DIY Facial Extraction To Remove Comedones

Your skin pores get clogged with sebum, grime, and dirt. The bumps you see on your skin are clogged pores that could develop into blackheads, whiteheads, or zits. And facial extraction is the only way to remove comedones. You can do the job on your own or go to a salon to get professional treatment.

Advantages of facial extraction

Remove Blackheads: Clogged pores become thicker and black when exposed to air. And it is difficult to remove blackheads with simple nose strips. Facial extraction is the only way left to remove the blackheads from your face.

Clear Skin Pores: Extracting sebum, excess oil, dirt, and grime from your skin will clear the pores. And it will be proper cleaning. Extraction during facials can make your skin appear clear and bright by removing unwanted oil and dirt from your skin pores.

Prevent Breakouts: Squeezing comedones could aggravate inflammation and irritation. Also, it could spread the infection leading to further breakouts. But you can keep your skin flawless with facial extraction.

There is little need to go to a salon for facial extraction when you can do the job at home. You need an extraction toolkit and little training to start the job. Also, you need to do it only once a month or twice a month. Soften your skin with steam treatment and start exfoliating the comedones.

DIY Facial Extraction

Start with cleaning your skin for facial extraction. Washing your face with a mild facial cleanser could clean the skin pores of sebum, dirt, and grime. Once the cleaning is complete, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Grab The Tools

Extaction Tools

Buy an extraction toolkit from the market, if you don’t have one, and grab it to start the extraction process. Or you can buy specific tools if you know which tools would work well. In the beginning, you should buy a toolkit so you have a tool for everything.

Step 2: Facial Steaming

Facial Steaming

Just like an extraction toolkit, you can also buy a facial steamer to work on the skin pores. It is necessary to steam your skin so the pores are open. Also, the steam makes the pores softer so you can easily remove the bumps.

If you don’t want to use a steaming machine to open your skin pores, you can heat your skin using the manual hot water process. Take a pot and boil water to the point where it starts evaporating. Now bring your face just above the pot but at a safe distance from the heat and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. Steam your facial skin for a couple of minutes or until the skin becomes soft to work on.

Step 3: Start The Extraction Process

Start The Extraction Process

Grab a looped tool, fix blackheads, whiteheads, and zits in the loop, hard press the tool into the skin to extract the bumps from the skin, and slide it downwards to remove the comedones. Use a pointed tool to remove stubborn zits. Gently poke the zits with the tool and remove them with the looped tool. Also, don’t forget to clean the tool with alcohol to prevent infection after each removal.

Step 4: Apply Nose Strip

Apply Nose Strip

After the extraction job is complete, you should steam your facial skin one more time. Steam your skin with your steaming machine, or by placing your face over a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. Now check whether your skin is clean or still there are blemishes. There could be bumps on your nose, but there is little to worry about as you can clear your nose of blackheads and whiteheads with the help of a nose strip.

Step 5: Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliate your skin with a mild chemical exfoliator and wash your skin with lukewarm water. Or you can choose to wipe your face with a wet towel.

Step 6: Apply Mask And Moisturizer

Apply Mask And Moisturizer

After the exfoliation is done, you need to nourish, soothe, and hydrate your skin with a sheet mask. Choose a mask that has hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, and collagen in its formula and finish the job with a calming and soothing moisturizer.

Your skin could appear reddish or inflamed due to freshly extracted comedones. But there is little to worry about as the side effect of extraction will subside within a short time. If the irritation associated with redness persists, you should talk to a dermatologist. Also, you should seek professional help for extracting tougher comedones.

Is Facial Extraction Painful?

While some irritation due to squeezes and nudges is acceptable while extracting blackheads, whiteheads, and zits, but you shouldn’t try extracting stubborn comedones as it could painful. It is better to go to a professional for the extraction work.

How Do The Extractions Heal?

The healing process starts soon after the extraction and it could take 24 hours for the redness and inflammation to subside. But your skin could take a little longer to heal completely.

How Often Should One Do Facial Extractions?

Depending on your skin type and condition, you could require doing facial extractions more than once a month. Once cleaned, your skin pores would take some time in clogging. They could take a couple of weeks in clogging. For most, once a month extraction job is more than sufficient for flawless skin.

Final Thoughts

Clogged skin pores give rise to comedones and bumps and they could develop into blackheads and whiteheads if left untreated. And facial extraction is the best way to treat comedones and prevent the development of problems like acne, pimples, and blemishes. Also, you can try facial extraction at home. Soften your skin pores with steam treatment and then remove the comedones with your toolkit.


It is easier to remove the skin pores that are soft. You can make them tender with steam treatment and extract with a tool. But you should be gentle with your comedones. For tough comedones, you should go to a professional that can remove them without causing much pain and suffering.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to remain cautious while following the DIY tips.

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