Latest Trends In Skin Treatment In 2021

Digital has made life simple but at the same time, it is taking a toll over skin health of people as reported by many people that are facing different medical conditions like dry eye syndrome and acne.

Let’s discuss how digital life is affecting skin and the best treatments available for those conditions


Face masks are necessary but their prolonged use could cause skin irritation leading to breakouts and acne eruption. It is called Masken and it requires customized skin treatment instead of the regular benzoyl peroxide based creams. Clear skin laser with non-ablative laser and cooling and vacuum technology can give better results. Also, laser and radio frequency plasma treatments could be used for removing acne scars.

Digital face lift

Your mug shot is your digital face hence you need to be more conscious about the facial flaws and imperfection like uneven skin tone, roughness, dullness and blemishes. People look for skin resurfacing, pigmentation and scar removal treatments to improve their digital face. But you should go for carbon peels and hydradermabrasion for better results.

Skin rejuvenation and bio remodeling

Some skin problems arise due to stress, unhealthy diet and over exposure to blue light from digital devices. But you can take a light-based laser treatment that involves triggering natural healing process of skin by creating micro-injuries on the epidermis. Or take bio remodeling that involves injecting hyaluronic acid on skin’s layers to get a healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Blue light skincare

Every digital device emits blue light and overexposure to these devices could make you vulnerable to skin damage by blue light. But there is little to worry as you can use blue light shields on your computer or wear sunscreen while working on computer. Or use antioxidant rich skincare products that can prevent growth of free radicals.

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