Get A Facelift With These 5 Face Yoga Exercises

Yoga is an exercise but face yoga is a name used to denote exercises that are yoga for your face. Doing these exercises could give the amazing results that you even can’t get with facial treatments.

There are five different of face yoga exercises that can help improve your facial features without requiring expensive cosmetic treatments. Also, you can practice these exercises at home.

  1. Cheek lifter

Make “O” with your mouth and slowly lift your upper lip over your teeth and lift cheek muscles up by smiling. Also, hold the muscles by placing your index fingers on top of your cheek. Release the muscles and repeat the exercise for a couple of times.

  1. Happy Cheeks Sculpting

Smile without showing your teeth and from the corners of your mouth until you feel slight burn in the corners. Also, lift the corner muscles with your index finger towards the cheekbones. Hold for 20 seconds and then release the muscles to repeat the exercise.

  1. The eyebrow lifter

Force your eyes open by pressing three fingers under each eyebrow and smile while lowering your eyebrows on your fingers. Hold for a couple of seconds and then roll your eyeballs upward while keeping your eyes closed. Again, hold for 20 seconds and keep smiling.

  1. Jaw and neck firmer

Open your mouth like you do while producing “aah” sound and stretch your lower jaw while folding the lower lip up to corners in your mouth. Now close your mouth slowly but at the same time pull your neck to the backward position. Also, you need keeping opening and closing your jaw for at least 10 times. At the tenth time, your chin should point towards ceiling. Hold your head at this position for 20 seconds and then relax. Repeat it three times.

Disclaimer: Be careful while doing face yoga. It is better to perform the exercise under the supervision of an expert.

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