How To Add More Warmth To Your Housewarming Party?

A housewarming party is more than a simple get-together of family and friends. You invite guests to visit your new home and appreciate how you have decorated your new abode. You will prepare your home for the party, serve guests food and drinks, and allow them to explore your home.

How To Get Housewarming Party Ideas?

You have just moved in and things haven’t settled yet. The furniture is still packed and only essential accessories are opened. Your guests aren’t expecting a well-arranged home because it requires time but they are expecting surprises in living space, outdoor areas, windows, doors, ceiling, flooring, home fittings, and kitchen and bath accessories.

Food Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Food Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Get ready before your guests become demanding. You need to arrange more than cool and chic appetizers and desserts. Plan a menu depending on your food habits.

Roasted Veg Bruschetta: This recipe has both taste and health. And your guests will certainly fall in love with these gluten-free bread slices stuffed with vegetables. If your guests are health-conscious, you should consider this recipe for your party.

Chicken Skewer Appetizer With Mayo Dip: Serve your guests this skewer dish with a mayo dip during your party. The chicken is well-cooked to become light and it is infused with a load of flavors to pamper taste buds. It would be a nice addition for non-vegetarian food lovers.

Chocolate Banana Truffles: It is an extraordinary recipe you can prepare at home in no time. Simply mash some ripe bananas and add a few smooth chocolate truffles to make a smoothie. The guests can sit with the smoothies in their hands and have friendly chitchat.

Cheesy Fruit Board: Fruits topped with sausages and overloaded cheese will make your guests hungry for this recipe. Arrange a huge platter of this recipe and keep it simple. It would be a huge surprise for your guests.

Chipotle Lasagna With Corn Cheese Dip: It is a Mexican recipe with enhanced flavors and a spicy twist. You can try preparing this recipe at home or order it from a nearby restaurant.

Housewarming Party Themes

Housewarming Party Themes

Preparing for a party becomes easy once you find a theme. And you will be surprised to know that you have plenty of themes to choose from for your housewarming party.

Bar Stocking Theme

If your home has a dedicated place for a bar, you can ask your guests to bring their drinks including alcohol and cocktails to fill your bar chamber. The guests would bring the drinks of their choice and try yummy and exotic drinks at your housewarming party.

Garden Theme

How about arranging a garden party? If you have a garden in your home, you can turn it into a party venue. Host a party in summer or spring, decorate your garden with lights, and arrange outdoor furniture for sitting. In food, you can choose barbequed dishes with exotic beverages.

Painting Room Theme

Turn the quick housewarming party into an opportunity to get more colors for your home. Keep some buckets of cool colors for your guests to paint the walls. They can suggest some cool painting designs or color combinations for your home.

Surprise Housewarming Party

Surprise Housewarming Party

A traditional housewarming party is simple but there are many ideas to turn it into a surprise for your guests. And these party ideas are also simple to understand and execute.

Food Focal Surprise

Invite your guests over tea or a get-together where they can take a round of your home, and discuss location, facilities available, and other topics of interest. In food, you can serve tasty evening snacks with lip-smacking appetizers.

Cocktail Surprise

Serve cocktail drinks to your guest at your housewarming party. This idea will suit your garden party theme as huge dispensers and pitches can easily be placed on a lawn instead of inside a home. Let everyone enjoy the drinks with light snacks and friendly chitchat.

Aesthetic Presence

Keep your housewarming party low by inviting selected guests and decorating your home with indoor plants. Also, you can choose to play light music in the background. Calling fewer guests would prevent your home from becoming overcrowded.

Housewarming Party Decoration

Housewarming Party Decoration

At a housewarming party, your entire focus would be on the interior decoration of your home. But you will get little time to decorate the home. Could you finish the decoration in a short time? Here’re some amazing decoration ideas for your housewarming party.

Flower Decoration

It is the best idea to decorate a new home. Buy some fresh flowers from the market and start decorating your home from the main entrance. Garland the big entrance as a welcome gesture and then move indoors. Buy flowers matching the flooring and wall colors of the home and highlight every feature and architectural detail with flowers.

Light Decoration

There should be ample light in the home and with light decoration; you can light every nook and corner of your home. Try making the best use of colorful ceiling and wall-mounted lights. Also, you can change the lighting pattern from the living room to the bedrooms. For example, bedrooms could have floor lamps to give light and cover vacant space.

There are plenty of ideas on how to host a housewarming party but much depends on your needs and budget. The planning should start with fixing a budget. Also, you need to consider factors like weather, holiday, and festivals falling close to your housewarming party.

Tips To Hose A Memorable Housewarming Party

Housewarming Party

• Finish all your important tasks before the party because you will be asked tons of questions about your new home by your guests

• Know about your home as much as possible so you can describe the location, facilities, and amenities to the guests

• Take every guest on a round of your home so they are obliged

• Make sure that all your home fittings are working properly before the party

• Complete all necessary jobs like installation of fittings before the party

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