Why Are Cheat Meals Necessary For Weight Loss?

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija says that eating a cheat meal, once in a while, can contribute to achieving your weight loss goal in the long run. And she gives scientific reasons for this suggestion. According to her, you should use the power of chronobiology to make cheat meals more advantageous.

Why do you need a cheat meal when you are on a strict diet?

While common people will say no to a calorie-dense cheat meal, the nutritionist Pooja Makhija says that it is necessary. And the reason she gives for having a cheat meal is that it satisfies food cravings, gives a sense of happiness, and motivates to continue eating healthy. But she suggests a time for consuming a cheat meal.

Cheat Meals Necessary For Weight Loss

What is the right time to have your cheat meal?

It is better to have a sumptuous breakfast than eating quick snacks late in the evening. According to chronobiology, the body can burn twice as many calories in the morning than the evening. So, if you are eating a full meal in breakfast, you have more chances of burning the calories taken by evening. But a cheat meal in the late evening could add to your calories.

How to control a cheat meal?

The nutritionist suggests practicing portion control to manage your daily calorie intake. She says that a cheat meal can do more than simply satisfying your cravings for food. It is an opportunity to pamper your taste buds while practicing a strict diet and exercising schedule.

What are the advantages of a cheat meal?

Besides, making you feel calmer, a cheat meal can help in regulating metabolism and resetting hormones. Also, cheat meals can up your glycogen stores and feel energetic. It will also boost your fat-burning mechanisms. So, if you aren’t having cheat meals, you’re missing out on something very delicious.

Disclaimer: Weight loss enthusiasts should be cautious about cheat meals. A cheat meal once in a while is acceptable but you should first consult your dietician.

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