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Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

Born: 16 March 1986 (New York, US)
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2002-present
Achievements: One Golden Schmoes Awards 2017, one Pena de Prata award, and three nominations for Teen Choice Awards

Alexandra Daddario is better known as Summer Quinn of Baywatch. She is the beautiful actress who you see and praised in the red zip-up swimsuit. She made viewers wonder about her slim figure and the secret behind staying fit despite having a busy schedule.

When Alexandra Daddario was asked about her fitness secrets, she shared a long list of things she does to stay fit.

  1. Keep Things Interesting
Interesting workout

Her workouts cover everything from movements to machines and muscles to structure. She once told Women’s Health magazine that she did a log of yoga. But she felt stronger only when she incorporated strength training into her routine. Also, her dynamic training routine isn’t boring. It prevents overuse injuries and avoids plateaus. Also, it tones different areas of the body as well.

She keeps her training schemes and exercises groupings constantly like weight training, full-body workouts, lower and upper body workouts, in-circuit form, superset form, and single exercise schemes. Her approach covers muscular endurance.

  1. She Respects Her Body
Respects Her Body

Alexandra Daddario is hypermobile which means she has an increased range of movement in her body. And she knows that overstretching her joints could cause injuries. She takes care while exercising and avoids repetitive exercises that could lead to painful conditions.

She prefers strengthening exercises as muscle building helps to stabilize the joints. She … Find more

Peyton List

Born: 6 April 1998 (Florida, US) | Occupation: Actress, Model | Years Active: 2002-present | Achievements: Young Artist Award

Peyton List first faced the camera while shooting for the cover page of the American Girl’s Back to School issue in 2009. And she was just eleven years old then. It was a humble beginning of a great career in modeling and films.

The next opportunity came in 2011 when she was signed by Just Magazine as a model. Also, she appeared in hundreds of advertisements for various companies. From here she started getting offers for acting but those were largely uncredited appearances. But she continued to give her best to the industry.

Breakthrough Movies

Breakthrough Movies

In 2010, she played Samantha in Remember Me where she was cast alongside Robert Pattinson. Samantha used to bully Pattinson’s younger sister in the movie and Peyton List essayed the role in the most beautiful way. The movie was a box-office success.

The same year, she worked in a crime horror movie Bereavement where she played Wendy Miller. That movie was also a box-office success. But the biggest success in her movie career came in the role of Emma Ross in the Disney Channel series Jessie. The show was about four affluent children and it amassed millions of views per episode. Her character in the series became her biggest role at the time.

Public Image

Peyton List is a popular actress and model and like others, she’s also active on social media. On Instagram, she has … Find more

Ariana Grande

Born: 26 June 1993 (Florida, US) : Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress :Years Active: 2008-Present

Awards: One Brit Award, one Bambi Award, two Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, and 27 Guinness World Records

Popstar and Hollywood sensation Ariana Grande is of Italian descent but she likes to describe herself as an Italian American with Sicilian and Abruzzese roots. As a young child, she gave theater performances and even performed a karaoke song with various orchestras. By age 13, she became serious about making a career in music and began her music career at age 15. Later she went on to collect numerous awards and accolades.

Today Ariana Grande has become a world-renowned singer and apart from the singing prowess that she gets from her four-octave vocal range, she’s also known for her gorgeous looks.

Public Image

According to July 2021 data, she has over 45 million YouTube subscribers and over 19 billion YouTube views. On Spotify, she’s the second most followed artist and most followed female with over 65 million followers. On Instagram, she’s the third most followed individual and second most followed female with 255 million subscribers. Also, she’s followed by 40 million people on Facebook and 26.3 million on TikTok.

Ariana Grande has a gorgeous figure and an incredible voice. Also, she’s a busy singer. But she finds time to take care of her health and fitness from her busy schedule. Recently her slimmed-down avatar led to weight loss … Find more

Makeup Tips To Improve Your Eyes

10 Makeup Tips To Improve Your Eyes

Ever wondered how celebrities make their eyes pop. If yes then here is the secret of getting hazel eyes at home. Improving your eye makeup is an easy job when you have all the necessary material and time.

Eyes can speak more about your look if you improve them with the best material. Get ready to improve your eyes with minimum makeup. And you can get it at home.

