Yoga Poses To Cure Constipation

A Dozen Yoga Poses To Cure Constipation

Doing yoga is a great way to stimulate your digestive system, increase bowel movement, and release gasses. Yoga can even be helpful in curing constipation. If you have stomach issues like bloating, acidic formation, and constipation, you should practice the following yoga exercises.

  1. Wind Relieving Pose
Wind Relieving Pose

The yoga asana involves lengthening the spine by stretching the lower back. It improves digestion and elimination.

How To:

• Lie down on your back with your legs hip-width apart and hands by your side
• Bring your knees to your chest by folding your legs
• Hug your knees tightly as close to your chest as possible
• Lift your head and try to bring it close to your knees
• Hold this position for 10 seconds
• Repeat it 5-10 times

  1. Half Wind Pose
Half Wind Pose

Half wind pose has similar benefits as the wind relieving pose but it is relatively easier to perform.

How To:

• Lie down on your back with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands by your side
• First, bring your left knee close to your chest by folding your left leg
• Hug your left knee with your hands and press it against your chest
• Hold the position for 5 seconds
• Move the left knee towards you’re the right side of your chest
• Again hold the pose for 5 seconds
• Release and repeat it with the right knee
• Do the sets 5 times with both knees

  1. Half Spinal Twist
Half Spinal Twist

It tones and strengthens … Find more

Core Strengthening Oblique Exercises

12 Core Strengthening Oblique Exercises

Oblique exercises can help shed side fat faster and you can perform these exercises at home. Oblique muscles are the largest abdominal muscles connecting ribs to the pelvic bone. They run diagonally along the sides and help keep the spine stable and support the core when you stretch, bend, and twist your body to the sides.

Why Oblique Exercises Are Important?

Oblique Exercises

When you don’t use your oblique muscles, you compensate for these muscles by overusing other muscles like the lower back and it leads to discomfort in the back. With oblique exercises, you can strengthen your core and reduce the chances of developing back aches.

Here’re 12 Oblique Exercises For A Strong Core

  1. Side Planks
Side Planks

Target: Obliques, Core, Shoulders, Hips

How To:

• Lie on your right side with your legs extended
• Rest your right elbow on the mat and tighten your core
• Raise your hips with your body in a straight line from head to toe
• Hold the position for 30 seconds
• Come down and repeat on the left side
• Do 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps

  1. Side Plank Dips
Side Plank Dips

Target: Shoulders, Hips, Core

How To:

• Come down in a side plank position
• Tighten your core to start
• Bring your hips down to touch the ground and then back
• It is one rep complete
• Do it several times with both sides
• Do 4-5 sets of 10-12 reps

  1. Side Plank Leg Raises
Side Plank Leg Raises

Target: Outer Thighs, Obliques, Shoulders

How To:

• … Find more

Good Eating Habits For A Healthy Uterus

10 Good Eating Habits For A Healthy Uterus

The uterus is a vital organ as it plays a crucial role in the reproductive system. But an accumulation of estrogen in the body could lead to the growth of uterine fibroids that is harmful to your reproductive system. But you can keep your uterus healthy by tweaking your food habits.

Here’re 10 Foods Essential For A Healthy Uterus

  1. Fiber

A fiber-rich diet is good for your uterus as it can eliminate wastes and toxins in the body. Adding more fiber will increase the bowel movement but there is little to worry about as it is necessary to remove excess estrogen from the body. Estrogen is responsible for uterine fibroids. Consume more beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains for fiber. And choose organic products that are 100% free from harmful chemicals. Also, drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses) to dissolve the fiber. It will ease the bowel movement through your digestive tract.

  1. Vegetables

Eating vegetables can also save your uterus from uterine fibroids as vegetables contain important nutrients including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. As long as you eat fresh and nutritious vegetables, your chances of developing uterine fibroids are minimal. Eat legumes, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli as these vegetables contain phytoestrogens in rich quantities. Phytoestrogens are compounds that can boost the body’s capability to compete with estrogen. These vegetables can help bring your estrogen level to a minimum and reduce the chances of the cancerous growth of your uterus. You can prepare tasty recipes with vegetables of … Find more

Make Your 6 Inches Taller

9 Factors That Can Make Your 6 Inches Taller

While the height of an individual is determined by their genes, you still can increase your height by six inches by following a healthy and balanced life. There are certain factors that can help in increasing your height more than your genes allow.

