10 Top Asian Eyebrow Designs You Can Try At Home

Big eyebrows make eyes look bigger and beautiful. And the good thing is that you can improve your eyebrows by trimming and highlighting. Also, you can do the job on your own. Simply buy a trimmer and a highlighter to improve your eyebrows. Here are some Asian eyebrow makeup tips.

Get ready to boost your eyebrows with a trimmer. Also, buy a color enhancer. If you want your eyebrows to appear brownish, you will need a brown-color pencil. It looks easy, but you need to be careful so as not to over-trim the eyebrows.

Start trimming your eyebrows from the root to corners to clean them of the overgrown hair and use a highlighter to add thickness to the eyebrows or change their color. You need to focus more on curves that are the most important part of eyebrows.

Here’re 10 Asian eyebrow makeup & designs you can try at home to improve your eyes

The Pretty Babe Eyebrows

The Pretty Babe Eyebrows

They are simple but look stylish. Also, it is easier to style. See the eyebrows of the model. They are thicker at the root and slightly thinner at the corners. So, you need not touch the thickness of your eyebrows. Simply trim the brows to remove the overgrown brows. This eyebrow design will flatten your face and highlight the features. Also, you can maintain the brows without requiring specific treatment like using a highlighter.… Find more