Here’re 10 eye makeup tips you can use to get different looks

  1. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup
Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Hazel and purple tones are chosen from the opposite spectrum of the color wheel but they can bring out the real color of your eyes. To get this shade, you need bright purple, aubergine, and black shades.

How To:

• Start with putting some bright purple on the lid
• Put some aubergine shade and blend it well on the outer corner and crease
• Define the outer corner with the black eyeshadow
• Blend it out to remove all harsh lines and make your hazel eyes pop by using appropriate transition shades
• Wear false lines and finish with some mascara

  1. Hot Pink Eye Makeup
Hot Pink Eye Makeup

A hot pink eyeshadow will make your eyes stand out. You should use a primer before applying the eyeshadow to prevent it from melting into creases.

How To:

• Start with applying a hot pink shade at the crease and blend it well because blending does the job
• Work at the center of the eyelid and the … Find more

Make Your 6 Inches Taller

9 Factors That Can Make Your 6 Inches Taller

While the height of an individual is determined by their genes, you still can increase your height by six inches by following a healthy and balanced life. There are certain factors that can help in increasing your height more than your genes allow.

Factors Helpful In Growing Height

The first factor is nutrition which will make your bones stronger. The second factor is exercising that will elongate your spine so you look taller. Similarly, you can consider immunity, sleep quality, and weight as important factors for increasing your height. Together all these factors can help in growing your height by at least six inches.

  1. Healthy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day hence it has to be delicious, sumptuous, and nutritious. For breakfast, you can take boiled eggs, omelet, fruits, milk, fruit juice, chicken, oatmeal, seed and nuts, or any other food item that you like most. It isn’t necessary to take a heavy breakfast but it is necessary to have a nutritious meal every day.

Avoid skipping breakfast as it will adversely affect your growth. If you are short on time, you can drink a glass of fruit juice or yogurt. Take your breakfast seriously, if you are serious about growing your height.

  1. Eat Healthy Food
Eat Healthy Food

Choose your food that gives a perfect balance of all the essential nutrients necessary for growth. Take health supplements if needed to fulfill your nutritional demand. Talk to a dietician about your nutritional needs and follow the diet advised by the … Find more

Exercises That Are Both Aerobic And Anaerobic

10 Exercises That Are Both Aerobic And Anaerobic

If you are looking for a complete healthcare regimen that can rid you of unnecessary fat, build your muscular strength, and keep your morale high then consider making a cocktail of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Aerobic Exercise

It is low intensity and longer-duration workout session that will turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Another advantage of aerobic exercises is they improve cardiovascular health and joint mobility.

Anaerobic Exercise

It is high intensity and low-duration workout session that will build your muscular strength by converting carbohydrates into energy. But you need to be careful about lactate buildup in your muscles as it can cause fatigue.

Here’s A List Of Popular Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercises

  1. Interval Training
Interval Training

It involves increasing the pace of your workout for a minute or two and then getting back to your regular pace for ten minutes. Repeat the cycle throughout your workout session, depending on your stamina. It is to challenge the body to come out of the comfort zone and work harder to build stamina. Fitness experts suggest interval training with regular cardio workouts to speed up your weight loss.

  1. Walking

Walking is a simple exercise but its benefits can outweigh even the most complex aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Whether you walk indoors, on a treadmill, or in a park, you get similar benefits. But it is more advantageous to walk in the open. If you have access to a public park with carefully marked walking space then you should walk in nature. Also, you … Find more

Foods Good For Healthy Uterus

10 Foods Good For Healthy Uterus

Uterus, also known as the womb, is a female reproductive organ responsible for implantation, gestation, menstruation, and labor. A uterus can work well only when it is healthy. If you are a female, you should know how to keep your uterus healthy. One way to improve the health of your uterus is to eat nutritious food good for your uterus health.

Here’re 10 Foods Good For A Healthy Uterus

  1. Fiber

The advantage of fiber is that it prevents the formation of uterine fibroids that are nothing but an accumulation of toxins and waste in the body. A fiber-rich diet can remove excessive estrogen stored in your body. Fibers could trigger bowel movement but it is normal. Add beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to your plate as they are rich in fiber. You should choose organic food that is free from chemicals. Also, drink lots of water (8-10 glasses) to ease bowel movements through your digestive tract.