Factors Helpful In Growing Height

The first factor is nutrition which will make your bones stronger. The second factor is exercising that will elongate your spine so you look taller. Similarly, you can consider immunity, sleep quality, and weight as important factors for increasing your height. Together all these factors can help in growing your height by at least six inches.

  1. Healthy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day hence it has to be delicious, sumptuous, and nutritious. For breakfast, you can take boiled eggs, omelet, fruits, milk, fruit juice, chicken, oatmeal, seed and nuts, or any other food item that you like most. It isn’t necessary to take a heavy breakfast but it is necessary to have a nutritious meal every day.

Avoid skipping breakfast as it will adversely affect your growth. If you are short on time, you can drink a glass of fruit juice or yogurt. Take your breakfast seriously, if you are serious about growing your height.

  1. Eat Healthy Food
Eat Healthy Food

Choose your food that gives a perfect balance of all the essential nutrients necessary for growth. Take health supplements if needed to fulfill your nutritional demand. Talk to a dietician about your nutritional needs and follow the diet advised by the … Find more

Exercises That Are Both Aerobic And Anaerobic

10 Exercises That Are Both Aerobic And Anaerobic

If you are looking for a complete healthcare regimen that can rid you of unnecessary fat, build your muscular strength, and keep your morale high then consider making a cocktail of aerobic and anaerobic exercises list.

Aerobic Exercise

It is low intensity and longer-duration workout session that will turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Another advantage of aerobic exercises is they improve cardiovascular health and joint mobility.

Anaerobic Exercise

It is high intensity and low-duration workout session that will build your muscular strength by converting carbohydrates into energy. But you need to be careful about lactate buildup in your muscles as it can cause fatigue. So make anaerobic exercises list.

Here’s A List Of Popular Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercises

Interval Training

Interval Training

It involves increasing the pace of your workout for a minute or two and then getting back to your regular pace for ten minutes. Repeat the cycle throughout your workout session, depending on your stamina. It is to challenge the body to come out of the comfort zone and work harder to build stamina. Fitness experts suggest interval training with regular cardio workouts to speed up your weight loss.


Walking Is Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercises

Walking is a simple exercise but its benefits can outweigh even the most complex aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Whether you walk indoors, on a treadmill, or in a park, you get similar benefits. But it is more advantageous to walk in the open. If you have access to a public park with carefully marked walking space … Find more

Foods Good For Healthy Uterus

10 Foods Good For Healthy Uterus

Uterus, also known as the womb, is a female reproductive organ responsible for implantation, gestation, menstruation, and labor. A uterus can work well only when it is healthy. If you are a female, you should know how to keep your uterus healthy. One way to improve the health of your uterus is to eat nutritious foods for your healthy uterus.

Here’re 10 Foods Good For A Healthy Uterus


Fiber Foods For Healthy Uterus

The advantage of fiber is that it prevents the formation of uterine fibroids that are nothing but an accumulation of toxins and waste in the body. A fiber-rich diet can remove excessive estrogen stored in your body. Fibers could trigger bowel movement but it is normal. Add beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to your plate as they are rich in fiber. You should choose organic food that is free from chemicals. Also, drink lots of water (8-10 glasses) to ease bowel movements through your digestive tract.

Vegetables Is Best Foods For Healthy Uterus

Vegetables Is Best Foods For Healthy Uterus

Vegetables contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. You should eat legumes, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli that contains phytoestrogens that can help remove estrogen in your body. Estrogen is the biggest enemy of your uterus as it could develop fibroid tumors. But you can keep the estrogen level at the lowest with vegetables. Adding vegetables to your plate will reduce your risk of developing fibroid tumors. With vegetables, you can add more flavors and colors to your everyday meals.

Foods For Healthy Uterus-Fruits

Foods For Healthy Uterus-Fruits

A … Find more

Exercises For Toned Legs

12 Exercises For Toned Legs

A toned lower body with strengthened legs and thighs can help, if you are an outdoor person.

Strong and toned legs will improve your balance, enhance your speed, and give you the confidence needed to keep moving all day. Doing leg strengthening exercises is a great way to build your endurance and stamina. There are many exercises you can practice at home. Also, you can choose activities that you can practice at gyms.

