7 Tattoos That Only Taylor Swift Can Wear

Taylor Swift is one of the most-followed people on social media. Also, Taylor Swift enjoys interacting with her fans online and having temporary tattoos. She even sends them gifts through emails and sometimes in person. She’s a popular singer-songwriter with a huge fan following.

In addition to appreciating her songs, her fans appreciate her fashion and tattoos. The singer is a big fan of tattoos and she never misses an opportunity to wear a tattoo. She even looks for commercial projects involving tattoos.

Here’re 7 Temporary Tattoos Moments Of Taylor Swift Life

Does She Get Real Tattoos?

A tattoo is engraving on the skin. The ink used in tattooing is indelible and for this reason, tattoos can’t be erased or undone. And Taylor Swift wears knows how difficult it is to remove tattoos. It is for this reason that she always wears fake tattoos. Her tattoos are temporary she can remove them as and when required.

Taylor Swift loves wearing tattoos and she enjoys engraving her skin song lyrics, brands, and hearts. But she keeps things simple by choosing temporary tattoos that she can be removed at her sweet will.

Have You Ever Seen Swift’s Tattoos?

If you follow Taylor Swift on social media, you will certainly come across pictures where she can be seen wearing tattoos. In one such picture, she engraved the names of her exes on her skin. In another picture, she tattooed a song lyric on her arm.

  1. The tattoo inked on her neck is a fake one but it looks real. Taylor Swift tattooed the names of her exes on her skin. The font used for the tattoo is very appealing and the quality of ink used for writing names makes them legible. And only Taylor Swift can dare to tattoo the names of her exes.
Tattoo Inked On Her Neck

The neck is the right place for such types of tattoos because the neck provides more space than any other area. If you want to try this tattoo, you can write the names of your close friends or family members instead of your exes or boyfriends.

  1. Taylor Swift is herself a popular singer-songwriter but it seems that she’s more impressed by Dixie Chicks. Her new tattoo on her left arm has a tagline from the award-winning song “The Dixie Chicks”. Her tattoo says ‘Tell me everything I want to hear like it was your favorite year’.
Tattoo On Her Left Arm

Why tattoo your left arm and not the right? Since the left arm remains stationary most of the time, it can highlight the tattoo and the message. But if you are a left-handed person, you can make a tattoo like her on your right hand. But keep in mind that Taylor Swift always wears temporary tattoos.

  1. No. 13 is her lucky number is what Taylor Swift wants to tell with this tattoo. She has made the tattoo on her right hand and she wears this number before every show. 13 is her birth date and she believes that all the fortune she has is due to the blessing of this number.
Taylor Swift No.-13 Tattoos

By engraving the number on her right hand, she blesses herself. Her no. 13 has a black outline and figure 13 is filled with shimmery blue ink. Like Swift, you can also take the blessings of your lucky number or image on your right hand.

  1. Since Taylor Swift is herself a singer-songwriter, she appreciates good work by others. And her style of appreciating artists is different. Here she engraved the lyrics of a song on her left hand and decorate the lyrics with glittery hearts at the end.
Taylor Swift Is Herself A Singer-Songwriter

“May these memories break our fall” is engraved on her hand but it is three glittery hearts that make it more attractive. If you are also considering making such a tattoo on your hand then don’t forget to complete it with glittery hearts to make it look feminine and cute.

  1. The star tattoo on her skin is also a fake one. It is temporary and can be removed as and when required. But Taylor Swift needs this tattoo for a promotional photoshoot. She has allowed making the tattoo on the upper part of her right chest to improve its visibility.
Upper Part Of Her Right Chest

Taylor Swift keeps getting promotional projects from brands and she knows how to fulfill her commercial commitments. In your case, you can make a tattoo to improve your appearance. You can ink a brand you follow or a picture you like most. Or you can simply put your initials instead of anything else.

  1. Taylor Swift loves heart design so much that she never misses an opportunity to wear a heart tattoo. Here she is wearing a heart tattoo on her foot. And this tattoo looks amazing in the company of expensive pink pumps. But it isn’t made of ink. It is henna but it looks like a real tattoo.
Taylor Swift Temporary Heart Design Tattoos

Like Taylor Swift, you can also make henna tattoos and like her, you can also heart shape designs. Henna has an advantage over ink. It is a skin-friendly product. It is natural and hence safe for all skin types. Also, it can easily go away with a couple of washes.

  1. Fearless with a heart. It is a tattoo but Taylor Swift’s fans take it as a message. And for this reason, it has become hugely popular. It says that Swift is fearless from her heart. And the placement of the tattoo on the foot is also impressive. She sets a firm foot with a fearless heart.
Taylor Swift Fearless Foot Tattoos

If you are a Taylor Swift fan and want to wear a similar tattoo, you can try it in a different way like you can change the font, add a bigger heart to it, fill the heart with glitter, or change the placement of the tattoo.

Final Thoughts

A tattoo is a kind of body modification where you engrave a design on your skin. It could be both permanent and temporary. If you want to use tattoos like Taylor swift then you should go for temporary art that you can erase to make space for more artwork.

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