5 Hip Thrust Exercises For Rounder Butt

If you want to improve your butt in size and strength then start doing hip thrust exercises. These are ultimate glute-strengthening exercises that can make your hips rounder and firmer. Also, they can lower back pain by reducing hip flexor inflammation. These activities also improve posture and sports performance.

What are hip thrust exercises?

hip thrust exercises

Invented by Bret Contreras, hip thrust exercises are similar to bridge exercises but they are more advanced and effective in giving results. While both hip thrust and bridge exercises help in strengthening the lower back and thighs, the former are more challenging as they involve pushing the weight with hips and glute muscles. For weight, you can use dumbbells, barbells, and chains.

There are 5 different hip thrust exercises you can do at home and with little help if you aren’t using weight. Also, there is little need to use a heavyweight that you are unable to push on your own.

  1. Hip Thrust With Resistance Band
Hip Thrust With Resistance Band

• Take a bench and place two dumbbells on either side of the bench and tie them with a resistance band

• Slide underneath the band and sit with … Find more