10 Top Asian Eyebrow Designs You Can Try At Home

Big eyebrows make eyes look bigger and beautiful. And the good thing is that you can improve your eyebrows by trimming and highlighting. Also, you can do the job on your own. Simply buy a trimmer and a highlighter to improve your eyebrows.

Get ready to boost your eyebrows with a trimmer. Also, buy a color enhancer. If you want your eyebrows to appear brownish, you will need a brown-color pencil. It looks easy, but you need to be careful so as not to over-trim the eyebrows.

Start trimming your eyebrows from the root to corners to clean them of the overgrown hair and use a highlighter to add thickness to the eyebrows or change their color. You need to focus more on curves that are the most important part of eyebrows.

Here’re 10 eyebrow designs you can try at home to improve your eyes

  1. The Pretty Babe Eyebrows

They are simple but look stylish. Also, it is easier to style. See the eyebrows of the model. They are thicker at the root and slightly thinner at the corners. So, you need not touch the thickness of your eyebrows. Simply trim the brows to remove the overgrown brows. This eyebrow design will flatten your face and highlight the features. Also, you can maintain the brows without requiring specific treatment like using a highlighter.

  1. Smart And Chic Eyebrows

It is a party look for which you will need a professional touch. Start with trimming the overgrown brows and then use a black pencil to darken the trimmed brows. The thickness of the brows should remain equal from the root to the corners. Also, the brows should appear darker than the original color. For help, you can look at YouTube tutorials or go to a professional that can make your eyebrows chic and smart. Keep this style for celebration time.

  1. Korean Eyebrows
Korean Eyebrows

This eyebrow is straight hence looks simpler. But it is trimmed to make it neat and flawless. Just have a close look at this eyebrow design. You can see thick roots and thinner corners. The beauty of this design is its originality. As you can see a little adjustment is made to reduce the thickness. The original design of the brows is retained as far as possible, even little efforts are made to make a curve.

  1. Innocent Eyebrows
Innocent Eyebrows

If you want to highlight the innocence of your face then you should try these eyebrows that will help in getting a demure look. These brows aren’t difficult to make but you need to be very careful with the design. First, you should retain the thickness throughout the length of the brows. Second, the brows should be nicely trimmed to remove overgrowth. And third, the eyebrows should be darkened with a black pencil. Once the brows are set, you can go out for shopping and dining.

  1. Perfect Eyebrows
Perfect Eyebrows

As the name suggests, this eyebrow design is simply perfect or flawless. The brows are well-trimmed from the root to the corners to remove the overgrown hair. Also, the brows are leveled to look flawless. The thickness of the brows is retained and little effort is made to enhance the curve. It looks natural and natural is always beautiful. If needed, you can use a black pencil to highlight the thickness, curve, and length of the brows.

  1. Simple Eyebrows
Simple Eyebrows

Thick and long eyebrows are in trend and the good thing is that you can make your brows appear thicker while maintaining their original design. Simply grab a brow trimmer and run it throughout the length of the brows. But prevent trimming the thickness of the brows. If your eyebrows are thinner, you can make them thicker with the help of a black pencil. And you can make this simple eyebrow design at home. The best part of the simple eyebrows is that the design looks beautiful on every face.

  1. Thick Asian Eyebrows
Thick Asian Eyebrows

It is for women that don’t hesitate in experimenting with their eyebrows. Here you will add thickness to your brows. The added thickness will highlight the shape and size of the eye. And it won’t be wrong to say that it will make your eye appear bigger. You will need a black pencil to make your brows appear thicker but before you spread your brows with the pencil, you should trim the overgrowth of hair and level the brows from root to corner.

  1. Dark Brown Asian Eyebrows
Dark Brown Asian Eyebrows

If your hair color is brown or the brown color suits well to your skin tone, you will certainly be interested in making your eyebrows brown. And you will agree that you need to do a lot of work on your brows to give them a brownish touch. Trimming the overgrown hair will help in making an outline for using a brown pencil. Once the outline is made, you can start darkening your eyebrows with the brown pencil. And keep using the pencil until you achieve the shade you want.

  1. Curvy Asian Eyebrows
Curvy Asian Eyebrows

Oh! These eyebrows are fabulous and chic. They are thinner and appear longer because of the curvy design. You need to trim the brows from root to corner and trim the eyebrows as much as you can. You will need to trim maximum hair growth on the curve. Here you can take the help of a professional. The design can add glamour to your eyes, but you need to be perfect in trimming and highlighting the brows. Go slow, if you are doing it alone, and focus on the curve.

  1. Neat Eyebrows
Neat Eyebrows

Neat, simple, and fashionable would be the right definition of neat eyebrows. They are cleaned of overgrown brows to make them neat. But the original design is retained and improved to look more beautiful. Simplicity is the best part of this design. You start trimming your eyebrows from the roots and move on to the corners. But take that you don’t over-trim the brows especially at the curves. If needed, you can use a black pencil to highlight the original color.

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