10 Ways To Tone Up Your Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are biceps with loose hanging fat. And it isn’t a good thing as it is considered a sign of aging. Also, it can spoil your figure. You won’t be able to wear sleeveless clothes especially t-shirts. But there is little need to fret about flabby arms when you can rid your biceps of unwanted fat.

What causes flabby arms?

Aging is the prime reason behind flabby arms. With age, skin loses its elasticity allowing the fat to hang on the biceps. Hormonal imbalance is also responsible for fat accumulation on arms. Also, a wrong lifestyle like eating junk food and doing no physical activity can make your arms flabby.

How to tone flabby arms?

While you can’t stop aging, you can try keeping your arms well-toned. Arms stretching exercises can help in bringing your biceps to the right shape. You can choose an exercise with or without weight and practice it at home. If you are a beginner, you should do weightless exercises.

A little practice is needed to the exercises in the right manner and the result will be visible within a short time. Also, you should follow other weight control measures like taking a healthy diet.

Here’re 10 best arms stretching exercises to tone your flabby arms

  1. Triceps Dips

You can do this exercise at the home, gym, and even in a park. Things you need for Triceps Dips is a firm bench or stool.

Triceps Dips

How To:

• Sit with your back at a bench or table and grab the bench from behind
• Stretch your legs and straighten your back to start
• Lift your body with triceps alone while keeping your legs straight
• Go up until your hands are stretched and come down slowly and repeat a couple of times

  1. Push-Ups

It is primarily a chest exercise but it works for the triceps as well. And don’t need any accessories to do this exercise.


How To:

• Come down on your palms and feet with back and legs straighten
• Shift the body weight on your palms and toes for starting
• Lift your chest while keeping your back and legs straight
• Go up until your hands are stretched and come down slowly

  1. Tricep Kickbacks

You will need two lightweight dumbbells for this exercise. You can buy a pair of dumbbells or use water bottles.

Tricep Kickbacks

How To:

• Stand with a weight in both of your hands
• Bend your knees a little and bend a little forward
• Lock arms to your sides and extend your forearms backward
• Bring your forearms slowly to the starting position and repeat

  1. Tricep Extensions

You need a single dumbbell for this exercise. You will hold the weight with both of your hands and focus on your back and legs.

Tricep Extensions

How To:

• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grab a dumbbell with both of your hands
• Raise the dumbbell on your head until your hands are fully stretched. Also, lock your arms to your sides
• Lower the dumbbell slowly behind until it reaches your upper back
• Raise the dumbbell to the starting position and repeat for a couple of times

  1. Bent Over Row

You will need a barbell for this exercise, but you can continue with your dumbbells if you don’t have a barbell.

Bent Over Row

How To:

• Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart and barbell in your hands
• Bend your knees a little and bend your torso to bring it parallel to the floor
• Raise your head and lock your elbows to the sides to start
• Lift the barbell to your chest up to the lower ribs and then lower the weight to around your knees

  1. One-Arm Side Push-Up

It is a free-hand exercise that you can perform conveniently at your home.

One-Arm Side Push-Up

How To:

• Lie on your left side with your knees slightly bent
• Place your right palm on the floor and fold your left arm on the right shoulder
• Push your bodyweight up with the right arm until the arm is stretched
• Repeat it from the right side and 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps each

  1. The Windmill

Another hands-free exercise that can reduce arm fat and strengthen your shoulders as well. Also, it is easier than other exercises.

The Windmill

How To:

• Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Raise your arms parallel to the floor to start
• Swing your arms up and down up to 360-angle
• Move your arms like blades of a windmill
• Maintain slow movement and move your arms forwards and backward 20 times each

  1. The Wave Goodbye

Another convenient exercise is to reduce arm flab. Here you only need to move your palms while keeping your arms stretched.

The Wave Goodbye

How To:

• Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Stretch your palms with the palms facing the floor
• Wave your palms in the goodbye movement
• Keep your arms straight and stretched while you wave goodbye
• Wave goodbye at least 100 times and try maintaining speed

  1. The Prayer Pose

To stand in prayer, you join your hands by engaging your triceps. If you move your hands up and down, you will engage your biceps as well.

The Prayer Pose

How To:

• Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Joint your hands like you are standing in a prayer pose
• Keep your hands close to your chest to start
• Raise your hands with your triceps engaged over your head
• Go slow so you take some time in reaching the topmost position
• Bring your hands down to the starting position and repeat

  1. Arm Stretches

This exercise engages your triceps and stretches them as well. It is a great workout to tone up flabby arms. It can burn loose fat on the triceps faster than others.

Arm Stretches

How To:

• Stand firm or sit comfortably on a bench for the exercise
• Raise your hands above your head
• Interlock your hands by holding right wrist with the left hand and vice versa
• Pull your left hand with the right hand
• Stretch your left hand until your left elbow falls below your head
• Release the stretch and come to the first position
• Repeat it with the left hand and do 2 sets of 20 reps each

Disclaimer: Exercising without proper training, guidance, and monitoring could result in physical injuries.

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