What Beauty And Wellness Tips You Can Get From Parineeti Chopra’s Instagram Pics?

Parineeti Chopra Instagram pics reveals her beauty tips & different side of her personality. She loves colors and likes playing with them. Her Instagram pics are a proof of her out-of-the-box thinking about beauty and fitness.

Let’s check Parineeti Chopra beauty and wellness tips for her Instagram followers

Parineeti Chopra beauty & workout tips to get inside-out glow on your face….

Parineeti prefers treadmill, swimming and Kalaripayatty instead of joining a gym. Her objective to stay active to create a balance and experiment with new forms to get motivation for exercising. But you can go to gym to stay active.

Find the self-care technique that works for you….

Parineeti isn’t a spa lover but she likes getting hot-shower for de-stressing. A warm shower has therapeutic effect on skin. Skin cells release endorphins while responding to hot water treatment. You should choose the treatment that works for you.

Parineeti Chopra Good Hair Care

Make good hair care your routine….

Parineeti’s Instagram pics reveal how much she loves coloring her hair but it requires proper care otherwise the colors can damage your hair. But Parineeti keeps knows how to keep her hair soft and nourished. She washes her hair often and uses heat-protectants to smooth her hair cuticle down.

Learn to ace the cat-eye….

Parineeti Chopra leans makeup techniques especially of eyes from experts. She works with her beautician to know how could she improve her eyes. You can also start with making a rough outline around your eyes and then fill the outline up to lashes. For winged finish, you need flicking the outline gently upwards in the direction of your eyebrows.

Choose a fun nail art….

Parineeti Chopra Beauty & Wellness Tips

Parineeti has her nails long and shaped into a square. Also, she likes improving the nails with graphic lines and fun colors like neon yellow and bright blue. But you can book a salon for nail treatment or spend some time in improving your nails.

Disclaimer: The beauty and wellness tips are given by Parineeti Chopra but the tips are yet to be verified and approved by dermatologists.

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