Make A DIY Scrub With Virgin Coconut Oil And Sugar

Coconut oil and sugar scrub is good for your skin in many ways. But its biggest advantage is that it can be prepared at home and used fresh. There is little need to preserve this scrub when you can prepare it in a hassle-free manner.

Here’re the benefits of using coconut oil and sugar scrub and the process of making and using the scrub….

Benefits Of Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub

Benefits Of Coconut Oil And Sugar Scru

The biggest advantage of this homemade DIY scrub is it is suitable not only for your face but the entire body. You can prepare it at home and apply it all over your body to get baby-soft skin. But people with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid this DIY scrub using on their face as coconut oil can block your skin pores resulting in more breakouts.

If your skin is normal, this scrub will give amazing benefits….

  1. The Scrub Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated
The Scrub Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Coconut oil is considered dry and flaky skin because of its moisturizing properties. It works as a natural emollient and can prevent dry skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. And it becomes an excellent moisturizing agent when mixed with sugar that acts as a humectant. Sugar will add to the moisturizing effect of the scrub, by drawing more moisture from the environment. Using this scrub will keep your skin hydrated to give a soft and gentle feel all day.

  1. Coconut Oil Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties
Coconut Oil Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties

You know that many skin conditions are caused by bacteria. For example, take eczema that has its roots in bacterial infection. It involves redness of the skin, itching sensation, and the development of scaly patches. And it could become worse over time. But it can be contained with the help of coconut oil that has the ability to control bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the skin. Eczema reduces skin’s ability to retain moisture, and coconut oil improves skin hydration. It also reduces inflammation and pain.

  1. Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub Is An Effective Exfoliant
Coconut Oil And Sugar Scrub Is An Effective Exfoliant

This scrub works well as is evident from the results. It will be gentle on your skin and rid your skin of all the dead cells and pollutants in a very gentle manner. It will clear out the dust particles accumulated on your skin pores. Also, they will bring out all traces of makeup on your face and stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells. In comparison to salt, sugar granules are fat less abrasive hence safer. You won’t have any hassle while using the scrub.

  1. Coconut Oil Is Antioxidant
Coconut Oil Is Antioxidant

Virgin coconut oil is considered an excellent anti-oxidant product. The antioxidant compounds present in coconut oil can make a shield before your skin from environmental damage by free radicals. Its long-term benefit is seen in the prevention of oxidative stress and cellular breakdown. In short, it will prevent your skin from premature aging and keep it healthy. You will be able to retain your youthful appearance even at an advanced age.

  1. Sugar Controls Growth Of Ingrown Hair
Sugar Controls Growth Of Ingrown Hair

Since coconut oil and sugar scrub can be used all over the body, you can use them as a secret weapon to remove unwanted body hair without irritating your body razor that leaves its marks in the form of bumps and ingrown hair. Use the coconut oil and sugar scrub on the affected area at least thrice a week to get excellent results. There will be no curling of hair up inside your skin.

Coconut oil and sugar are available in every home and the only thing you need to know to make a scrub by mixing the two ingredients is the quantity of the coconut oil and sugar. Also, you should know about the optional ingredients.

You Need:

• Virgin coconut oil – half-cup
• White/Brown Sugar (organic and granulated) – 1 cup

Optional Ingredients:

• Essential oil (lavender, vanilla, sweet orange, tea tree, lemon) – 10 drops
• Citrus fruit juice (lemon, zest fruit, orange, grapefruit) – 1 tsp

How To:

• Melt the solidified coconut oil in a microwave for 45 seconds
• Take out the melted oil from the microwave and transfer it to a bowl
• Add sugar to the coconut oil and mix
• Add essential oil and citrus juice
• Mix all the ingredients well
• Transfer the scrub to a glass jar for preservation

Note: This scrub can be preserved only for a week or two. It is better to make it in small quantities that you can use within a short time. Massage your face, hands, and legs to get clean and clear skin.

How To Use Scrub Your Face, Hands, And Legs?

Don’t add citrus essential oil in the scrub, if you are using it on your face. It is so because citrus fruit juices don’t suit everyone. It could trigger a reaction on your skin. So, it is better to avoid using citrus oil or using it in a small quantity.

How To Use Scrub Your Face, Hands, And Legs?

On Face:

• Take the scrub in your palms and apply it all over your face
• Massage your face in a circular motion for up to 60 seconds
• Avoid taking the scrub too close to your eyes and other sensitive areas
• Rinse your face with running water and pat dry the skin

On Hands:

• Rub the scrub between your palms
• Apply it gently over your hands from shoulders to the forearms
• Also, apply it between fingers for 60 seconds
• Rinse your hands with running water and pat dry

On Legs:

• Soften your skin by soaking your legs and feet in warm water for a few minutes
• Sit comfortably on the bathtub or a stool for application
• Take the scrub in your hands and apply it all over your legs
• Avoid using the scrub on the soles, and if you do, wash the soles thoroughly to avoid slipping
• Rinse your legs in running water and pat dry


The results are immediate. You will notice a clear change in the skin color, texture, and feel after washing and pat drying your skin. If you want, you can even add vitamin E oil, oatmeal, and cinnamon powder to make it more useful.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the blog is only for educational purposes and no claim is made for the safety and efficacy of the DIY scrub discussed.

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