10 Awesome Mehndi Designs For Your Engagement Ceremony

Mehndi designs for engagement function is an art. Also, it is a part of the ceremony. Just like a bride selects her dress, she also selects her mehndi design.

There are plenty of mehndi designs to choose from.

Here’re the top 10 mehndi designs for engagement ceremonies

  1. It is a romantic mehndi designs for engagement function as it includes the name of the groom. So, it has two parts – design and name. The first thing is the design that can also be divided into two parts. Half of the palm is covered with a peacock-feather-like design and the rest of the art has swirls.
Romantic Design For Engagement

Look at the second part that is personalization. You can include the name of your groom in the design. And it will become a part of the design. While it will be easy to figure out the name, but only on giving a close look at the design.

  1. It is for women of fair color and you should use dark color henna for this design. As you can see the dark motifs on fingertips followed by leaves and then the brief pause that is broken with a large oblong flower in the middle of the palm followed by another pause.
Dark Color Henna Mehndi Design

The design extends to the cover half of the arm’s length with leaves and flowers. This design looks simpler, but it makes the best use of skin tone. It highlights the skin color. The dark color of henna improves the fair skin tone. Also, it will enhance the look and feel of your engagement ring.

  1. It is an elegant design that looks classic. The palm is filled with a peacock-like design and the back of the hand has only a swirl beginning from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist where it meets a bracelet-like design. Other fingers and the thumb are also designed with small swirls.
Bracelet-Like Design

The front design has two parts. The first part is the peacock-like design encircled with arches to give it a distinct look. The rest of the palm has a dense design. Also, there are swirls of alternate designs on the thumb and fingers.

  1. It is a Marwari design popular in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. First look at the palm that has three semi-circle designs stemming from the wrist and covering almost half of the palm. The rest of the palm is designed with dotted prints emanating from the finger pores.
Marwari Mehndi Design

At the back, the fingers and thumb are designed with a similar dotted pattern but the middle finger design is made more prominent and it is allowed to extend to the wrist where it merges into another design. Also, the woman in the picture has painted her nails to further improve the mehndi design.

  1. It is the real beauty of hands. It has three designs mixed into one. The first part is finger pores, the second part is the palm, and the third part is the wrist. And all designs are made with great details.
Mixed Mehndi Designs

Each finger pore is designed with dark henna on the top and beautiful arches. The big flower designed in the middle of the palm is connected to the middle finger and the wrist with dots. The wrist also has an arch-type design and a few dots extending towards the arm. Dark color henna is used for this design and it requires professional training.

  1. It is a perfect mehndi designs for engagement function as it prepares a base for the engagement ring. The diamond ring on the ring finger looks like a part of the design. The design starts from the index finger and extends towards the wrist cutting across the back of the palm.
Engagement Mehndi Design

The thumb is also designed to fill the void. Also, the fingers are decorated with flowers, leaves, and dotted threads to complete the design. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it looks lovable and adorable. If you are also wearing a fabulous diamond ring on your engagement then you can also consider this design.

  1. It is a floral design that is more like an artwork than a traditional mehndi design. Here you can see the back of the hand is designed with a creeper emanating from the index finger and extending towards the arm. The beauty of the design is detailing that is visible even from a distance.
Perfect Mehndi Design

It is a single design but it fills the void especially the wrist that looks full of flowers and leaves. Also, it leaves ample space for the engagement ring to be visible. You can see that the woman in the picture is flaunting her ring with style.

  1. If you are looking for a perfect design for the back of the hand then go for this design. It looks different because it makes use of geometric patterns. The design starts from the middle and the index fingers but it is more prominent in the middle of the hand.
Floral Mehndi Design

The beauty of this design is that it includes an engagement ring as a part of the design. You can see an arch emerging from the base of the ring and mixing with the main design in the middle. Also, you can enhance the design with matching nail paint.

  1. It is a unique design as is evident from the picture. The woman has her hand filled but with different patterns like squares, peacocks, flowers, creepers, leaves, and dots. The beauty of the design is it mixes different patterns into one and makes a beautiful design.
Mehndi Designs For Engagement Function

It is a beautiful design but you will need a professional to create this artwork on your hand. Also, you will need the mehndi color that suits your skin tone. The beauty of this design is it allows ample space for the skin to glow.

  1. It is just perfect. If you are looking for an eye-catchy back hand mehndi design then you should go for it. It looks rich with beautiful flowers, leaves, creepers, and colors. It is a colorful design that will enhance your skin tone. But the beauty of the design is that it needs a ring to complete.
Eye-Catchy Back Hand Mehndi

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