5 Ways To Fix A Broken Nail

What is the best solution to a broken nail in your opinion? Could you fix a broken nail in a short time? How would you hide a broken nail?

These are some of the burning questions that will come to your mind when you have a broken nail to deal with. You could ignore it if it is small. But it is better to find a reliable solution to your broken nail.

Why don’t you try to fix the broken nail? It is possible and there are many ways to fix a broken nail. For example, it can be glued or fixed with a gel strip. Or you can treat it with a tea bag.

Here’re 5 reliable ways of fixing a broken nail

  1. Use A Glue To Fix A Broken Nail

A minor break on a nail can be fixed using nail glue. Its advantage is that it is quick and easy. Also, the glue remains invisible. No scar or mark will be visible on the nail.

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