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How do you take care of your nails? If you like decorating your nails with paint and creating different designs on nails then this blog will be an inspiration for you. Nails also need cleaning and they can also be decorated like you style your hair and enhance the appearance of your skin.

Here’re Some Nail Art Designs For Beginners

  1. White And Orange Flames Nail Art
White And Orange Flames Nail Art

It is so fresh and youthful that you will certainly want to give it a try. And the most amazing thing is it requires fewer efforts. Also, it allows different color combinations.


• Nail Paints – White, Orange, Yellow, Black
• Nail Art Strips

How To:

• Two coats of white paint for the base
• Use nail strips as shown in the images to create the design
• First, make a triangle with yellow
• Color the right part of the triangle in orange
• Color the base of the triangle in black
• Finish the design with a coat of clear polish

  1. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art
Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

Welcome sunny summer days with this floral nail art. It looks like spring has come on your nails. And it is easier to design as you need fewer essentials.


• Nail Paints – White, Pink, Purple
• A Nail Art Pen
• A Thin Nail Art Brush

How To:

• Two coats of white nail polish for the base
• Create pink flowers with a thin brush
• Create purple oomph to pink flowers using the same brush
• Finish with a top coat

Note: Add more drama to this design by creating flowers all over and using bright colors for the base.

  1. Color Splash Nail Art
Color Splash Nail Art

Consider your nails as canvas sheets and splash them with colors to get this design. It is the madness of colors but it looks more attractive than others.


• Nail Paints – White, Blue, Purple, Pink
• An Angled Nail Art Brush

How To:

• Two coats of white paint for a good base
• Splash blue color on the base when it is dry
• Dip the brush in blue paint and splash it using your thumb
• Splash more colors using the similar process
• Finish with a top coat

Note: You can choose any colors and use as many colors as you want.

  1. Colorful Clouds Nail Art
Colorful Clouds Nail Art

It is like waves of colors on your fingernails. This design is bright, colorful, adorable, and easy. You only need three colors and a brush to create this design.


• Nail Paints – Aqua Green-blue, Pink, Light Blue
• A Brush

How To:

• Paint all your fingernails except the ring finger with green-blue
• Use pink color for ring fingernail
• Create clouds on the ring fingernail using a brush
• Make vertical lines with light blue color
• Make similar lines with green-blue color
• Finish with a top coat

  1. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art
Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art

This colorful nail art looks vibrant and young. Also, it is in trend. It is a quick job for the time when you are in a hurry and want to spruce up your fingernails.


• Nail Paints – Purple-Pink, Yellow, Peach
• Nail Art Strips

How To:

• Two coats of yellow paint for the base
• Color the lower half of your nails in peach in a diagonal way
• Color the nails purple-pink going diagonally across the other way
• Finish with a top coat

  1. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design
Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

It is a fabulous combination of blue and gold colors. Since it looks fancy, it is better suited for leisure time like going out with friends. Also, it will suit your golden color outfits.


• Nail Paints – Light Blue, Gold
• Plastic Wrap

How To:

• Two coats of gold paint for the base
• A coat of gold nail polish
• Dab crumpled plastic wrap over your nails with the gold paint still wet
• The gold color will seep through the blue
• Let it dry and finish with a top coat

  1. White Minimal Chevron Nail Art

It is a minimal design but looks uber chic. It is all white and anything that is white looks exclusive. Also, it is simple and easy to create.


• Nail Paints – White
• Thin Nail Strips

How To:

• Place nail strips on your nails in the shape of a “V”
• Create three Vs on each fingernail
• Fill the vacant space with white polish
• Remove the strips
• Paint the nails with a clear polish with the fingernails still wet

  1. Striped Aztec Nail Art
Striped Aztec Nail Art

It is a beautiful design but looks complex. You have to use different colors and create different designs. But don’t worry as we’ve made things simple.


• Nail Paints – White, Black, Pink, Gold
• Think Nail Strips
• Thin Brush

How To:

• Make a clean base with white paint
• Create gold strips with gold paint
• Use nail strips to create golden strips
• Similarly, create pink and black strips
• Create an Aztec design using a thin brush
• Add triangles in the middle to finish the design
• Finish with a coat of clear polish

  1. Pink Ombre Nail Design
Pink Ombre Nail Design

This pretty pink design looks super cute. And you will be surprised to know that it is a simple technique to color your fingernails pink.


• Nail Paints – Light-Peach, Pink
• Toothpicks
• Sponge

How To:

• A coat of light-peach pain for the base
• Pour a little of both colors on a clean surface
• Blend the colors with the toothpick
• Soak the color in the sponge
• Dab the sponge on your fingernails
• Finish with a coat of clear polish

  1. Gold Glitter Nail Art
Gold Glitter Nail Art

It is a fancy design and it looks exclusive. But there is nothing expensive about it. You can easily design it on your fingernails.


• Nail Paints – Gold, Pink, Black
• A Thin Brush
• A Dotting Tool

How To:

• Make a base with two coats of gold polish
• Dot pink color on the corners of fingernails
• Outline the pink dots with black paint as seen in the picture
• Apply a coat of clear polish

Painting your fingernails will make them look more attractive. You can flaunt the nails when they have colors and designs. And you have a wide range of colors to choose from.

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