

Viola Davis

Viola Davis With Diamond Face

The African-American actress Viola Davis is the winner of many awards including an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards. Also, she’s the first and the youngest of all African-Americans to receive the Triple Crown of Acting award. Her complexion is dark but her face shape is diamond that makes her facial features more attractive. Also, she very well knows how to improve her look with a matching hairstyle. She keeps her hair to a medium or short length that matches perfectly with her diamond-shaped face.

Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Diamond Face

She’s a chubby face but it is diamond-shaped and this is the only advantage she’s in look. And she knows how to frame her shape and highlight her attractive facial features by wearing matching hairstyles. She keeps her hair length up to her shoulders. Shoulder-length hairFind more

Pudina Can Stop Hair Fall

Pudina Can Stop Hair Fall Immediately

You use peppermint in chutneys, raita and pakode, but do you know that it can also be used as a remedy for hair-fall and skin rashes and pimples. If no, then continue reading the blog.

Hair treatment with peppermint

Peppermint has the natural properties that can slow down hair fall. Also, it can strengthen weak and lifeless hair strands. For peppermint hair treatment, you need making a paste of chana dal, curd and 8-10 peppermint leaf. Or you can honey instead of curd. Put this paste as a mask on your head and wash the hair after 30 minutes. Take this treatment twice a week in the starting and then once a week.

Treat inflammation with mint

Ground mint leaf with curd to make a paste and apply it over the swelled parts. But it works only on inflammation caused due to lack or sleep, too much sleep and biting of small insects.

Mint for a glowing skin

Peppermint has a cooling effect on skin conditions and for this reason, it is suitable for treating pimples, acne, scars, and other conditions. For skin treatment, you need grounding mint leaf with rosewater and put on the effected area like on painful acne or pimples with itching sensation.

Remove stains with mind pack

Make a paste of 10 mint leaf and rosewater and add 1 tsp besan and two pinches of turmeric in it. Put it on stains and scars and wash the paste after 20 minutes. Also, moisturize the skin after … Find more