Here’re the 12 Best Exercises For Toned Lower Body And Legs

  1. Dumbbell Squats
Dumbbell Squats

Target: Lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads

How To:

• Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and a 10-pound dumbbell in each hand
• Open your chest, roll your shoulders, flex your arms and raise the dumbbells right over your shoulders
• Push buttocks back and come down on a sitting stance
• Keep your knees in line with your toes
• Hold the position for a short while before getting back to the original position
• Do 2 sets of 15 reps

  1. Goblet Squats
Goblet Squats

Target: Lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Grab a 12-pound kettlebell held with both hands
• Push your hips back and come down in the sitting position
• Keep your knees in line with your toes
• Maintain the pose for a short while and then get back to the original position
• Do 2 sets of 15 reps

  1. Curtsy Lunge
Curtsy Lunge

Target: Adductors, quads, glutes, and … Find more

Yoga Exercises For Women Over 60

10 Yoga Exercises For Women Over 60

If you are a woman and are over 60 years of age, then you should be very careful about your health, especially about menopause. There could be issues related to your physical and mental health like sciatica, decreased mobility, and memory loss.

Luckily there are 10 yoga exercises that can help maintain good health in advanced age

  1. Tadasana – Mountain Pose
Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Easy to do and maintain, Tadasana is helpful in correcting the posture. It tones thighs, arms, and abs, and it improves digestion and blood circulation. Also, it will enhance your mobility and energy level.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and your hands by your side
• Take a deep breathe and raise your hands upward
• Keep your palms facing inwards so you can interlock your fingers
• Stretch yourself up for a while and then relax

  1. Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bending Pose
Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bending Pose

It is a mild inverse pose well for controlling osteoporosis and menopause. It improves blood circulation, digestion, and sleep. It strengthens hips and tones hamstrings. Also, it can rejuvenate your skin so you look younger than you are.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet closed, chest expanded, and hands resting on your waist
• Bend your torso to bring it parallel to the floor without releasing your hands
• Release your hands and bring them down to the floor
• Bring your head down to your knees or as much as possible
• Hold the position for a while … Find more

Exercises For Women To Reduce Back Fat

12 Exercises For Women To Reduce Back Fat

Stubborn back fat is easier to melt with exercising and there are a dozen exercises that can help in burning your back fat. There is little need to take diet pills or follow a strict dieting schedule as exercising with a healthy diet can rid you of stubborn back fat.

Warmup Before Exercises

Always do a 10-minute warmup before starting an exercise. A warmup is necessary to prepare your body and mind for exercise. Similarly, you need to allow your body a few minutes to cool off your body after exercise.

Here’re 12 exercise to remove back fat

  1. Bent Over Row
Bent Over Row

It targets biceps, lats, traps, rear delts, and rhomboids.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet closed and a small-size dumbbell in each hand
• Bend forward with your back at a 45-degree angle to your waist, hips pushed back, and knees flexed
• Open your chest, roll your shoulders, and look straight to start
• Pull your hands back until your elbows reach behind your shoulders
• Return back to the starting position
• Do 2 sets of 10 reps each

  1. One Arm Dumbbell Row
One Arm Dumbbell Row

It works on biceps, shoulders blades, lats, lower traps, rhomboids, and rotator cuffs. You will need a flat bench for this exercise.

How To:

• Place your right knee and hand on the bench
• Your right palm should be flat on the bench, back parallel to the floor
• Pick a medium-size dumbbell in your left hand, spread your left leg … Find more

Best Chest Exercises For Breast Improvement

12 Best Chest Exercises For Breast Improvement

Chest exercises are good for breast improvement. And there are many chest exercises to choose from. You can choose a dumbbell exercise or one that you can practice without requiring any weight.

Here’re the 12 best chest exercises you can perform at home

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Press

Get an inclined exercising bench to target your chest muscles. Incline dumbbell press can strengthen the chest muscles so you get fuller breasts.

How To:

• Lie with your back inclined on the bench and shoulders pushed back
• Grab a medium size dumbbell in each hand to start
• Raise your hands with your palms facing forward
• Bring the dumbbells down close to your chest to complete a rep
• Do 3 sets of 15 reps each

  1. Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Bench Press

It is a good exercise for chest muscles and you can do it in a neutral, inclined, and declined position according to your convenience.

How To:

• Lie on a bench with your back straight, knees bent, feet joined, and flat on the bench
• Grab a barbell with medium weight and hold it safely close to your chest
• Slowly push the barbell upwards with the force of your elbows
• Hold for a while and bring it down but avoid touching your chest
• Do 3 sets of 10 reps each

  1. Camel Pose
Camel Pose

Making a camel pose would open your chest and give a good stretch to your back. And you don’t need a bench or weight for this exercise.… Find more