  1. Vegetables

Vegetables contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. You should eat legumes, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli that contains phytoestrogens that can help remove estrogen in your body. Estrogen is the biggest enemy of your uterus as it could develop fibroid tumors. But you can keep the estrogen level at the lowest with vegetables. Adding vegetables to your plate will reduce your risk of developing fibroid tumors. With vegetables, you can add more flavors and colors to your everyday meals.

  1. Fruits

A good dose of fruits is necessary to boost your overall … Find more

Exercises For Toned Legs

12 Exercises For Toned Legs

A toned lower body with strengthened legs and thighs can help, if you are an outdoor person.

Strong and toned legs will improve your balance, enhance your speed, and give you the confidence needed to keep moving all day. Doing leg strengthening exercises is a great way to build your endurance and stamina. There are many exercises you can practice at home. Also, you can choose activities that you can practice at gyms.

Here’re the 12 Best Exercises For Toned Lower Body And Legs

  1. Dumbbell Squats
Dumbbell Squats

Target: Lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads

How To:

• Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and a 10-pound dumbbell in each hand
• Open your chest, roll your shoulders, flex your arms and raise the dumbbells right over your shoulders
• Push buttocks back and come down on a sitting stance
• Keep your knees in line with your toes
• Hold the position for a short while before getting back to the original position
• Do 2 sets of 15 reps

  1. Goblet Squats
Goblet Squats

Target: Lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Grab a 12-pound kettlebell held with both hands
• Push your hips back and come down in the sitting position
• Keep your knees in line with your toes
• Maintain the pose for a short while and then get back to the original position
• Do 2 sets of 15 reps

  1. Curtsy Lunge
Curtsy Lunge

Target: Adductors, quads, glutes, and … Find more

Aerobic Exercises To Boost

5 Types Of Aerobic Exercises To Boost Your Physical And Mental Well Being

Dancing to stay fit is a great idea. It provides both health and entertainment. It can help burn excess fat, improve flexibility, and enhance coordination between body and mind. And you can dance at home without requiring any additional accessories.

A dancing session can help burn from 300 to 500 calories in an hour. Additionally, it will boost your metabolism, reduce stress, and enhance your mood. Exercising three to four times a week is sufficient to stay fit.

How To Choose A Dancing Exercise?

For exercising, you can choose aerobics like ballet, jazz, Zumba, and others. They are different forms of dance but are referred to as aerobics workouts. Their advantage is that they are good for people of all ages including pregnant women. Another advantage of aerobics is that you can increase its intensity to boost your blood circulation, rejuvenate your system, and feel good from the inside.

Here’re Some Dance Forms And Their Advantages

  1. Zumba

The combination of Latin, International, and Salsa music makes Zumba an amazing and fun-filled aerobics exercise. You will keep burning calories with its slow and fast alternating rhythms. Also, it isn’t just for dancing enthusiasts but for everyone. You will love the heart-pumping effect of the steps and enjoy the workout as it can help shed calories.

Health Benefits:

a) Zumba contains all muscle-building moves like squats and lunges. It will engage your muscles and joints and tone them from head to foot.

b) It is a great exercise for your body and … Find more

Beautiful Beauties

Everyone defines beauty in different ways. Here we’re presenting the 12 most beautiful faces of the world. Now it is up to you to rate these models according to your findings.

Here we go….

  1. Gigi Hadid

Born: 23 April 1992 (California, US)
Occupation: Model

She was just two when Baby Guess signed her for modeling. With age, she continued to grow and get more awards and accolades. Would you believe that she made thirty-five appearances on international Vogue magazine covers in four years? Gigi Hadid has the credit of working with leading names in the fashion industry including Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Michael Kors, and Jean Paul.

  1. Cara Delevigne
Cara Delevigne

Born: 12 August 1992 (London, England)
Occupation: Model, Actress, Singer

Her first modeling assignment was an editorial shot for Vogue Italia. She was just 10-years old then. Later she won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014. Her acting career started in 2012 when Joe Wright signed her for a minor role in the film adaptation of Anna Karenina. But her most notable movie was the 2015 romantic mystery film Paper Towns. She played Margo Roth Spiegelman in the movie.

  1. Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Born: 22 April 1986 (Texas, US)
Occupation: Actress

She started her acting career in 2006 with the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. But she caught the attention of the industry from her supporting roles in the movies Never Back Down (2008) and Pineapple Express (2008). Soon the DC Extended Universe invited … Find more