5 Hip Thrust Exercises For Rounder Butt

If you want to improve your butt in size and strength then start doing hip thrust exercises. These are ultimate glute-strengthening exercises that can make your hips rounder and firmer. Also, they can lower back pain by reducing hip flexor inflammation. These activities also improve posture and sports performance.

What are hip thrust exercises?

hip thrust exercises

Invented by Bret Contreras, hip thrust exercises are similar to bridge exercises but they are more advanced and effective in giving results. While both hip thrust and bridge exercises help in strengthening the lower back and thighs, the former are more challenging as they involve pushing the weight with hips and glute muscles. For weight, you can use dumbbells, barbells, and chains.

There are 5 different hip thrust exercises you can do at home and with little help if you aren’t using weight. Also, there is little need to use a heavyweight that you are unable to push on your own.

  1. Hip Thrust With Resistance Band
Hip Thrust With Resistance Band

• Take a bench and place two dumbbells on either side of the bench and tie them with a resistance band

• Slide underneath the band and sit with your back firmly on the bench and knees bent with feet flat on the floor

• Extend your arms sideways on the bench and keep your head in the neutral position

• Engage your core and lift the dumbbells with your hips but don’t tuck your chin

• Hold the dumbbells in the lifted position for a couple of seconds before lowering them down. Do 3 sets of 12 reps with 10 seconds resting time between each rep

  1. Dumbbell Hip Thrust
Dumbbell Hip Thrust

• Sit down with your back placed on a bench with dumbbells in both hands. Your knees should be bent and feet should be firm on the floor

• Place dumbbells in the pelvic region for starting

• Push your hips up with the help of your heels. Let your back move over the bench for support

• Hold the position for a brief period and lower your hips but avoid touching the floor

• Do 3 sets of 10 reps with 10 seconds resting time between reps

  1. Barbell Hip Thrust
Barbell Hip Thrust

• Sit in front of a bench with your upper back resting against the bench

• Place a barbell in your pelvic region and bend your knees with your legs shoulder-width apart and feet flat on the floor

• Hold the barbell and push your hips towards the ceiling. Push your body with your feet and the upper back and look towards the ceiling

• Hold the position for a second and lower your back to complete a rep. Do 3 sets of 10 reps with 10 seconds rest between reps

  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust
Single Leg Hip Thrust

• Sit on the floor with your back resting against an exercise bench and knees bent

• Extend your right leg and push your hips up with your left leg and with support from your upper back

• Hold this position for a couple of seconds and come down slowly to complete one rep

• Switch the leg to repeat the exercise with the left leg stretched and do 2 sets of 8 reps with 10 seconds rest between the sets

  1. Single-Leg Dumbbell Hip Thrust
Single-Leg Dumbbell Hip Thrust

• Sit before an exercise bench to support your upper back for exercising

• Tie your legs just above the knee with a closed-end resistance band and flex your knees to have a firm footing on the floor

• Place a dumbbell on your pelvic region to add weight

• Stretch your right leg while keeping the left leg flexed and push your hips up with a push from the left leg and support from the upper back

• Hold this position for a second and then lower your hips down but avoid touching the floor to complete a rep

• Switch your leg to repeat the exercise from the left leg and complete one rep without touching the floor

• Do 2 sets of 8 reps each and take 10 seconds to break between sets

Advantages of hip thrust exercise:

• Increases glute strength, improves the shape and builds size
• Add more muscle power to the glutes
• Strengthens lower back and leg muscles
• Improves joint movements especially of pelvis, knee, and ankles
• Provides stability to the lower spine
• Improves body posture

Things needed for hip thrust exercises:

• A robust and comfortable exercising bench that remains firm at its place
• Dumbbells of various weight sizes
• A suitable barbell that you are comfortable with
• Yoga mat for firm support during hip exercises as the thrust comes from feet and heels
• Comfortable clothing that provides ample flexibility and soaks excess sweat

Common mistakes of hip thrust exercises

  1. Choosing heavyweight like 100-pound in the starting. It could put unnecessary and excessive pressure on your back resulting in severe aching of your back. Use the weight that you can comfortably lift without putting unnecessary pressure on your body and mind.
  2. You don’t need to tuck your head during hip thrust exercises but you could and it could happen inadvertently. You should try keeping your head in a neutral position and look up while doing a hit thrust exercise.
  3. You raise your feet while pushing your hips upwards. It is a mistake as you need to keep your feet and heels on the ground while lifting your hips. Raising your feet and heels could cause disbalance and result in injuries.
  4. Avoid doing half-hip thrust as it isn’t any exercise. Also, you can’t make changes in the exercise according to your comfort. But you can reduce the hold time and reps to prevent coming under any pressure. During hip thrust exercise, your head, neck, and back should be in a straight line.


Hip thrust exercises can give amazing results if done correctly. Also, you should remember what Bret Contreras said. He cautioned about making direct eye contact while doing hip thrust exercises as it could result in distraction and injury. So, when you are doing a hip thrust exercises, you should choose the time when you are free from distractions and ready to focus on the exercises.

Disclaimer: Hip thrust exercises require weight training for which you need to be careful. Start with proper training, choose right weight, and consult a personal trainer before doing hip thrust exercises.

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