10 White Henna Designs You Must Try In 2021

If you are looking for an exclusive henna design then look no further than white henna that will give a sparkling white look to the designs. Also, it will create an exclusive design. And the beauty of white henna is that it doesn’t require a base. It will use your skin as a base.

Here’re 10 white henna designs to try

  1. Shoulder

The picture shows a bride in an off-shoulder dress but the beauty of the picture is the floral design created with white henna on her shoulder. It is a beautiful design covering almost the entire shoulder. While the design is in white but the detailing is clearly visible even from a distance.

The flower pattern is dense on the shoulder and becomes thinner towards the arm. It looks like an offshoot from the main design has fallen on the arm. This design would look stunning in off-shoulder bridal dresses, tops, t-shirts.

  1. Forearm

Look at the design from close. It creates a pattern of swirls. It starts from the top of the index finger and moves to the back of the palm where it becomes dense and continues to cover a major part of the back of the hand and the wrist. From the wrist, it takes flows towards the right and then moves upward to the forearm.

The beauty of this pattern is it can be decorated with red glitter as you can see in the picture. If you are looking for a design that can improve the appearance of the back of your hands then you can go for this white henna design.

  1. Belly

It is an exclusive design as you can see in the picture that an expectant mother has decorated her belly with a beautiful flowers and petals design. The design is centered around a heart that is created around the navel. It is dense at the heart and thin towards the sides.

It is a belly design that any woman can wear. Also, you can expand or reduce the size of the design according to your needs. And it will look well with the dresses that allow showing your belly area.

  1. Eyes

It is a heavy design you would say. But it will be more appropriate to call it a rich design and the richness of the design is because of the colors. The colors in the picture show a blue-liner in combination with pink to create an aura of a misty-blue and pink eye-shadow. Also, the white base further improves the design.

You won’t decorate your eyes regularly, but some occasions demand complete makeup. If you are a bridesmaid then it is a must design as it can stand you out. Also, this design will make your eyes more beautiful.

  1. Legs

Mehndi art is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your legs. And white henna can add more charm to your legs. See the beautiful white henna leg design in the picture. It starts from the middle of the feet and then moves upwards covering the ankle and the calf. Also, a small design is created to cover a side of the feet.

Since it is white henna, you can couple it with silver anklets. Also, you can wear silver color footwear with this design. It will also enhance the beatify of light-colored trousers and lowers.

  1. Back Of The Hand
Back Of The Hand

It is an incredibly beautiful design, to highlight the back of your hand. If you are dressing for a special occasion and want to complete your dress then you can consider making this design on the back of your hand. This white henna design will blend with light-colored dresses.

If you want to fill the void on the back of the hand then this design is just perfect. It starts from the index finger and goes on covering a major part of the back of the hand before moving towards the wrist and the forearm.

  1. Index Finger
Index Finger

Look at this index finger design. It looks like a ring covering the entire length of the finger. Starting from the pore of the finger to the root, it covers a good part of the finger leaving only the nail. Also, you can derogate with glitter.

This design has a sunflower motif and is decorated with blue stones. But you can use glitter instead of stones. You might not be comfortable with stones. Also, the stones require much maintenance. They could lose their place with twists and turns of the skin.

  1. Back Of The Arm
Back Of The Arm

Some henna designs are called exclusive and it is one of those designs. If you give a close look at the design, you will be able to see the detailing. It looks like a vine with flowers, buds, and petals. Also, the coloring is done to highlight the specific features like flower base.

If it is your engagement ceremony then you should dress your finger to accept a diamond ring. Or you can say that you should prepare a beautiful floral base for the engagement ring. Also, the design will cover most of your hands.

  1. Nail Art
Nail Art

It is nail art created with henna and here you need both black and white henna. First, you need to cover your nails with black henna and they use white henna to decorate the nails with amazing artwork. And you can create amazing designs on your own.

Nail art has the advantage that is every nail is like a canvass and you are free to decorate the nails the way you like most. Also, it is easier to redesign your nails as and when required.

  1. Neckline

A white henna design can fill your neckline like a diamond necklace. And you can easily create a necklace design on your neckline. Also, you can decorate the design with glitter. And wearing a white henna necklace design when you don’t want to wear your diamond design is a great idea. White henna will create an aura of diamond around your neck.

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