10 Push-Ups Women Should Practice

Women looking for a complete exercise that works for all the body should look no further than push-ups. And there are plenty of push-up styles they can choose from.

Here’re the 10 best push-ups that women can practice at home and get benefits

  1. Knee Push-Ups


Knee Push-Ups

• Come down on all your fours on an anti-slip mat. Keep your knees together but hands up to shoulder length apart

• Look down without tucking your head. Your hips, spine, and head should be in a straight line. Cross your legs to start

• Tuck in your stomach to engage your core and bring your chest towards the floor but stop before touching the mat

• Pause for a moment and push your body again for the nest rep. Do 3 sets of 8 reps each

  1. Wall Push-Ups


Wall Push-Ups

• Stand against a wall at an arm’s distance and keep your legs hip-width apart and straight

• Flex your palms in the wall and bring your hands slightly broader than shoulder-width to start

• Straight your neck and engage your core and start pushing your chest towards the wall without bending your hips

• Your neck, spine, glutes, and legs should make a straight line during the exercise

• Bring your chest closer to the wall but don’t touch it. Take a pause and come back to the starting position

• Do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Incline Push-Ups


Incline Push-Ups

• Bend down on a bench with your palms firm on the bench, hands shoulder-width apart, neck straight, and legs stretched back

• Close your legs, tuck in your stomach, and bring your neck, spine, and legs in a straight line for push-ups

• Lower your chest towards the bench and stop before touching. Take a brief pause and come back to the starting position

• Do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Regular Push-Ups


Regular Push-Ups

• Lie down on your stomach and bring your hands close to your chest and legs hip-width apart

• Stretch your legs and curl in your toes to push your body up. Here your neck, spine, hips, and legs will be in a straight line

• Take a brief pause and bring your chest down but don’t touch the floor

• Make sure your body remains in a straight line while doing the push-ups and do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Decline Push-Ups


Decline Push-Ups

• Take a robust box and sit down on your knees with the box on your back

• Place your hands firm on the floor and keep your hands wider than shoulder-length

• Stretch your legs back one by one and place your feet on the box to start

• Push your chest down to the chest and stop before touching the floor

• Pause for a moment before coming to the first position and do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Diamond Push-Ups


Diamond Push-Ups

• Come down on your knees and make a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers on the floor

• Stretch your legs, roll your shoulders back, tuck in your stomach, engage your glutes, and start the push-ups

• Push your chest down but stop before the floor and take a pause

• Come back to the starting position for the second rep and do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Tricep Push-Ups


Tricep Push-Ups

• Come to the position of Regular Push-Ups – neck and spine straight, tummy tucked in, and glutes engaged

• This time your elbows should be close to your body and your eyes on the floor but avoid tucking your head

• Go down as far as you can but avoid touching the floor with your chest

• Pause for a moment and come back to the starting position for another rep

• Do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Spiderman Push-Ups


Spiderman Push-Ups

• Make a plank position – hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, legs stretched, and feet together

• Tuck in your stomach to start and engage your glutes to bring your body down

• Raise your right leg, fold the knee, and try to touch your right elbow with your right knee

• Stretch your right knee and repeat it with the left leg and then come to the starting position

• Do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. Pike Push-Ups


Pike Push-Ups

• Come down to the plank position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width and your neck straight

• Stretch your legs for the start-up and push your hips up towards the ceiling without folding your knees

• Bring your head, spine, and hips in a straight line for push-ups

• Push your head towards the floor by bending your elbows but don’t touch the floor

• Also, keep your hips in the lifted position

• Take a brief pause while your head is down and then come back to the starting position

• Do 3 sets of 5 reps each

  1. One-Arm Push-Up
One-Arm Push-Up


• Get down on your knees, place your hands on the floor, and stretch your legs

• Expand your legs wider than shoulder length to support your body to exercise

• Take the right hand off the floor and place it on the right leg

• Push your body to the floor using your left hand but stop before your touch the floor

• Take a brief pause and come back to the starting position for the second rep and do 3 sets of 2-3 reps each

There are more ways of doing push-ups like ballistic push-ups and clap push-ups but those require strength training. The above-mentioned push-ups are easier to practice and they can fulfill all your needs.

Precautions With Push-Ups

• 10 minutes of warmup exercising is necessary for doing any type of push-up
• For warmup, you can stretch your shoulders, arms, and legs.

• Always start with a lower number of reps and focus on doing exercises in the right manner

• Start with knee push-ups and wall push-ups before moving to more challenging forms like regular push-ups

• Focus on maintaining the right form instead of chasing the 100 reps challenge


Push-ups are effective in strength training, endurance building, and making joints stronger. The good thing about push-ups is that they don’t require many accessories. Also, they are easy to learn and practice.

Disclaimer: Push-ups are good for your body but you should be careful with these exercises. It is better to practice push-ups under the supervision of a personal trainer.

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